Labour Activist Teacher Deletes Antisemitic Tweets About Chief Rabbi

When Guido reported Corbynites’ attacks on the Chief Rabbi after he dared attack Jeremy Corbyn for antisemitism, Labour activist and teacher Holly Rigby featured prominently. She has now-deleted her tweet. Holly – who founded Labour’s ‘Abolish Private Schools’ campaign – attacked Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, immediately linking his comments with previous support of Israel – ‘dual loyalty’ being a common antisemitic trope…

Guido then unearthed a video of Holly Rigby in which she ticked every box in the antisemitism playbook:

  • Antisemitism is a smear
  • Pro Chris Williamson
  • Pro Pete Willsman
  • AntiIHRA

She also claimed Emily Thornberry is beholden to ‘Labour Friends of Israel‘. Only last week, she very easily called Douglas Murray a “racist” “bigot”…

Only last week, Holly spent a full hour as the pro-Labour figure on Politics Live. Despite a sustained media presence, Holly remains a teacher. How would you feel if you were a Jewish kid being taught at School21

Is it any wonder Labour want to abolish OFSTED…

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