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If your comment posts are not appearing, don’t bother emailing, it is because after the gay Gordon stuff yesterday Guido has had to again put the blog comments on moderation – and will be rejecting the comments of bores and loons. So BNPers, the “I’m not anti-semitic, I’m anti-Zionist” crowd and the tiresome will have to go elsewhere. That includes the “why don’t you do something about [insert earnest topic]” whines. You want the Indy for that kind of thing.

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Prezza : Gays and LibDems Join the Attack

Gay newspaper Pink News reports that Prezza’s generous host, Mr Anschutz, has donated large sums of money to Colorado for Family Values, an organisation with explicitly homophobic views. He is also a major patron of the Republican Party and funded ‘Amendment 2’, a voter initiated ballot to overturn gay rights in the state of Colorado. Peter Tatchell told Pink News:

“It is highly inappropriate for the Deputy Prime Minister to accept hospitality from someone who is a hard-line homophobe and who clearly stands to benefit from casino franchises that are being dolled out by Mr Prescott’s government. I doubt that Mr Prescott would accept the hospitality from an avowed racist or anti-Semite. Why then is he prepared to be hosted by a bigoted homophobes?”

Ben Summerskill, the Chief Executive of the gay lobbying and campaign group Stonewall says “I think Mr Anshutz is unlikely to be turning away the pink pound should he win the license to open up Britain’s first super casino.”

Even the LibDem’s Shadow DCMS Secretary, Don Foster chimes in to the chorus:

“It is ludicrous to say that John Prescott was not involved in the planning process for casinos. There were numerous links between Mr Prescott’s department and the casino legislation. John Prescott chaired the Domestic Affairs Cabinet Committee, with links to the independent advisory panel recommending the location of new casinos to the Government. The ODPM was also responsible for establishing a new planning category for casinos and in its report makes detailed comments on the regeneration benefits of casinos. It is clear that there are still serious questions that require full and frank answers from Mr Prescott.”

Downing Street was briefing against Guido to the lobby today, Prescott’s spokesman was quoting the Victoria Beckham line “we’re not going to dignify the allegations with a response”. Rebecca Loos, of course, did shag David Beckham.

Newsnight is going to have a go at Guido tonight. Iain Dale is playing defence. Guido is off to play boules… something some lobby journalists clearly couldn’t play.

Mel & Polly on Anti-Semitism

Fatty Pollard is, as usual, seeing anti-Semites here, there and everywhere, particularly at the Gruaniad. Guido usually finds the incessant complaints of Melanie Phillips and Pollard tiresomely obsessive. Most of the anti-semitism of the left seems (with a few nasty exceptions) to be really anti-zionism and anti-capitalism (they control the banks!)

But after the piece on Lord Levy yesterday (the Sleaze Master General) the comments section of this blog was over-run with dozens of unpleasant snide posters, making not very subtle comments. Just so those retards understand, the piece was critical of Levy’s shenanigans, not his religion or his ethnicity. (Guido is in any case a supporter of the state of Israel and the IDF assassinating terrorists who seek to destroy the only Western democracy in the region.) Maybe Mel and Polly get this kind of treatment every day, which would confirm their view that anti-semities are everywhere. They certainly seem to be making concerted use of the comments sections of the Guardian’s blogs, which are not moderated and instead rely on a “report abuse” system. Tom Happold needs to be quicker at dealing with reported abuse.

FYI : Guido’s policy is to delete whatever comments he feels like if they irritate him, the comment makers got wise to this and started posting in the comments section in various different names, including Guido’s own.

Nothing To Do With Me Guv

Andrew Dismore, Labour MP for Hendon (pictured) and the most expensive MP in London, said the Koshergate posters were not deliberately designed to be anti-Semitic, but did show insensitivity. “I can understand why some people might find them anti-Semitic… I hope this won’t happen again.”

Probably a wise thing for him to say, since once-Tory Hendon neighbours Golder’s Green where the Tory candidate, Andrew Mennear, made the running with the issue. With Ken running his own intifada with the London Evening Standard Labour may pay a price in London for its Muslim-vote-grabbing. In the case of Dismore the price would be well worth paying and would save taxpayers a lot.

Incidentally – did anyone ever get a reply in the “Big Conversation”? Even an email from Alastair Campbell?

1 in 8 Labour Voters Thought Howard Poster Anti-Semitic

Over at Anthony Well’s Polling Report he analyses polling about the two Labour posters that were accused of being anti-semitic;

21% thought the [Fagin] poster was deliberately anti-semitic. As one might expect attitudes towards the posters divided along party lines – over half of Conservative voters thought the posters were anti-semitic, while two-thirds of Labour voters thought they weren’t. There were significant minorities of Labour voters though who thought the posters were deliberately anti-semitic (8% and 13% respectively).

Perhaps more important are the proportions of people who said the posters would make them more or less likely to vote Labour. Overall people said the posters would make them less likely to vote Labour, but this was largely because of current Conservative voters’ answers. There are practically no Conservative voters who say the posters make it more likely they will vote Labour, and almost as few Labour voters who say the poster makes them less likely to vote Labour. Amongst current Lib Dem voters, both posters made more people less likely to vote Labour than more likely to vote Labour.

Well done Alastair!

Labour Posters : Backlash Grows

Ned Temko, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, is warning that at their worst the posters were “part of a deliberate pattern of frankly anti-Semitic invective”. Temko, whose paper is the voice of Britain’s Jewish community, says the posters may have been “an inadvertent mix of insensitivity and cultural illiteracy”, but “a less charitable conclusion is that Labour, or some within it, sees election campaign advantages in subliminally reminding voters that Howard is Jewish.”

Feelings are growing in the Jewish community that the Labour party, which has a membership which is often hostile to Israel, is less welcoming than the Tories. Trade Minister Mike O’Brien was reported to the Commission for Racial Equality for telling an Islamic paper Mr Howard could not represent Muslims properly and that he could not be trusted on the “Palestine issue”.

Labour Party chairman Ian McCartney caused uproar after accusing Shadow chancellor Oliver Letwin, who is also Jewish, of behaving like a “21st century Fagin”. But its not just the Tories complaining – groups such as the Association of Jewish Refugees and even Liberal Judaism condemned the ads.

Labour Scrap Advert : Howard As Jewish Miser

Guido is grateful to a reader from Conservative Future for the above poster. How the enterprising fellow got hold of an email from a Labour campaign manager (Fraser Kemp MP) is perhaps a matter for MI5, not Guido. But Guido is happy to give it a wider audience than Fraser might now wish. The question we want answered is – who is the author responsible for the double-money-counting-miser Howard idea? Where did they get their inspiration? I wonder…

Its not often New Labour puts its foot in it propaganda-wise but this is terrible. Guido hears that Labour are re-thinking this updating of a Goebbels-circa-1935 style campaign. So well timed, the day after Holocaust memorial day. Best they don’t run the posters in Golders Green methinks…

UPDATE: Saturday – This post and the one below have attracted a lot of comments here and coverage elsewhere, suffice to say Guido simply thinks that the Labour party poster above is supremely ill-judged, I don’t think that the flying pigs below are offensive or in fact intended as anti-semitic. If the Tories had run something like that in elections past, with say Gerald Kaufman as the character, what would have been the press reaction? Exactly.

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