Labour Councillor Says He Didn’t Call Constituency Sh*t, Demands Apology from Jack Dromey

Labour councillor Ansar Ali Khan has called for a public apology from Birmingham Erdington MP Jack Dromey, who himself insisted Khan apologise for appearing to call their constituency “shit” in leaked footage revealed last week. Following Dromey’s statement – in which he demanded that Khan “apologise to the people of Erdington” – Khan immediately pushed back with demands of his own:

“In actual fact, what I was saying in the video is: ‘is constituency vich/ich’ […] I am shocked and disappointed to see a statement by Member of Parliament Jack Dromey on this issue, demanding me to apologise for something I definitely did not say or do…

“Despite not naming me in the statement, it is clear that Jack Dromey MP was referring to me and I am very disappointed that he chose to address the allegation in this manner without verifying what I actually said in the video

I demand a public apology from Jack Dromey MP.”

Dromey is yet to respond…

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Dromey Demands Apology from Councillor Heard on Video Saying Constituency Was “Sh*t” Whilst Leafletting for Him

Following our exclusive video of Labour councillor Ansar Ali Khan appearing to call his Erdington constituency “sh*t“, whilst leafletting on behalf of Labour MP Jack Dromey, the MP has issued a statement:

“Like many Erdington residents, I find these comments outrageous and deeply offensive. I have made my views clear to the volunteer and expressed my disgust at what was said. I strongly disassociate myself from these remarks. I am proud to have served as the Member of Parliament for Erdington since 2010 and these comments in no way reflect my views of the fantastic and vibrant community we have here. I have been informed the matter is being referred to the West Midlands Labour Party for them to investigate and take action. I have also demanded the volunteer apologise to the people of Erdington.”

So far Ansar Ali Khan has not apologised.

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Birmingham City Council’s David Brent Style ‘Inclusive’ Street Names

Labour-run Birmingham City Council is promoting a raft of new ‘inclusive‘ (read: patronising) street names for a new development. These include the distinctly David Brent-esque:

  1. Equality Road
  2. Diversity Grove
  3. Destiny Road
  4. Inspire Avenue
  5. Respect Way
  6. Humanity Close

No doubt these new names in Birmingham will serve as inspiration for other Labour councils, which are busy compiling lists of offending bits of history in their areas – Lambeth Council recently published a document detailing offending “Street Names, statues and memorials”. These included:

  • Tradescant Road – “John Tradescant the Elder and the Younger, Lambeth gardeners who made occasional use of slave trade vessels travelling to N America and Africa for the transport of botanical and anthropological specimens.”
  • Tomb of Capt. William Bligh“Transported breadfruit from the Pacific to the Caribbean, which became a staple food for those labouring on slave plantations. Subsequently admiral and governor of New South Wales.”
  • St. Thomas’ Hospital Statue“Commemorates Charles Murchison, medic to the East India Company.”
  • Juxon Street – “Archbishop of Canterbury whose family was involved in the sugar trade in Jamaica and whose family coat of arms has four African heads.”
  • Lilford Road – Lilford’s father was “compensated after the abolition of slavery for their slaves and plantations in Jamaica.”
  • Tulse Hill and Tulse Hill ward“Named after the Tulse family who held local manors in the early 17th century. Sir Henry Tulse was a later 17th century descendant and a Lord Mayor of London whose wealth came from profits from the slave trade.”
  • Henry Tate Libraries“Tate gifted three libraries in the borough. His wealth derived from his family’s sugar business which post-dated the abolition of slavery.”

Ahead of the game, Lambeth Council renamed Tate Gardens as Windrush Square in 2010. Perhaps the residents of Lambeth will soon too be seeing their own Equality Streets and Diversity Groves. The revolution marches on…

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Labour Council’s Used Covid Tests Cock-Up

Birmingham City Council has come under fire today after handing used Coronavirus tests to Birmingham students. The Labour-run council was alerted to what was going on after the University of Birmingham’s student newspaper, Redbrick, reported undergraduates were given used testing swabs, with some packaging containing names and addresses. Guido’s no epidemiologist, but this isn’t good…

Opposition group leader on the council, Robert Alden, has now written to the Labour council leader asking him to commit to carrying out and publishing in full a review of the service and incident, confirming how many cases were affected, try to restore in the City, and to apologies to residents for the distress and risk caused. Aldern tells Guido:

“Birmingham Labour need to get a grip of the mess and come clean with the public about is it 25 tests or could more used ones have been reissued, were they used, how did it happen and what are they doing to stop it happening again urgently. It is shocking that they are still refusing or unable to come clean with Birmingham residents, who deserve so much more from them”

Not a good look for a Labour party currently insisting local councils are more competent in handling the pandemic…

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Labour MP Defies Coronavirus Isolation Limit

Labour MP Tahir Ali was one of 100 mourners to defy their city council’s six person funeral limit on Wednesday, prompting calls to the police. Ali, whose party has criticised the Government for not implementing harsher quarantine measures, attended two funerals on the same day…

Labour controlled Birmingham City Council imposed a six person limit for funerals last week – a far harsher restriction than Government guidelines which exempt funerals from the lockdown and, whilst not stipulating numbers, urge social distancing.

In a statement to the Birmingham Mail, Ali is now calling on his own Labour council to relax their limit:

“Let’s be sensible – some families are large. Everybody will want to turn up. We can accommodate that and make sure social distancing is observed. We need to apply common sense.”

Whilst putting out that statement before he defied his council’s diktat would have been more honourable, Ali has a point. Restrictions that are too tough or last too long will become less and less effective as people will just ignore them…

UPDATE: Ali has apologised for attending the funeral. In a statement Tweeted out, Tahir says:

“I apologise unreservedly for the confusion caused by my presence as an observer at a funeral in Sutton Goldfield on Wednesday. I will not be attending any other similar gatherings.

I wholeheartedly support the Government’s measures on social distancing to prevent the spread Coronavirus and urge everyone to follow them, in all our interests. I want to pay particular tribute to the outstanding work being done by our police. NHS and other statutory bodies in these most challenging of circumstances.

It is clear that the message is not getting through and that a unified approach is needed by local authorities in the West Midlands and across the UK, with explicit guidance on funeral attendance, to avoid a repeat of Wednesday’s scenes.

I want to play my part in establishing a set of clear rules that allow a safe number of mourners, while doing everything necessary to protect our NHS and save lives.”

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Man Who Helped Run ‘Trojan Horse’ School Now at Heart of Birmingham Labour

A man at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse’ schools scandal is helping to run the Labour campaign machine in Birmingham, Guido can reveal. Mohammad Ashraf was a governor at Golden Hillock School, which was placed into special measures after it emerged it had segregated boys and girls, banned the teaching of some subjects and taught pupils: “Islam is the true religion, not like those Christians and Jews”. At the time Ashraf accused Ofsted of being “biased” and accused them of a “narrow agenda”.

Yet Guido can reveal that, in spite of his past actions, Ashraf remains heavily active in Labour Party politics. This month he acted as a referee for the Labour council candidate Alison Gove-Humphries, who was deselected on Saturday after Guido revealed her posts linking Israel to ISIS. Ashraf was pictured in Stoke campaigning for new Labour MP Gareth Snell. He is listed on Birmingham Labour’s website as the party’s contact in Hall Green. This man helped run a Trojan Horse school, now he is helping run Labour’s campaigns in Birmingham…

Revelations of Ashraf’s ongoing influence in the Birmingham party come after a slew of Labour scandals in the city. Earlier this month West Midlands mayoral candidate Sion Simon’s campaign chief Waseem Zaffar was forced to resign after he intervened in a primary school to insist a four-year-old girl wear a hijab. It was in Birmingham that Labour councillors Ansar Ali Khan and Mariam Khan held sex segregated rallies. Today’s Daily Mail runs an investigation showing how Birmingham Labour councillors turned a blind eye to Islamist extremism in the city. Birmingham Labour is a rotten borough, not ideal for Sion Simon’s “This is England” campaign for West Midlands mayor…

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