Apology Demanded After Labour MP Suggests Armed Forces “Prey on Vulnerable Children to Hit Recruitment Targets”

There was incredulity at the Welsh Select Committee yesterday afternoon when loony left Labour MP Beth Winter went out of her way to condemn the armed forces for recruiting in her part of the country. Hitting out at the consensus of the committee who had been thanking the military for their role in deploying the Covid vaccine. This is the second bizarre thing Beth has decided to hector on since becoming elected in 2019, after she shouted at tea

Wales Minister David TC Davies, along with a number of other MPs on the committee endorsed a unified thanks from the committee to the army for their work, however Beth Winter was viscerally opposed to being included in the debt of gratitude:

“Before I begin I do have to beg to differ with the comments regarding the armed forces… yes the armed forces make a vital contribution, but any recruits of young people must be managed carefully and it must be an informed choice for young people… a lot of young people enter the armed forces not through choice but through lack of opportunities in the community so I do beg to differ on that point”

Jamie Wallis MP is, not unsurprisingly, demanding Winters apologises for her “suggestion that our armed forces… would prey on vulnerable children to hit recruitment targets”. The same week as fellow loony left MP Zarah Sultana called on the government to prioritise covid jabs for incarcerated prisoners, is it any wonder why the public refused to back them in 2019…

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Corbynista Gorton Candidate Blasted Armed Forces Day

The man Jeremy Corbyn wants to be Labour’s next MP in Manchester Gorton criticised Armed Forces Day as “strange“, Guido can reveal. Sam Wheeler, the Unite and Momentum-backed candidate seeking selection in Gorton, made the comment in a blog post about the British armed forces in 2012. Claiming that Britons “use” the armed forces to make themselves “feel good”, Wheeler wrote:

“Increasingly, Britain uses its armed forces to shore up a waning sense of national identity and importance, to make ourselves feel we are on the side of goodness and freedom. When the futility of our interventions becomes apparent, we bring out the bunting, hence the strange new event of ‘Armed Forces Day’ on the 30th of June. We vaunt the heroes collectively as symbols of national valour. We demand young people, disproportionately from the poorer areas of our islands, die, so we can feel good about our country.”

Wheeler went on to criticise “hand-wringing” about the Assad regime’s slaughter of Syrians, mocking those who supported intervention for not going to fight themselves:

“The recent hand-wringing over Syria brings this point home expertly. There is nothing stopping those who believe in Responsibility to Protect catching a plane to Lebanon, buying a gun and taking up the fight against the brutal Assad regime. It’s what the International Brigades did in Spain. Indeed, it’s what the Mujahedeen have been doing for decades… What liberal interventionists really want is NATO to kill Syrians until the Syrians stop killing Syrians. They want a vast military machine that comes at the cost of a social safety net for America’s poor, staffed disproportionately by America’s poor, to kill human beings they have never met.”

Sure these views will go down well on the streets of Gorton…

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Shadow Europe Minister: Don’t Speak to Old White Men


Last week Shadow Europe Minister Pat Glass called a voter a “horrible racist for talking about immigration. Today the mask has slipped again. At a Remain rally, Glass told voters to “speak to your mother, your grandmother. Don’t speak to your grandfather, we know the problem are older white men.” Older white men like Major General Julian Thompson, who fought for Britain in the Falklands and says we should leave because the EU weakens our defences. Or Col Richard Kemp, who is backing Brexit because he says an EU army is “inevitable“. If you’re over 60, white and a man, Remain don’t want to speak to you…

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