Arts Council Splurges £100,000 on Research Into the Obvious

As the Treasury thinks of ways to plug the massive hole left in public finances by coronavirus, Guido suggests it starts by reconsidering the price tags of some of the government’s own contracts. On Tuesday, Arts Council England began tendering for a new position to research the impact the pandemic has had on the cultural workforce:

“In particular, we are interested in the impact on employment, working patterns and access to jobs across the cultural sector as a whole, including those employed, working freelance or just beginning their career, as well as considering how impact has been felt more specifically within the arts, museums and libraries.”

The top rate they’re willing to pay for this gruelling research is an absurd £100,000 of taxpayers’ money. A six-figure contract to find out how the arts have been impacted? Everything is locked down and closed, nobody has any work, it’s terrible. Send Guido the £100,000 please. 

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Arts Council Defends Handing £215,305 to One Drag Performer

Guido continues to be amazed that one drag act received hundreds of thousands of pounds in Coronavirus funds from Arts Council England. Documents published on the Council’s website revealed performer ‘Le Gateau Chocolat’ received more taxpayer cash than orchestras, school foundations, entire museums, galleries, and several festivals. The Department for Culture Media and Sport tells Guido that the process was run independently by an arms-length body, and Ministers have no discretion over funding…

Pressing the matter, Guido got in touch with Arts Council England, who astonishingly defended the decision, telling Guido “The criteria to be awarded a grant are rigorous and we are confident we have applied them in all our decision making.”

The Council went on to say that “Le Gateau Chocolat is a leading Black and LGBTQ+ performer, and one of the few performers in Britain whose work spans across multiple art forms, including drag, cabaret, opera, musical theatre, and live art.” And added that with the enormous pot of free money, Le Gateau will “put on a number of planned shows, which would involve employing a range of freelancers”. How many, and for what purposes have not been specified. 

Read the Arts Council’s statement in full here…

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