Australia’s Election Result is an Important Moment for Politics Globally

When we launched Gaia Fawkes it was with the intention not of opposing sensible policies for improving the environment, we don’t dispute the possibility that the man-made global warming theory could be correct, we do question the economically crazy remedies and the mad cap plans of the zealots. We also have a laugh at the hypocrisy of those who talk the talk, yet don’t walk the walk. Greens who advocate flying bans for others, the Davos-attending philanthropists who want to save the planet from their private jets. We want to see a cleaner, greener planet.

Some things just don’t make sense in economic terms, in terms of the standard of living for billions of people in the developing world or the billions of voters in the advanced industrial economies. There are other solutions rather than just taxing and banning everything…

Australia is the key battle ground for environmentalism in the West. It is resource rich, mining plays an important part in the economy of what is an advanced industrial nation. It also has a political demos which has shifted towards environmentalism. What the result of this election tells us is that voters in the West will not buy into policies which will damage their economic interests – if the choice is put clearly. Voters want their beaches to be clean, that is not a conservative, liberal or socialist dividing line.

If we are not to wreck future living standards, politicians need to articulate a green message of policies for a future that will clean up the planet using clean technology without wrecking living standards. Higher green taxes are not the solution, Australia’s election result shows that voters don’t want that…

Australian Labor Won 54 Polls in a Row, Including Exit Poll, Lost Actual Election

As a shocked Australian Labour Party licks its wounds at the unexpected loss of the election, the governing Liberal Party will be giving thanks to Lynton Crosby’s campaign management and polling. Three months ago every “expert” pundit down under expected and predicted Labor to win the general election. Some exit polls today even showed a clear Labour majority. Even as the counts came in Labor refused to concede. CNN eventually reported that “Labor May Have Lost Unlosable Election”.

The messaging was classic Crosby, repeated continually, Australians were posed a simple choice, “Do you want more jobs or more taxes?” Crosby confounded the pollsters when he delivered a majority Conservative government for Cameron in 2015. He’s done it again against the odds for Morrison in Australia. Tory MPs will be wondering as they mull over their future leadership contenders, whether the combo that delivered London for them in 2008 and 2012 can deliver victory for them again in 2022…

Crikey! Aussie PM’s Sneaky Shoe Switcheroo

Australians have been left scratching their heads at the bizarre decision of their new Prime Minister to inexplicably photoshop his footwear in an official family portrait. For reasons best known to himself, Scott Morrison decided to doctor the original photo to replace the blue-and-white trainers he was wearing with stock images of some shiny new all-white numbers. If he needs any more photoshopping done, Guido is always happy to help

End of Year Melody Sung in Parliament

Member of the Western Australian Parliament David Templeman rounded the year off by singing an incredible parody of The Sound of Silence, entitled The Year in Parliament. It is well worth a watch…

Australian High Commissioner Warns Against Contracting Out Trade Policy to EU

The Australian High Commissioner to the UK has warned of the trade consequences of Britain remaining in a customs union after leaving the EU. Speaking on last night’s Westminster Hour, Alexander Downer said:

“It’s up to you… but I’ll tell you this: Australia would never contract out its trade policy or the regulations for the management of its internal economy to a group of other countries, we wouldn’t do it.”

The policy of the Labour Party and Tory Remainer rebels is baffling to countries outside the EU…

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Quote of the Day

The Guardian’s election editorial urges voters to back Labour with the compelling argument:

“The pain and hurt within the Jewish community, and the damage to Labour, are undeniable and shaming. Yet Labour remains indispensable to progressive politics.”


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