Pete Willsman Suspended From Labour Party

Pete Willsman has now been suspended from the Labour Party after his outburst revealed this morning where he claimed that the Israeli Embassy was fuelling Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis. Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby emailed Labour NEC officers to say:

Dear all,

We have received a number of complaints, including from NEC members, about Peter Willsman’s latest comments, as reported on LBC this morning.

I am writing to let you know that we took the decision earlier this morning to administratively suspend Peter, pending disciplinary action.

Kind regards

Willsman can’t attend NEC meetings while he’s suspended from the party but he’s still officially a member of Labour’s ruling body. What are the chances he ends up straight back on the NEC as soon as his suspension is lifted…

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Hamas ‘Salutes’ Jeremy Corbyn for His ‘Solidarity Message’ at Antisemitism-Ridden March

Jeremy Corbyn’s old friends at Hamas have landed him in hot water again after issuing an adulatory press statement “saluting” Corbyn’s “solidarity message” at the ‘Nakba’ march last weekend. As Guido reported earlier this week, the march was addressed by multiple Labour frontbenchers including Richard Burgon and Diane Abbott. Despite being ridden with anti-Semitism, as it is every year…

Despite still being a patron of the anti-Semitism infested Palestine Solidarity Campaign who organised the march, Corbyn didn’t attend himself this year but got Diane Abbott to read his message to the crowd instead. Clearly it hit the right notes with Hamas, the terrorist organisation’s response is positively gushing:

“We have received with great respect and appreciation the solidarity message sent by the British Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to the participants in the mass rally that took place in central London last Saturday in commemoration of the 71st anniversary of Nakba…

“We also salute Mr. Jeremy Corbyn for his principled position in rejecting the so-called Trump Plan for the Middle East or the ‘Deal of the Century’…”

He should really send Seumas to have a word with Hamas about sending their compliments privately in future…

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Sadiq Defends Corbyn Over Anti-Semitic Book Endorsement

After the revelations about Corbyn’s gushing endorsement of a deeply anti-Semitic book, Conservative GLA leader Gareth Bacon wrote to Sadiq Khan asking him to condemn Corbyn’s endorsement to “help reassure vulnerable Jewish Londoners that this sort of disgusting racism will not be tolerated” in London. A pretty reasonable request given 2 in 5 British Jews say they would “serious consider” emigrating if Corbyn got in…

Far from condemning Corbyn, all Sadiq has to say about the matter is that he’s “pleased” that Corbyn rejected the “anti-Semitic elements” of the book, before rattling off a list of things which purportedly show him being tough on anti-Semitism. Funnily enough he forgets to mention having photoshoots with a Labour Councillor whose expulsion he personally called for over anti-Semitism just last year…

Sadiq remarkably even goes on the attack, accusing Bacon of “political point scoring” and calling his letter “extremely distasteful”. It speaks volumes that Sadiq uses that sort of language to attack a letter raising concerns about anti-Semitism, while turning a blind eye to Corbyn’s anti-Semitism itself…

Read Sadiq’s letter in full:

Read More

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Labour Shadow Cabinet Members Spoke at Rally Filled With Anti-Semitism

Several members of the Shadow Cabinet spent their Saturday attending a central London ‘Palestinian solidarity’ rally, run by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which was recently exposed as being ridden with anti-Semitism. Labour frontbenchers Laura Pidcock, Richard Burgon, and Diane Abbott spoke at the rally where protesters spread conspiracies from ‘Israel controlling the media’ to ‘Israel is responsible for anti-Semitic abuse’. Although it is possible that Richard Burgon didn’t notice, after all he tweeted support for the Palestine rally with the Jordanian flag…

The march was led down Regent Street by a man who claimed Jews in Israel “owns the banks and the media” and that “Israel did 9/11.” Don’t expect any condemnations from Labour MPs any time soon – Jeremy Corbyn is still patron of the PSC…

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Conspiracy Theory Hypocrisy

At today’s European Election launch, Jeremy Corbyn criticised people who perpetuate conspiracy theories, and vowed that Labour would lead on tackling antisemitism. He even claimed that “Nigel Farage’s Brexit is a Brexit for conspiracy theorists”…

Labour’s new European Election manifesto even says that they will “lead the fight to tackle all forms of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia”. But Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly helped spread antisemitic conspiracy theories. He personally…

  • Wrote the foreword to a book which argued that banks and the press were controlled by Jews
  • Invited antisemitic conspiracy theorist Sheikh Raed Salah who claimed Israel was behind 9/11 to Parliament
  • Called a blood libel preacher, an ‘honoured citizen’
  • Defended a clearly anti-Semitic mural, later claiming he didn’t see it
  • Confirmed he believes that Israeli lobby has an ‘effect on the political actions the British Government is taking’
  • Compared Israel to ISIS
  • Promoted a conspiracy theory that Israel could create a “false flag event” to start a war with Iran
  • Claimed Israel has unbelievably high levels of influence’ over the media
  • Blamed the ‘Israel Lobby’ for the deportation of a blood libel cleric
  • Suspected that Israel was behind a terrorist attack in Egypt ”I suspect the hand of Israel in this”

The Labour leader’s conspiracy theories don’t stop at just Jews, he also…

  • Suggested giving the nerve agent used in Salisbury to the Russian State to ‘run their own tests’
  • Tweeted “homeo-meds works for some ppl”
  • Proclaimed that the Russian mafia could have conducted the Salisbury poisoning

Calling other people ‘conspiracy theorists’ is a bold move from the guy who suggested Israel controls the BBC…

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Corbyn Attacks Finkelstein For Exposing His Anti-Semitic Book Endorsement

Jeremy Corbyn has finally issued a detailed response to the revelation that he wrote a gushing foreword in praise of a deeply anti-Semitic book… by writing a letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews attacking Danny Finkelstein for having dared to reveal it. True to form…

Corbyn dismisses the accusations of anti-Semitism against him as politically-motivated smears: “the latest in a series of equally ill-founded accusations of anti-Jewish racism that Labour’s political opponents have made against me”. He then goes on to attack The Times and Finkelstein himself:

“I note that the Hobson story was written by a Conservative Party peer in a newspaper whose editorial policy, and owner, have long been hostile to Labour.”

Strange how Corbyn passed up the opportunity to discuss his other views about exactly who has “unbelievably high levels of influence” over the media…

There isn’t even a hint of an apology in the letter, instead Corbyn says that he is “deeply saddened that the mischievous representation of my foreword to the book will have caused real stress in the Jewish community”. Newsflash for Corbyn: if there’s one thing that has the UK’s Jewish community seriously concerned – it’s him.

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