Gardiner Distances Himself from Conspiracist Labour Candidate

Almost-leadership contender Barry Gardiner has now distanced himself from conspiracist candidate Aghileh Djafari-Marbini, after Guido’s article showing Djafari-Marbini to have shared content denying Labour’s antisemitism crisis, defending David ‘the Jews’ Ward, celebrating the imagined death of Tony Blair, and sharing Russian propaganda.

Gardiner, who features prominently on Djafari-Marbini’s campaign material, has now shared a graphic from her opponent, with a similar positive quote from him. 

Guido can now reveal Djafari-Marbini also:

  • Campaigned against adopting the IHRA definition of antisemitism
  • Called for Chris Williamson to be invited to Harrow to give a talk
  • Campaigned for Marc Wadsworth to be re-admitted to Labour after being expelled from the party over antisemitism
  • Accused “the likes of Margaret Hodge” of shouting “orchestrated abuse”

Following Guido’s article, Tulip Siddiq’s endorsement(s) also mysteriously disappeared, although she has not made any public comment as to why. Apsana Begum and John McDonnell have not yet retracted their endorsements…

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Ruth Smeeth Savages Deputy Leadership Candidates at Husting over Antisemitism

Former Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth held nothing back at a deputy leadership husting yesterday, as she savaged candidates for not standing up or speaking out during Labour’s Antisemitism scandal. Two of them are still refusing to sign the Board of Deputy’s pledges…

During the mauling, Smeeth claims that for raising the issue of Antisemitism, she was dismissed, shouted at and shouted at in her own office – including by some of those standing for election – saying it is a “disgrace” the fight was left exclusively to female Jewish MPs. As Guido revealed yesterday, Rebecca Long-Bailey is still featuring Antisemites in her campaign videos, so he can’t imagine Ruth is too optimistic for the future of the Labour Party…

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Long-Bailey Video Stars ‘Holocaust Deniers’ Adviser

The latest campaign video from Momentum shows Rebecca Long-Bailey setting out the need to have a “positive vision of Britain can be post-Brexit”. It stars an audience member explaining how the Labour vote was split in both directions by Brexit. Neither Long-Bailey nor Momentum spotted that the member asking the question appears to be Maria Carroll – a former candidate who ran a secret Facebook group advising Holocaust-denying members how to beat charges of antisemitism. 

Carroll – who stood as Labour’s Camarthen East candidate in December – was revealed to be running the Facebook group, which contained Labour members who doubted the murder of six million Jews, and others who push the antisemitic trope of an international ‘Jewish conspiracy’. Becky may have signed the Board of Deputies’ pledge, but she’s still attracting these people… 

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The 3 Worst Virtue Signalling MPs in Britain

Holocaust Memorial Day is next Monday and last Tuesday the Holocaust Educational Trust held an event in parliament hosted by Matt Chorley. Parliamentarians attended the event to hear from survivors, educators and a speech from the acclaimed historian Sir Antony Beevor. The event was invitation only.

Eyebrows were raised by those who noticed that in the audience was Apsana Begum, the newly-elected MP for Poplar and Limehouse. Guido understands she was not invited, which is hardly surprising given her troubled relationship with the Jewish community. She sat through the speeches and hopefully learnt something.

Three other MPs dropped into the event uninvited;

  • Nav Mishra, MP for Stockport – Labour NEC member on the JC9 slate, who has supported Pete Willsman. Voted against IHRA at the NEC, and sat on NEC disputes panel.
  • Paula Barker, MP for Liverpool Wavertree – yet to speak out on the abuse that drove Luciana Berger out of the party which led to her getting the seat.
  • Kim Johnson, MP for Liverpool Riverside – yet to speak out about the abuse that drove Louise Ellman out the party.

These three MPs went over to a banner, took some selfies with the banner in the background and according to a witness immediately left. Guido suspects that the pictures were taken to be shared on social media on Holocaust Memorial Day on Monday. For all her faults Apsana Begum actually listened to what was said, the other three MPs are just cynically virtue signalling.

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Labour Leadership Outrage on All Sides

There’s anger from different wings of the Labour Party today as both antisemites and Momentum members accuse each other of stitch-ups preventing them from voting for candidates of their choice. Whatever happened to democratic socialism?…

In Momentum land, any premise of a voice of the membership has been thrown out of the window as they are asked to merely confirm their support for Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner with a yes or no response – something described to the Independent by one member as ‘ludicrous’ and ‘a joke’, and a farce even Owen Jones and Paul Mason are blasting. Imagine how they’d have lobbied to run the next general election if Corbyn had won…

On the other hand, all five candidates are receiving abuse from antisemitic Labour Members who are outraged that they have all signed the British Board of Deputies’ reasonable pledges

The list of demands – which includes radical anti-Corbynite principles like ‘provide no platform for bigotry’ and ‘deliver anti-racism education’ – has been slammed by the usual suspects, including the Morning Star, and other far left Corbyn fans who have naturally pivoted the debate to one of Israeli foreign policy and said they don’t want an outside organisation interfering in the Labour Leadership election. That’s the kind of outward-facing attitude that’ll win them the next election…

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Rabbi Says He’s No Longer Welcome at Abbott’s Hackney CLP

In an interview this week, Diane Abbott – responding to the Chief Rabbi’s comments – said:

“My response to him is we’re in Tottenham. Historically a strongly Jewish area. I represent Hackney – again, historically a strongly Jewish area and I’ve not found people anxious and frightened”

Guido suggests Diane hasn’t listened very carefully, as not only do 80% of British Jews fear a Corbyn premiership, Diane’s own local Labour branch has a less than glowing record on antisemitism.

In April, Rabbi Pinter said he was “shocked” by “Diane’s failure to intervene over a motion in her Hackney North Constituency Labour Party (CLP) dismissing claims that Labour was “institutionally antisemitic”. Ms Abbott sat silent throughout the debate as Jewish members cried.” The JC reported that “Rabbi Pinter said he “no longer feels welcome” at CLP meetings and that “the atmosphere is absolutely toxic these days”.” That’s at least one Jew in Hackney who is anxious and frightened, Diane…

The motion in question referred to “[rejected] accusations of institutional racism” within Labour, noting “with increasing alarm the acceptance of the ‘fact’ that the Labour Party is ‘institutionally anti-semitic’ by not only the media, but the right wing of the parliamentary Labour Party.”

Guido also reckons the Jewish community in Tottenham and Hackney won’t have their anxiety and fright alleviated when seeing these Whatsapp messages from Diane’s local Labour branch group chat, which include the accusation that “the Jews were active” in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade when watching Corbyn defend Antisemitism allegations from Andrew Neil.

Another Hackney member questioned why Corbyn has to keep apologising for Antisemitism. The mind boggles…

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