Charity Boss Reinstated After Free Speech Union Intervenes

Nick Buckley MBE, who was ousted as chief executive of his own charity last month following some mild criticisms of the Black Lives Matter manifesto, is back in charge thanks to the Free Speech Union. As of today, the trustees who fired him have all resigned, new trustees have been appointed and Nick has been re-appointed as CEO of Mancunian Way, the award-winning charity he founded in 2011.  Nick was sacked after an article he posted on Linked-In attracted controversy, including a petition demanding his head. In spite of the fact that the petition only attracted 465 signatures – and Nick himself founded Mancunian Way – the trustees terminated the charity’s service level agreement within a week of the petition being launched. 

Luckily, Nick is a member of the Free Speech Union. It got behind a counter-petition, which has attracted over 17,500 signatures, and found Nick a top flight solicitor in the form of Keystone Law’s Geoffrey Davies, an expert on charity law. After Geoffrey discovered some irregularities in the process the trustees had followed, and pointed these out to them, they agreed to resign. They have now been replaced by three new trustees, appointed by Nick. And Nick is now back at the helm.

Toby Young, General Secretary of the FSU, tells Guido:

“I’m delighted Nick has been reappointed to the charity that he founded and which has done so much to help disadvantaged young people in Manchester. No one should lose their livelihood at the behest of a left-wing outrage mob. Nick’s sacking was an example of cancel culture at its worst and I’m pleased that the FSU and Geoffrey Davies have been able to get him his job back.”

And they would have got away with if it wasn’t for that pesky Free Speech Union. You can support the Free Speech Union below:

As Nick Buckley says: “The FSU is a much needed organisation and without it I would have not stood a chance of righting an obvious wrong.” Give generously…

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Statue Defence Campaign Launches

In belated response to the Black Lives Matter “Topple the Racist” campaign, a new activist group called has launched to give voice to the quiet majority who support statues staying up. To counter Topple the Racist’s map of offensive statues that must fall, users of No Change’s website can now easily find counter-petitions. In the words of the campaign organisers, “Those who wish to destroy our monuments and rewrite our history are using online petitions to help give the impression of large-scale support they just don’t have.” For example:

Add your local statues and petitions to the map here.

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Guardian Begins Investigating Own Slavery Links

After Guido brought to light The Guardian’s slavery past in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests, the Scott Trust – the owner of The Guardian – has commissioned independent researchers to look into the paper’s historical connections to the slave trade. Guido hopes it won’t be a whitewash…

Chairman of the Scott Trust, Alex Graham, told staff in an email on Friday that “some of [the paper’s founder] and his funders’ family business would almost certainly have traded with cotton plantations that used enslaved Labour”, going onto acknowledge the Manchester Guardian had sided with the slave-owning South in the American civil war. Employees were also told that the paper’s owners have seen “no evidence” that founder Edward Taylor “was a slave owner, nor involved in any direct way in the slave trade”, however promising to “do our best to hold ourselves to account, just as we do others”.  No acknowledgement of the Guardian’s demand for striking Manchester cotton workers – refusing to touch cotton picked by US slaves – to return to work…

There has already been independent academic research into the subject. In 1962 an historian called Robert Allen Schellenberg wrote a 70-page master’s thesis entitled The Manchester Guardian and the American Civil War“, in which he notes that The Guardian stood almost entirely alone in working-class Northern newspapers at the time in standing with the Confederate South. The Guardian was, according to this research, patronised by Lancashire mill owners who profited greatly from the cheap cotton made available by slavery in the South. Moreover, the newspaper defended the conditions of slaves in America as late as 1863. Long after slavery had been ruled unlawful in this country.

This is of course a partial victory for the 25,000 signatories of the Guardian Must Fall petition…

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Woke Government Quango No-Platforms Elected Mayor

A woke civil servant from the Environment Agency – a DEFRA quango – has attempted to “cancel” an elected English mayor for emphasising that poverty is as much a barrier to kids’ life chances as the colour of their skin. The power of faceless bureaucrats…

In response to the George Floyd protests last month, independent Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston told constituents via a post on Facebook:

“Black Lives Matter. And All Lives Matter

“The horrific incident that took place 4,000 miles away is raising tensions here. The way George Floyd died must never happen again…

“Don’t listen to careless talk in the media about white privilege… Deprivation here appears to be colour blind.

Preston also made the fairly non-controversial point: “The biggest barrier to progression in life in Middlesbrough, and almost anywhere, is always the same: poverty”.

This obviously angered the Government’s Environment Agency, who told the mayor “the recent viewpoints expressed by [him] in relation to the BLM movement and white privilege… do not reflect our own values and position on diversity”; formally no-platforming Preston:

Speaking to Guido, Mayor Preston was outraged, pointing to his decade-long fight for refugees and immigrants, and a subsequent post a couple of days later in which he clarified his intentions:

“I completely accept the pain that people are feeling and I want to re-state that I definitely accept the facts that black people and all people of colour face discrimination.

“Being white, I am fortunate that my skin colour has never held me back in life – but I am committed to continuing to listen to those who have suffered and do suffer discrimination”

Despite this, one month later Catherine Saxon – the Environment Agency’s North East Area Director – still told him his views on white privilege “do not reflect our own value and position on diversity” and therefore they could not be seen together. Preston is clearly well-meaning, yet the civil service are trying to cancel him for not being woke enough…

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“Whitelisting” Blacklisted in Woke Whitehall

After DEFRA staff were told to educate themselves on concepts such as “white privilege”, “intersectionality” and “microaggressions”, the Cabinet Office has now taken the politically correct crown. Yesterday employees received an email titled “An Apology for Inappropriate Use of Language in Our Email”; contrary to the accidental swearing civil servants presumed, the email apologised for using the phrase “whitelisting” in a previous email. The world of equality Martin Luther King dreamt of…

The email promises to take cues from a blog on the official National Cyber Security Centre, which explains while the terms whitelisting/blacklisting have been used in programming for decades, “It only makes sense if you equate white with ‘good, permitted, safe’ and black with ‘bad, dangerous, forbidden'”. Guido presumes a renaming of “Whitehall” can only be few weeks away – suggestions for less racially insensitive street names in the comments…

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Green Party Activist and Former Councillor Confesses to “Dickens Racist” Graffiti

Green Party activist and former Councillor and Westminster candidate, Ian Driver, has confessed to a spate of Black Lives Matter-inspired graffiti across Thanet, targeting Charles Dickens, whom he describes as “an extreme racist”. Confessing to the crimes on his personal blog, along with photos of him carrying out the acts.

The Green graffiti artist also targeted a plaque dedicated to the blackface minstrel Uncle Mack.

The woke warrior’s blog entry, entitled “It Was Me What Done It!”, claims he selected the targets as they “represent the deep-rooted institutional racism” of the town, claiming Dickens was a “genocidal racist”. He also makes clear his actions were inspired by the Black Lives Matter toppling of Edward Colston. It was the age of wokeness, it was the age of foolishness…

The Green Party press office claimed to be unaware of the incident…

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