Rishi Launches Major Push to Tackle Illegal Migrants

Rishi Sunak has launched a surprisingly decent campaign to crack down on illegal migration, including robust plans to crackdown on illegal migration from Albania. During his Commons statement, he announced an agreement embedding border force officers in Tirana airport for the first time. The government will also be issuing guidance for Home Office caseworkers making it “crystal clear that Albania is a safe country.”

Another major change – which will help bring down the number of approved asylum seekers both from Albania and elsewhere – is the plan to raise the threshold to claim victimhood of modern slavery, requiring for the first time, proof. Rishi also told the Commons that the government’s setting up a new 400-strong unit to expedite Albanian cases. 

As a result of these changes and others, the PM put on the record that the government expects the massive backlog of initial asylum decisions to be abolished by the end of next year. A big promise. And if broken will help to break the Tories…

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Albanian Ambassador Slams Times over Inaccurate Migrant Splash, Says Tom Newton Dunn Lacks “Professionalism”

It seems The Times has done little to foster happy relations between the UK and Albania after splashing plans this morning to process illegal migrants in the country. In a complaint letter sent in full to Guido, the country’s ambassador, Qirjako Qirko, slams the paper, rejecting “all the claims included in it” and confirming “there are no bilateral talks between the Albanian and British Government’s officials regarding processing centres for illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel.”

He also goes in for the piece’s author, Tom Newton Dunn, personally:

“I would like to bring to the reader’s attention the fact that during a brief phone conversation that I had yesterday with Mr Tom Newton Dunn, the journalist that wrote the article, I explicitly underlined that the Albanian Government will never agree to opening of such processing centres for illegal immigrants as this is an act that violates the International Law. I am really disappointed that he has failed to mention that in his article. This reflects a lack of professionalism and biasness.”

Among the article’s errors, Albania’s foreign minister Olta Xhaçka had to point out Newton Dunn had also got her sex wrong:

Unfortunately Priti and her Home Office advisors currently appear to be asleep in the US. Should be a fun one to wake up to…

Read the furious complaint letter in full below:

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