Bakers Union Votes to Disaffiliate from the Labour Party

It seems Andy McDonald’s resignation following Starmer’s half-baked labour faction wars were the yeast of his problem. The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union – a founding union of the party – has voted to disaffiliate from the Labour party this afternoon, accusing Starmer of a “factional internal war”. The union has just lost its seat on the Labour NEC earlier this week…

“instead of concentrating on these issues we have a factional internal war led by the leadership. We have a real crisis in the country and instead of leadership, the party’s leader chooses to divide the trade unions and the membership by proposing changes to the way elections for his successor will take place. 

“We don’t see that as a political party with any expectations of winning an election. It’s just the leader trying to secure the right wing faction’s chosen successor.”

“The BFAWU will not be bullied by bosses or politicians. When you pick on one of us you take on all of us. That’s what solidarity means.”

A shadow minister yesterday, a union today, just another day at a successfully executed Labour conference…

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