FIFA Was Doomed

Only a matter of time for Sepp Blatter now…

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Tesco Was Doomed

With Tesco posting a record breaking pre-tax loss of £6.4 billion, questions are being ask about where it all went wrong.

The trouble has been brewing for a while at the supermarket giant…

At the beginning of the month Tesco in Kirkcaldy shut their doors for the last time, with the loss of 200 jobs. It will save the company a million pounds per year, yet devastate an already blighted community. The local MP had led the campaign to keep the shop open. Doomed, I tell you, doooooomed.


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Man Destroyed By Gordon Returns the Favour

The head of UK investment banking for Lehman Brothers when the doomed financiers went under has turned his life around and is now seeking revenge: to the tune of a £75,000 donation to the Tories. According to a profile in Globe and Mail, the appropriately named Michael Tory “went to bed on Sept. 14, 2008, with a feeling of dread”, then the next day “found himself out of a job and almost out of money”.

“It went up in smoke that day,” says Tory, but in the years that followed he set up his own firm and has made enough to be writing large cheques to the party that shares his name. All in it together… a true success story of a hardworking person winning the global race etc.

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Gordon Promises Scots £800,000,000… From a Tax on Bankers’ Bonuses!

You could not make it up. Despite no longer being an MP, Gordon is back and making outlandish spending claims in Scotland.

The former Prime Mentalist has told a Glasgow audience that Labour will spend £800 million more in Scotland to “end austerity”:

And here are the fantasy numbers:

That would be the tax on bankers’ bonuses that Labour have already spent 11 times:

Oh dear…

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LISTEN: What Did Balls Say to Brown?

Just like old times…

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While We Are Talking About Politicians and Food…

Lest we forget when it comes to politicians and food, Gordon had all bases covered:

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