David Baddiel Accuses Labour MS of “Softcore Holocaust Denial”

Antisemitism campaigner and comedian David Baddiel has weighed in on the latest row around a Welsh Labour Minister. Julie Morgan, Deputy Minister for Social Services, sponsored a vigil dedicated to “remembering all”, which paid tribute to holocaust victims who were “Gypsies, Roma and Travellers” – yet forgot to mention Jewish people. This is despite Jewish victims outnumbering Roma and Sinti by 30:1.

Baddiel tweeted that Morgan’s actions foster an attitude implying Jews “deny other victims of the Holocaust”, adding it’s a form of “softcore Holocaust denial”.

This must be an error of omission, rather than deliberate, surely? Julie is yet to make amends…


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NUS President Attends Buckingham Palace Garden Party Despite Antisemitism Allegations

Not for the first time in recent months, it looks like the Royal Households’ political receptors aren’t properly tuned. This weekend hundreds descended on Buckingham Palace for their garden party, among them Shaima Dallali. If you think that name rings a bell that’s because she recently became president-elect of the National Union of Students, and sparked an Antisemitism row that’s seen the Department for Education official cut ties with the organisation. What was the Palace thinking?

Responding to the news, a Department for Education source tells Guido: “There are plenty of decent, hard-working people in the university space who would have loved to go to a swanky event in the Palace who haven’t called people dirty zionists, stoked religious tensions and raised money for dodgy pressure groups”. Taking to Linkedin, Shima said she was “honoured to represent City, University of London at the Queen’s Garden Party”. Though Guido’s not entirely sure how sincere this was given she’s previously tweeted “I dont even like the royal family”.

Since her election, Jewish students have raised many concerns about Dallali, who in 2012 wrote “Khaybar Khaybar O Jews … Muhammad’s army will return #Gaza” referencing the massacre of Jews in the 628 Battle of Khaybar. The Jewish Chronicle also report she’s “sung the praises of a Jew-hating cleric’ and labelled Waseem Yousef as a “dirty Zionist”. The NUS recently also refused to properly apologise for inviting rapper Lowkey to its Liverpool conference. Guido hopes she enjoyed the do…

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LibDem Porno Candidate Elected… Then Suspended… for Antisemitism

You read that right: not only has the LibDem candidate who Guido revealed earlier in the week to have a prolific porno portfolio been elected this afternoon, they were immediately suspended by the Liberal Democratic Party. Not for her porno history – for some vintage antisemitism…

An email seen by Guido shows the candidate, Little Brighouse, had been reported for uploading a TikTok where she is pictured next to a photo of a burning Israeli flag with the infamously anti-Israeli statement “from the river to the sea”. A LibDem spokesperson has said:

“We have received a complaint regarding this candidate which has been reviewed under our independent complaints process.  As a result they have been suspended from the Party while the complaint is fully investigated. Liberal Democrats have a long and proud record of standing up against antisemitism and continue to champion a liberal, tolerant and inclusive society for all.”
Given the press officer confirming Brighouse’s suspension previously ignored repeated requests for comment from Guido, it’s interesting to see the party confirm the ranking of sackable offences…
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81% of Jews Feel Labour Still Too Tolerant of Antisemitism

The Campaign Against Antisemitism has released their annual “Antisemitism barometer”, measuring the prevalence of Jewish racism in Britain and sentiment among British Jews. It doesn’t make good reading for Labour…

Back in September 2021, Sir Keir claimed, “We have closed the door this evening to Antisemitism in the Labour Party. We’ve turned our back on the dark chapter.” However according to the research, over eight in ten British Jews still feel Labour is too tolerant of racism against them. This is just 5% lower than in 2019…

This figure remains “markedly higher than any other political party”. The Greens have now broached the 50% mark – a nine point increase on last year – and the LibDems and SNP “also fared more poorly than before”. The Tories continue with the lowest concern of any English party…

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Greens Swerve Livingstone’s Membership Application

Today’s Guardian carries an eyebrow-raising report that Ken Livingston plans on applying to join the Green Party. Livingstone has been unaffiliated from any party after resigning his Labour membership in 2018 in the wake of his Hitler Zionism scandal. Despite the major controversy that would follow an admission into the party, the Greens’ press office were willing to only offer the following comment:

“We welcome everybody who shares our political aims and values to join the Green party.”

When pressed by Guido whether his comments on Hitler and Zionism align with the party’s values, he was merely told cases like Livingstone’s would have to go through a consultation process…

Livingstone now tells the party, “have me in!”, something Green peer Jenny Jones would be happy with, claiming that as his deputy mayor in City Hall she never saw any evidence of antisemitism. Livingston points out his record in City Hall is entirely congruent with Green Party values, not least introducing the congestion charge. I’ll tell you who else liked curbing air pollution

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Hundreds of Jews Protest Outside BBC Over “Shoddy Journalism”

Lord Grade, a former Chairman of the BBC, described the BBC’s reporting as “shoddy journalism”, and called for answers in a video supporting the protest. Dame Maureen Lipman encouraged people to attend “Because you care, and you will be demonstrating against my often-times employer asking for parity with other victims of racism, prejudice and abuse.” At the rally, Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said to the crowd: “We don’t want to be here, but we have to be here, because we have to say: ‘BBC News, stop blaming Jews’.” He added: “We see no evidence for the BBC’s claim, which is a distraction from the real story, which is that Jewish teenagers were prevented by racist thugs from celebrating Chanukah.”

The rally was prompted by the BBC’s coverage of an antisemitic incident on Oxford Street over Chanukah, when a group of Jewish teenagers celebrating the festival were accosted by racist thugs who forced them back onto their bus and began hitting the vehicle with their hands and then their shoes, spitting on it, trying to break windows and performing Nazi salutes, as well as shouting antisemitic insults and swearing. The BBC reported on its website that the explicit expressions of antisemitism evident in the video were mere “allegations”, and simultaneously claimed — alone among all media outlets — that “some racial slurs about Muslims can also be heard from inside the bus,” an assertion made with no evidence to support it.  It is fair to say people are angry…

UPDATE: A BBC spokesperson gets in touch:

“Anti-Semitism is abhorrent. We strive to serve the Jewish community, and all communities across our country, fairly. Our story was a factual report that overwhelmingly focused on the individuals the police want to identify; those who directed abuse at the bus. In the eighth paragraph of our news article, there was a brief reference to a slur, captured in a video recording, that appeared to come from the bus. It has been claimed what we considered to be an abusive term in English was in fact someone speaking in Hebrew. We have consulted a number of Hebrew speakers in determining that the slur was spoken in English. The brief reference to the slur was included so the fullest account of the incident was reported.”  

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