McDonnell: Labour “Clearly” Has a Problem with Anti-Semitism

So when is the party going to start dealing with it properly?

Jackie Walker Shares More Anti-Semitic Imagery While Defending Chris Williamson

Jackie Walker spent most of yesterday evening vigorously defending now suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson from the half-hearted actions of the Labour Party, just days after she shared yet another arguably anti-Semitic image on her Facebook profile. The big hook nosed image is a standard trope..

Walker seemed particularly upset at how the Labour Party belatedly told Chris Williamson that it probably wasn’t a good idea to host a screening of her film called ‘The Witchhunt’ which defends Walker’s many bouts of anti-Semitism. She shared a supportive letter defending Chris Williamson and demanding that the film be shown in Parliament, whilst defending herself and her clearly anti-Semitic statements on the grounds of “dialogue and debate.”

Walker, a former Vice Chair of Momentum, has previously said Jews financed the slave trade, criticised Holocaust Memorial Day, and promoted conspiracy theories about Jews in the media. Despite this Williamson was determined to screen her film. Clearly neither of them have learned their lesson…

Labour MPs Call for “Urgent Action” Against Chris Williamson After Latest Anti-Semitism Rant

An video has emerged of an extraordinary rant by hardline Corbynista MP Chris Williamson about anti-Semitism at a Momentum meeting in Sheffield. In the video unearthed by the Yorkshire Post, a visibly angry Williamson shouts about how Labour is being “demonised as a racist bigoted party” before going on to say Labour has been “too apologetic” about anti-Semitism:

“I think the Party’s response has been partly responsible… we’ve backed off on too much, we’ve given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic”.

Incredibly, this triggers rapturous applause from the audience and his fellow panel-members. If any further evidence were needed of the depth of Labour’s institutional problem with anti-Semitism this is it…

Williamson then goes on to joke about how he sang “Celebrate good times, come on!” outside Chair of Labour Friends of Israel Joan Ryan’s office after she left the Labour Party. It comes on top of further revelations yesterday that he booked a room in Parliament to screen a new film by disgraced suspended Labour member Jackie Walker entitled “Witchhunt”. You can guess what it’s about…

Labour MPs have heavily condemned the event, Stephen Doughty has called for “urgent action” to be taken while Shadow Brexit Minister Matthew Pennycook called it “absolutely disgraceful” and said “the reaction from the audience is just as, if not more, disturbing”. Wes Streeting called it “stomach turning” while predicting no action would be taken. Corbyn ally Williamson has been given a free pass by the leadership for too long, now they will surely have to act…

UPDATE: Tom Watson is writing to the Labour chief whip calling for Chris Williamson to have the whip removed.

Labour Candidate Claims Anti-Semitism is Being Used as an Anti-Corbyn Plot

Labour’s candidate for Colchester, Tina McKay, has claimed that there is “evidence” Anti-Semitism is being used as a plot against Jeremy Corbyn. Commenting on an Essex University Labour Students post which decried Labour Party’s woeful record on dealing with anti-Semitism, McKay said she “would dispute” the student group’s claims that “Anti-semitism isn’t treated as a real issue.” She went on to say:

“There have been individuals who have said that it has been used as a plot, there is evidence of what they said being true.”

This comes during the week in which over 200 University of Essex students voted against the establishment of a Jewish Society at the university. Dr Maaruf Ali, a lecturer who shared anti-Semitic posts on Facebook including Holocaust denial, campaigned against the establishment of the society writing “the Zionists next want to create a society here at our university”. Labour’s candidate wading in to a student Facebook thread to say anti-Semitism is being used to smear Jeremy Corbyn, the week that Jewish students at the university have had to face this kind of abuse is beyond excruciating…

Labour MP Suggests Labour Split Group Is Funded By Israel

Labour MP Ruth George has said that she will not condemn Labour members who assert that the new TIG group of former Labour MPs, fronted by Jewish MP Luciana Berger, is funded by the state of Israel. She was backing up a local councillor who has been posting multiple conspiracy theories about the group on social media…

“Support from the State of Israel… is possible and I would not condemn those who suggest it.”

Previously George was best known for comparing Amber Rudd to Hitler.

Days since the last Labour anti-Semitic incident… 0.

McDonnell: Labour Not Ruthless Enough On Anti-Semitism

You don’t say

Labour Have Only Expelled 12 Members Over Anti-Semitism

Labour’s General Secretary Jennie Formby has emailed all Labour MPs this afternoon with an update on how the party has been dealing with anti-Semitism cases. The statistics do not give the impression of a party cracking down on an serious endemic problem:

Of the 673 party members reported since April 2018:

  • 220 were let off due to lack of “sufficient evidence”
  • 146 received a “reminder of conduct”
  • 96 were suspended
  • 211 were issued with a “notice of investigation”

Of those who were suspended or formally investigated:

  • 44 resigned from the party
  • 25 received a “reminder of conduct”
  • 16 received a formal NEC warning
  • 7 had their cases closed with no further action
  • 42 were referred to the National Constitutional Committee

Of the 42 formally referred to the NCC, described as an “independent quasi-judicial body”, just 12 have been expelled from the party. This is less than 2% of the total number of reported incidents.

Given the huge proliferation of egregious anti-Semitism in the Labour Party since it moved sharply to the left, it speaks volumes that they have deemed so few cases worthy of outright explusion…

UPDATE: Margaret Hodge says she “can’t believe” there have been “only 12 expulsions”, adding that she is “not convinced leadership serious on rooting out anti Semitism”. She’s not the only one unconvinced…

Labour Member Leading Berger Deselection Attempt is Israel Conspiracist Who Called Her “Disruptive Zionist”

Labour’s anti-Semitism problem has risen to the fore again with Labour members in Luciana Berger’s Liverpool Wavertree constituency tabling a motion of no confidence against her. Incredibly, John McDonnell has responded by pointing the finger of blame at Berger herself, eliciting disbelief from other senior Labour figures. Chuka branded it “totally unacceptable” and Shadow Cabinet Minister Angela Rayner has given Berger her “full support”. Labour’s official responses so far have been woeful…

It now emerges that the local Labour member who proposed one of the (two) no confidence motions, Kenneth Campbell, goes on regular rants about “traitorous Blairites” on Facebook, saying it is “about time [Berger] was exposed for the disruptive Zionist she is” and even claiming that Israel supports ISIS. In another rant he menacingly said that Laura Kuenssberg’s days are “nearing there [sic] end”:

When is Labour going to get serious about rooting out the rot of anti-Semitism that has infested the party?

H/t Harry’s Place

UPDATE: Both motions of no-confidence have been withdrawn by the local Labour Party and the extraordinary meeting has been cancelled…

Corbyn’s Israel False Flag Conspiracy

New footage has been unearthed of Jeremy Corbyn in 2012 saying that “yes of course” Israel may engage in “creating a false flag event” to start a war with Iran. What makes Corbyn’s answer worse is that this theory was presented to him as something that is going around “conspiracy channels on the internet”. But Corbyn says they’re quite right…

Prior to interviewing Corbyn, the interviewer had produced a number of videos on YouTube with titles ranging from “On The Need to Dissolve the Jewish Identity”, “Will the Jews get the reputation of the Nazis?”, “9/11 – No Thermite, 7/7 – No Rucksack Bombs”, and “Judaism, Just Another Cult?”. Did Corbyn not take the incredibly basic step of checking who was interviewing him, or did he just not care?

It comes ahead of a debate of Parliamentary Labour Party on Monday on a motion entitled ‘Action on Antisemitism’, which would compel the party leadership to “provide a report in one weeks’ time” answering a list of questions regarding what the leadership has done to combat anti-Semitism in their party. Yet another incident for Corbyn to explain…

Read the motion in full here:

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Chris Williamson’s Maduro-Supporting ‘UN Rapporteur’ is Antisemitic Castro-Loving Historical Revisionist

Chris Williamson has been attempting to justify his continuing support for the murderous Maduro regime in Venezuela by quoting comments supposedly made by a UN rapporteur criticising US sanctions on Venezuela, including during his shameful speech in Parliament on Monday:

“The UN rapporteur, the first to visit Venezuela in 21 years, clearly said that the US sanctions were illegal and could amount to crimes against humanity”.

But who exactly is this mysterious UN rapporteur Williamson is so keen to promote?

Guido can reveal that Williamson’s source is in fact Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, a hugely controversial Cuban-born lawyer and prolific author of historically revisionist accounts of Nazi Germany, who has also made numerous anti-Semitic remarks. You couldn’t make it up…

De Zayas is also a big fan of Fidel Castro, saying after he died that he “would go down in history as a figure of the calibre of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.” Perhaps that helps to explain why de Zayas was installed in 2012 to the UN post of ‘Expert on Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order’. The post was created by the Cuban regime…

De Zayas is a hero to holocaust deniers for his writings accusing Churchill and Roosevelt of “genocide” against Nazi Germany during World War Two – in 2001 he was awarded a prize by the Zeitgeschichtliche Forschungsstelle Inglostadt, an openly historical-revisionist outfit which skirts the bounds of outright holocaust denial. De Zayas has also made a range of anti-Semitic comments himself including:

“Nuremberg was an exercise in hypocrisy. A continuation of hate and war… a corruption of legal norms and procedures, a pollution of philosophy, a truly Pharisee tribunal”


“Moses had a difficult time when he had the Jewish people cross through the Red Sea, because half of them were busy collecting beautiful shells.”

So it’s no real surprise that the actively anti-Semitic government of Nicolas Maduro controversially chose de Zayas in 2017 to be the first UN rapporteur allowed to visit the country since 2002. This prompted an outcry of a coalition of 50 NGOs who wrote an open letter to de Zayas questioning the validity and independence of his visit, and urging him to reconsider or insist that the regime allow other international observers in as a precondition of his visit. Naturally none of that happened…

Predictably, de Zayas’ report on Venezuela was a complete whitewash – it completely glosses over any notion of human rights abuses by the Maduro regime and even effectively accused opposition politicians such as Leopoldo Lopez who have been imprisoned by the regime of trying to foment war. Meanwhile, Maduro’s regime is characterised as a “democratically elected government” with de Zayas insisting that “only they can effectively protect the human rights of persons under their jurisdiction and implement change.” The UN should be ashamed to have allowed their name to be attached to a report like that…

De Zayas is no longer a UN rapporteur but is still actively dispensing his pro-Maduro propaganda, dismissing the current situation as a “so-called humanitarian crisis” and accusing the opposition of an “attempted coup d’etat”. The fact that Chris Williamson is repeatedly quoting a man like this so approvingly speaks volumes…

Chris Williamson Shares Petition Defending Notorious Anti-Semite

Corbynite MP Chris Williamson has shared a petition urging Islington Council to reverse their ban on notorious anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon from performing at their venue.

Even Hope Not Hate has called Atzmon “an antisemite who has promoted the works of Holocaust deniers.” He blamed Grenfell Tower tragedy on “Jerusalemites” and has stood accused of Holocaust denial by human rights lawyer Adam Wagner. He has openly said “I despise the Jew in me and detest the Jew in you”.

Williamson remains a signatory to the extraordianry petition and has so far refused to apologise for sharing it on Twitter, and has even refused to acknowledge that he deleted his original tweet urging his followers to join him in signing the petition. Even by Chris Williamson’s standards, this is really bad. How can Labour continue to let him stand as a representative of their party?

UPDATE: Williamson has apologised, claiming that he “wasn’t aware” of the Atzmon’s anti-Semitism until after he tweeted the petition.

“I am told that in various blogs and in speeches he has adopted antisemitic language. I wasn’t aware of this until after I tweeted the petition.”

UPDATE II: The Board of Deputies of British Jews has called for Labour to withdraw the whip from Chris Williamson.

Read Williamson’s apology in full here:

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Labour’s NEC Drops South Thanet Candidate Over Hitler Tweets

Yesterday Labour’s NEC decided not to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as a candidate on the basis that she had brought the Labour Party into disrepute. In a late night posting on Facebook she blamed Guido for her demise as a candidate:

“The NEC’s decision was taken on the basis of three tweets that were posted from the Centre for Cultural Change Twitter account, run by a group of academics, to which I occasionally contributed well before I decided to stand as a parliamentary candidate. The Centre for Cultural Change tweets were in no way intended to imply that antisemitism doesn’t exist in the Labour Party. They were taken out of context on the right-wing Guido Fawkes hate blog to imply that I was antisemitic.”

Well you can judge for yourself why the NEC really dropped her as a candidate by reading our original story where she attacked, for example, the “zionist sympathies” of John Bercow and asked “Has anyone looked into Hitler’s policy on Zionism?” Credit where credit is due, Guido was not convinced the new NEC would take decisive action. The prospect of her fighting a crucial target swing seat obviously focused minds…

Welsh Assembly Member Suspended Over Anti-Semitism

Guido understands that Corbynista Member of the Welsh Assembly Jenny Rathbone has been suspended by the Labour group for comments regarded as potentially antisemitic. This comes after a recording surfaced where Rathbone suggested Israel ‘drives people to be hostile to British Jews’ and suggested Jewish people’s security fears could be ‘in their own heads.’

The matter has been referred to the national party…

Criminal Investigation into Labour Anti-Semitism as 38% Believe Corbyn is an Anti-Semite

Labour’s anti-Semitism problem is in the spotlight again as it emerged this morning that the Metropolitan Police have launched a criminal investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism within the party. The police have been examining an internal Labour document detailing allegations of anti-Semitism which was obtained by LBC and concluded that several allegations within it were worthy of full criminal investigations.

It comes as a new Populus/BICOM poll found that 38% of Brits believe that Corbyn himself is anti-Semitic. Only 1 in 4 people agreed that he was a “committed campaigner against racism of all kinds, including antisemitism”, while as few as 19% believed that he had “worked hard to deliver peace between Israel and the Palestinians”. Almost double that number instead thought that he “only seems interested in talking to those organisations which have been deemed terrorists by the British Government, the EU and the US State Department”. The fish rots from the head...

Calls For Baroness Tonge to Quit Lords After Yet Another Anti-Semitic Comment

Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has reignited calls for the disgraced Baroness Tonge to vacate her seat in the House of Lords, after she suggested that the Israeli government bears responsibility for the Pittsburgh attack. This is just the latest in a long, long list of anti-Semitic flirtations and jew blaming by the former Liberal Democrat health spokesperson.

Jewish voices have called on the Liberal Democrats who installed Tonge in the House of Lords to demand her removal. The campaign to force her out has already won support from the Lib Dem youth wing. Charlie Kennedy appointed her to the Lords when he was leader. Will the current leader, Vince Cable, add his voice?

£1.7 Million Fund to Fight Anti-Semitism in the Budget

Charities are set to receive a £1.7 million funding boost in next week’s Budget to help fight against rising anti-Semitism by educating students about the horrors of the Holocaust. The funding will enable student visits to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as well as supporting visits from Holocaust survivors to schools to enable students to hear first-hand testimonies.

The Community Security Trust reported a record-high 1,382 incidents of anti-Semitism in the UK last year while two in five British Jews have said they would “seriously consider” emigrating if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister. At least one party is taking the problem seriously…

British Jews Leaving UK for Israel up by 7%

Despite a decrease in immigration to Israel from most western countries, including France and the United States, immigration to Israel from the United Kingdom has risen by 7 percent in just the first eight months of 2018. The Jerusalem Post writes that “many Jews are contemplating leaving there in light of the prospect of the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party, with its antisemitism problem, reaching power.”

It comes after the Jewish Chronicle found that two in five Jews living in Britain would seriously consider emigrating if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister. Some are not willing to wait…

More Brits See Labour as Racist than Tories

YouGov have found that more people see the Labour Party as racist than the Tories. Despite his repeated claims to be an “anti-racist campaigner”, twice as many Brits think Jeremy Corbyn is racist (20%) than think the same for Theresa May (11%).

The same poll found that 30% of Brits think Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite, compared to just 5% who believe Theresa May to be. Intriguingly, the same number of Brits see Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn  as Islamophobic, at 9% each…

Two In Five Jews Would “Seriously Consider” Emigrating If Corbyn Became PM

A Survation poll for the Jewish Chronicle has found that 38.5% of Jews living in Britain would “seriously consider” emigrating if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister. Amongst women that figure rises to over 44%.

The Jewish population of the UK stands at almost 300,000, meaning that if the UK were to elect a Labour government, 115,000 British Jews would seriously consider starting a fresh life outside of Britain.

This is truly unprecedented in modern British history.

Loony Labour NEC Protests

Pete Willsman received a hero’s welcome as he walked into Labour Party HQ today. Signs outside insisted anti-Semitism does not exist in the Labour Party, and claims of it are merely a Blairite Zionist conspiracy. Meanwhile activists shouted about how Jews “don’t suffer economic discrimination.”

Labour will need to do a lot more than just accepting the IHRA definition to clean up the anti-Semitism infesting the party…[…] Read the rest


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