Best for Britain Claim Labour on Track for Big Majority, Reform UK Could Cause Hung Parliament

A new MRP poll from Focaldata for Best for Britain shows Labour could win a 140-seat majority at the next general election, taking 470 seats while the Conservatives get 123 seats and the SNP get 26. A landslide…

However, if Reform UK again stands aside for the Tories in key marginals, Labour would win 401 seats compared to the Tories’ 202. If that happens and undecided voters break for the Tories, Labour would be the largest party in a hung parliament, on 316 seats with the Tories Labour’s 286. Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said this morning:

“Our analysis of that data is that actually Labour could more plausibly be looking at 370 seats, and even that might be at the high end that we’re predicting, with the Conservatives on 232… Neither of those scenarios has to happen independently of one another. They can both happen at the same time. And if they do, if a lot of those undecided voters break back to the Conservatives and we see Reform UK pulling candidates, then we’re back in hung Parliament territory.”

The data also shows Rishi is clawing back support after the Tories bottomed out during the Truss debacle. He’s seen as “competent” yet weak, while Starmer has a “grating” voice. John Curtice reckons the election is still up for grabs… 

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Continuity Remain Campaign’s New Front Group Fooling No-One

This week the newly-formed UK Trade & Business Commission, according to a tweet, will be “taking evidence from a range of voices, representing all four UK nations and both sides of the Brexit debate, to ensure a thorough and balanced review of the government’s trade policy.” Guido wouldn’t advise anyone interested in their evidence to expect any balance, however; despite their innocent name the UK Trade & Business Commission is merely a front for the old remain Best for Britain campaign. In the small print is an acknowledgement that “the Secretariat is provided by Best for Britain”.Their launch was topped off with a fawning Peter Foster puff piece

The ‘Commission’ is headed up by a usual raft of anti-Brexit MPs, including Hilary Benn, Claire Hanna, Roger Gale, Stephen Hammond, Caroline Lucas and Layla Moran. The 2 Tory MPs should know they are joining forces with Best for Britain, who are still pumping out graphics describing the PM as “an international stain on our reputation”…Guido’s especially interested in the name of this Remainer campaign, given there are rules that prevent businesses from referring to themselves as a “commission”. While the registered company name remains Best for Britain, it’s new face clearly against the spirit of the rules – especially given Dan Hannan had to rename his new outlet a few years ago, from the Institute of Free Trade to the Initiative for Free Trade, due to the same company naming laws. Guido predicts most will be sensible enough to ignore Benn’s latest vanity project…

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Layla’s Copy and Paste Cookie Crumbles

Layla Moran isn’t having a great week in the Lib Dem leadership contest. First she was slapped down by the NHS for exaggerating hospitalisation figures by 2780%. Now Guido can reveal that her campaign website is flouting the rules on cookies. Guido has spotted that her website’s policy is (poorly) copy and pasted from the Gina Miller-founded Best for Britain campaign…

What’s worse is when running her website through a cookie checker service, the cookies that appear do not match those listed in her cookie policy. It appears that she has just lifted the Best for Britain policy and changed it to say ‘Vote Layla’, whilst not actually changing the cookies. For example, the cookie checker lists a number of Facebook ad tracking cookies that are not listed on Layla’s website…

Looks like the arch-Remainer’s website is targeting people on Facebook without telling them That seems like a GDPR breach…

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Best for Britain Weaponising Coronavirus as Fundraising Opportunity

As the number of deaths from Coronavirus rises to six, and confirmed cases hits 373, pro-EU pressure group Best for Britain has lept on the virus’s domination of the news to use it as a data-gathering and fund-raising exercise. Stay classy, gentlemen…

An email sent to their mailing list asks Remainers, “With coronavirus spreading, can our NHS survive without them?” before asking them to sign a petition to stand up for immigrants and standing up for the NHS, with 12,639 having taken up the offer so far. The pressure group – founded by Gina Miller’s – also found space in the email to stick in two big red ‘donate’ buttons…

Best for Britain aren’t the only ones piggybacking off Coronavirus; today Labour Peer Baroness Smith of Basildon argued that because of COVID-19, “It may be difficult to do all the [future relationship] negotiations in the time they want.” The government is racing ahead, with plans to publish a draft FTA in days, but Remainers are still praying for a Deus ex Machina…

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‘Former’ Lib Dem’s Kamikaze Campaign Against Raab

Esther and Walton residents today found leaflets being pushed through their letterboxes attacking Dominic Raab’s handling of the Harry Dunn case. It even came with a lovely poster…

The leaflet comes from candidate Kyle Taylor who is standing for ‘Advance Together’. It includes a number of blunt low-blows as well as certain fonts that are reminiscent of a Lib Dem leaflet – so what is ‘Advance Together’?

Advance Together is a party led by Annabel Mullin (who promotes the anti-Raab leaflet) – a former Lib Dem candidate for Kensington and Change UK candidate in the EU elections.

Kyle Taylor – the candidate putting the anti-Raab leaflet out – is also a former Lib Dem, having worked as Chief of Staff to Simon Hughes MP for three years and his campaign manager in 2017. He also worked for Best for Britain.

Kyle also ran the ‘Fair Vote Project’ – a failed campaign established by Guido’s friends Zoolander Shahmir and Chris Wylie.

Kyle’s leaflets make no mention of his new ‘party’ and only mention his name once in a small font. It’s unlikely voters will remember the name Kyle Taylor or Advance Together when they get to the ballot box. They will remember the attack on Raab.

This kind of kamikaze candidate attack will only help the Lib Dems and Kyle gets an extra £30,000 to spend to help his real favoured party out, while keeping the Lib Dems ‘clean’ of such extreme negative campaigning. Expect even more dodgy tactics from Lib Dems as election day approaches…

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Remain’s Facebook ‘Dark Money’ Massively Outweighs Leave

New data published by Facebook has revealed that yet again Remain is massively outspending Leave on social media, with almost twice as much money being spent by second referendum groups. Guido has listed relevant Facebook spending above £10,000…

  • People’s Vote: £433,384
  • Britain’s Future £422,746
  • Best For Britain: £317,463
  • UK Government*: £245,353
  • The Conservative Party*: £114,924
  • Liberal Democrats: £82,600
  • The Labour Party*: £75,462
  • We are the 52%: £51,845
  • Right To Vote: £27,296
  • The Brexit Party £19,082
  • Renew: £13,275

In total this puts dedicated big Remain spending at £874,018, compared to just £493,673 for Leave. This hasn’t stopped the media attacking The Brexit Party for spending less than £20,000. Loopy Remainers have even called this ‘Dark Money’…

But it isn’t. Political parties have to declare their funding by law. The ‘dark money’ listed here is that which is spent by pressure groups like People’s Vote and Best for Britain, not political parties. This puts the Leave ‘dark money spend at £474,591, compared to a Remain ‘dark money’ spend of £778,143. More post truth politics from Remain campaigners…

*Groups not specifically advertising about Brexit
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