Shami: Ken Has Brought Shame on Labour

And yet Corbyn still hasn’t kicked him out…

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Labour NEC Make Jewish Members Stand Outside Room During Anti-Semitism Meeting

A total shambles at the Labour NEC working group meeting on anti-Semitism this afternoon. First, they uninvited Adam Langleben of the Jewish Labour Movement, the Barnet councillor who lost his seat last week and has since been critical of Corbyn. Labour rather unbelievably claimed his invitation was a “misunderstanding” and shouldn’t have been sent out in the first place. A second JLM colleague of Langleben was also uninvited.

The JLM understandably decided to attend the meeting anyway – you’d have thought the main Jewish group in the Labour Party should be present at the NEC meeting on anti-Semitism, after all. They were banned from entering and made to stand outside:

Labour: a party with no room for Jews…

UPDATE: Labour source:

“Jennie Formby has written to Adam Langleben to clarify that the invitation was only extended to people with a role in Labour’s disciplinary process. Peter Mason has first-hand experience of our processes and his invitation was in that capacity, not as National Secretary of the Jewish Labour Movement. An invitation had already been sent to the Jewish Labour Movement for a separate meeting with Jennie Formby to discuss combatting antisemitism.”

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McDonnell: Anti-Semitism “Had Its Effect” On Local Elections

John McDonnell admitted the anti-semitism scandal hurt Labour at the local elections. Speaking on Marr the Shadow Chancellor said:

“We’ll be meeting some Barnet councillors next week… anti-semitism certainly had its effect, there’s no doubt about it in Barnet itself… I’m hoping the measures we’re putting in place now – the Chakrabarti report implemented in full, Jennie Formby new general secretary – Jeremy Corbyn said to Jennie, your first priority is tackling this issue.”

That response won’t reassure concerned activists and councillors…

Meanwhile on Sky Party Chairman Ian Lavery also admitted anti-semitism cost the party:

More tough talk …

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Corbyn Dismissed Guido’s Revelations of Anti-Semitism As a Smear. Now He’s Been Rejected By Jewish Voters

When Guido broke the original Labour anti-Semitism scandal back in 2016, and then the ensuing slew of revelations about dozens of Labour councillors, Corbyn’s supporters dismissed it as a “row launched by Guido Fawkes”:

Chris Williamson said our anti-Semitism coverage had “no credibility whatsoever” and called us a “squalid smear factory”. The Corbyn sympathising website Electronic Intifada accused Guido of “trawling through the Twitter backlog” of Labour councillors and claimed our stories were “manufactured” by the “Israel Lobby”. Their conspiratorial take was shared and promoted by prominent Corbyn outriders.

Another article by a pro-Corbyn journalist on the website Open Democracy claimed that our anti-Semitism stories were “baseless”, accused Guido of being “systematically dishonest about Labour Party antisemitism” and of “misrepresenting” those we reported on (even though Labour’s compliance unit eventually agreed with us and kicked them out).

Corbyn himself said anti-Semitism was a smear. He was filmed by Vice on the phone to Seumas Milne dismissing the anti-Semitism scandal as “utterly disgusting subliminal nastiness”.

Two years on, the Corbynista response to Guido’s anti-Semitism revelations has led to Labour being resoundingly rejected by Jewish communities at the ballot box.

In Barnet, which has a Jewish population of 15%, the highest of any council in the country, Labour were humiliated and the Tories secured the result of the night. Turnout in Golders Green was an incredible 70%.

In the Kensal ward in Salford, which has a Jewish population of 40%, the highest of any ward in the country, the Tories took it from Labour.

In the Pilkington Park ward in Bury, which has a Jewish population of around 25%, there was a huge swing from Labour to the Tories, who won by 700 votes.

During two years of campaigning journalism on this issue we broke story after story showing Labour had a serious anti-Semitism problem. Corbyn and his allies could have recognised the problem and dealt with it. Instead they accused us of smears. The Jewish Chronicle reports that it isn’t just Jews who were horrified by our anti-Semitism revelations, and that non-Jews joined in what they are calling a “mass protest vote” against Corbyn. The story cut through to the public – it is no coincidence that, following two years of Guido’s stories, anti-Semitism has become the Tories’ main attack line against Labour. Jewish Labour members and moderate Labour readers who are not normally sympathetic to Guido’s editorial line have privately thanked us for acting as a pro bono Labour Party compliance unit. The Corbynistas could have listened, instead their anti-Semitism scandal has come home to roost…

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Ken Mentions Hitler 6 Times on Sky News

Ken mentioned Hitler just the six times in his interview on Sky this morning, repeatedly telling Adam Boulton that Zionists “collaborated” with Hitler. He insisted the criticism of him is a “smear” and says he thinks Labour’s new general secretary Jennie Fornby will let him back into the party: “I want to do everything I can to get Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street”. As Adam put it, “Don’t you think it would just be better not to bring Hitler into it?”

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Thornberry Present at Abbas Jew Hate Speech

Emily Thornberry attended the Mahmoud Abbas speech which made global headlines this week for its anti-Semitic content, Guido can reveal. Thornberry was representing Labour at the Palestinian National Council (PNC) meeting in Ramallah. The Shadow Foreign Secretary confirmed her attendance in a Facebook post published after Abbas’ speech. Her statement did not reference Abbas’ anti-Semitic comments…

Abbas delivered a rambling speech in which he claimed the Holocaust was not caused by anti-Semitism but by Jewish “social behaviour, [charging] interest, and financial matters.” In highly offensive comments, Abbas said:

“But why did this use to happen… They say, “It is because we are Jews”. I will bring you three Jews, with three books who say that enmity towards Jews was not because of their religious identity but because of their social function. This is a different issue. So the Jewish question that was widespread throughout Europe was not against their religion but against their social function which relates to usury [unscrupulous money-lending] and banking and such.”

Rather than reference the remarks or condemn Abbas in her initial statement, Thornberry instead said:

“While we of course want to see the resumption of meaningful peace talks, I said President Abbas had been quite right to argue that the Trump administration cannot act as a mediator for peace when they themselves are sowing the seeds of discord, and making a negotiated peace ever harder to achieve...”

Now Thornberry has put out another statement:

“It is deeply regrettable that, during a lengthy speech whose main and successful purpose was to urge the Palestinian National Council to remain committed to the Middle East peace process and the objective of a two-state solution, President Abbas made these anti-Semitic remarks about the history of the Jewish community in Europe which were not just grossly offensive, but utterly ignorant. His comments were out of keeping with the tone of the Council as a whole, and of my discussions with other delegates, and I hope President Abbas will immediately apologise for them, so that the message to come out of this important Council meeting can remain positive and progressive, and focused on re-establishing peaceful and constructive dialogue.”

Labour sources are concerned that the Shadow Foreign Secretary did not initially distance herself from the remarks or condemn them. It has been confirmed that she was in the room during the remarks, alongside 80 other international observers. It was a mad three hour speech so perhaps she just wasn’t listening. If Boris did this it would lead Sky News all day…

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