Does Robert Jenrick Work for… Boris Johnson?

Build, Build, Build is Boris’s big policy. Yet is Robert Jenrick’s MHCLG the smooth planning machine needed to roll out the PM’s vision? Hardly.

Constructing Britain’s hospitals and homes will involve huge amounts of carbon-intensive steel and cement. Yet getting rid of carbon is the First Commandment of the nation’s new religion. And MHCLG is paralysed by fear of the climate priests of Twitter…

However a poll out today shows that ministers have nothing to dread. Because XR – just like all the other media manias – is massively out of touch with voters. The poll by Kantar asked people to list their top priorities for the Government:

You – and every member of XR – can download the poll here.

People do still care about CO2. But the poll shows that the XR claim of mass support for sending the economy into reverse is rubbish. As Chairman Mao said “all reactionaries are paper tigers”…

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