Tories: Corbyn “Collaborating With Russia”

The Tories are starting to go big on Corbyn’s call to decommission nuclear power plants, releasing this attack ad tonight. Meanwhile the MoD goes in hard after Corbyn’s spokesman criticises Nato for “escalations of tensions” with Russia. Armed forces minister Mike Penning says:

“the Labour Leader would rather collaborate with Russian aggression than mutually support Britain’s NATO allies”

Copeland by-election campaign under way…

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Brutal Tory Attack Ad Says Labour Soft on ISIS

Owen Smith’s disastrous day yesterday has inspired the Tories to produce this attack advert repeating their line that Labour is a threat to national security. Whoever wins…

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Hillary’s Emotively Powerful Attack Video

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BBC Admits Running Remain Adverts In “Error”

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Yesterday, Guido reported that the BBC was running official Remain campaign adverts on its website abroad – targeting expat voters. This is despite the fact it has consistently denied taking pro-EU cash…

A Beeb spokesman gets in touch to confirm they did indeed run the adverts, in “error”:

“This advert appeared outside the UK as the result of a third party error and was blocked as soon as we were alerted to it. We are investigating how this happened and we are taking steps to prevent this happening in the future.”

“Third party” adverts can be filtered to avoid marketing content that is inappropriate for your organisation. Something the BBC clearly didn’t do…

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Brexit: the Animated Movie

Ahead of the Brexit: The Movie premiere next week here is Brexit: The Animation. It is pretty good and was created by Piffle.

Guido would go as far as to say it is the best animation of the campaign, from either side, so far…

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Here Come the Attack Ads

Clinton’s first attack ad since Trump all but secured the nomination uses his Republican rivals’ words against him. You gonna take that, Donald?

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