Victoria Derbyshire C-Bombs Jeremy Hunt

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire has become the latest broadcaster to fall victim to the infamous curse of Hunt, before curiously blaming it on men as “it’s usually men who say that”. On the basis of past incidents both genders are more than capable of making the slip-up…

Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Extraordinary panel tonight on the BBC‘s flagship political programme. Not one single panellist voted to leave the EU. A Daily Mirror hack, as well as that paper’s former editor. A Labour MP who works under John McDonnell and used to be an MEP. An SNP identikit frontbencher. And to balance them all out, the leading light of the Tory left. Wow.

TalkRadio Fires Galloway Over Anti-Semitism

A News UK spokesperson tells Guido “talkRADIO has terminated George Galloway’s weekly show with immediate effect. As a fair and balanced news provider, talkRADIO does not tolerate anti-semitic views.”

The sacking is over his gleeful tweeting that because Spurs to Liverpool lost there would be “No Israeli flags on the cup.” The tweet was in reference to Spurs traditionally drawing a large portion of their fanbase from London’s Jewish community. Looks like Galloway let his anti-Zionist mask slip and named the Jews instead. Fancy that…

Not a shock…

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Indy Complains Too Many “White Men” in Tory Leadership Race

Dominated by white men? Errr, who is going to tell them….

Brexit Party Spike Labour Attack Ad in Peterborough

[Click to expand]

Here’s one for fans of rapid response campaigning – the Brexit Party have managed to rebut a Labour attack ad in Peterborough’s local paper today before it even went to print. Last night the Peterborough Telegraph let the Brexit Party know out of courtesy that Labour were running an attack ad in the paper – within an hour they responded with a slick ad of their own, in time to make it into the same paper. Well played…

BBC Announces Tory Leadership Debates, Andrew Neil Interviews

BBC News has announced TV debate plans to cover the race to be the UK’s Next Prime Minister. The first event will consist of a TV debate hosted by Emily Maitlis for all candidates still in the running in mid June. The final two candidates as decided by MPs will then be invited to a special episode of Question Time with Fiona Bruce, and a head to head interview with Andrew Neil. Guido can’t see Tory candidates turning this down…

Bad Al’s Magical Numerical Thinking

Alastair Campbell is going for a repeat of his 2010 performance when he toured the studios arguing, most famously with Adam Boulton, that Gordon Brown should stay in Downing Street as Prime Minister because the Tories had not really won. Al’s now arguing, after saying he voted LibDem because Labour weren’t anti-Brexit enough, that if you add up all the remain supporting parties’ votes, remain won. Despite the Brexit Party clearly and obviously winning. The clue is in the name.

The remainstream Times is in peak Pravda-mode:

We can argue about whether Labour is or isn’t a pro-Brexit party. However in their own campaign literature the LibDems said Labour were a pro-Brexit party, Greens and Change UK also said Labour were a pro-Brexit party, even the party’s Deputy Leader said they were pro-Brexit. Bad Al himself voted LibDem because he thought they were not anti-Brexit enough for him!

The Conservative Party, which ran on the slogan that they were “the only party which can deliver Brexit” is somehow not counted by The Times as a Leave party. Laughable.

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George Eaton Demoted at New Statesman

Readers of the New Statesman have found themselves mysteriously short-changed of ‘bombshell interview’ content in the six weeks since George Eaton’s blaze of champagne-fuelled glory over Roger Scruton. Since his article on 12 April defending his interview, Eaton has not had a single byline attached to his name at the magazine. It was reported a month ago that Eaton was taking a “temporary break” to let “stuff die down”. Long time for a “temporary break”…

Eaton was made joint Deputy Editor of the magazine in December last year to make way for Stephen Bush’s promotion to Political Editor. His Twitter bio and New Statesman profile now both display only the lowlier title of Assistant Editor. At least he didn’t lose his job altogether, unlike his interviewee…

Change UK Massively Outspend Every Other Party on Facebook

Facebook’s ad library has revealed that Change UK have spent £88,000 over the course of the last week on almost 500 micro-targeted ad campaigns. That’s four times the spend of the Brexit Party, who have only posted 70 ad campaigns. The Brexit Party have spent less than Change UK, the Lib Dems, and the Labour Party. Probably a good idea to proof read those adverts, this one looks like the Tiggers are campaigning against the SNP…


On top of that the European Parliament has spent £70,000. One for the data conspiracy theorists…

Hat-tip: Rowland Manthorpe

UPDATE: Despite being massively outspent, the Brexit Party has outstripped every other party on Facebook engagement

Morning Prime Minister

After her ill-judged speech the reaction is bad. When the Tory press, including the usually May-supporting Daily Mail, is entirely negative, the game is up. Soon…

Talk Radio to Become Talk TV

TalkRadio are showing off their shiny new studios in the shadow of the Shard. What you will notice from this clip is how well equipped they are for video, with multiple cameras, proper studio lighting and video backdrop screens. Which seems like a lot of expensive kit for a radio broadcaster. That’s because it will morph into a television broadcaster…

Sources have been telling Guido for months that Rupert Murdoch, now shorn of loss-making Sky News, is convinced that where he went wrong with the channel was that it was too middle of the road and boring. Why, he asks, did he lose £20 million-a-year with Sky News UK and make billions-a-year with Fox USA? See Murdoch-owned Sky News Australia to get an idea of the more opinionated news channel he perhaps has in mind. A more lively broadcaster would do much better than the old Sky News, especially in the age of Brexit, and TalkRadio looks very much like the prototype…

John Malone of Liberty Media features in some of the speculation, so the new station won’t just be a social media / internet-only operation, it will be a broadcast channel on digital TV. Sources say they are looking for a heavyweight anchor and are willing to pay big money to secure the right person to bring the channel credibility. Coincidentally Andrew Neil becomes available after the summer…

Untrustee-Worthy Entrustment

ConservativeHome regularly lists public vacancies in the hope that righties might apply for them and thus correct the severe pro-Left imbalance in the quangocracy. But is there any point if the selection panels are staffed by lefties?

Click here and you will see that Jackie Ashley, also known as, Mrs Andrew Marr, has been given a nice little quango job: acting as the ‘independent member’ of the panel choosing the next trustee of the Theatres Trust quango. On the Whitehall website there is a blank space under ‘political activity’ and ‘notes’. Is this entirely truthful?

Ashley was for years a nakedly pro-Labour columnist in the Guardian (her dad was a Labour MP). And is she really that interested in theatre? Our man in the stalls says: “I’ve never seen her at the theatre.” With Ashley on the selection panel, no Tory supporter need apply…

Marr Plans No Pro-Brexit Politicans on Last Show Before Euro-Elections

Brexiteers can only laugh at their lack of representation on the BBC. On the last Sunday before the Euro vote on Thursday the flagship BBC politics show will host a Brexit blocking party leader, an anti-Brexit First Minister, an anti-Brexit Tory, a party leader campaigning with the slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” and the founder of a party that has as it’s sole purpose opposition to Brexit. All flavours of remain represented.

We’ll see if Andrew Marr tries to bring up gotcha quotes from a decade ago for the likes Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Rory Stewart, Vince Cable and Chuka Ummuna. The Remain Show…

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Marr Was A Trotskyite Paper Seller

“I knew Andrew Marr when he was a Trotskyite selling Trotskyite newspapers to bewildered railywaymen” says George Galloway in a critique of modern television interviewing and Marr’s ill judged attempt at a Farage “gotcha” interview last Sunday. Worth watching in full for his appraisal of the state of the game in the week Brian Walden passed…

Five Live F**ks Up

BBC Radio Five Live’s Huffington Post ‘Twenties Takeover’ day didn’t get off to a flying start, when presenter Rachel Burden referred to government “f**k ups.” So far Huffington Post has received over a dozen shout outs of free publicity

HuffPost Takeover of BBC 5 Live Breaches BBC’s Own Rules

Late last night the BBC Press Office told us: “We always have complete and sole responsibility for our editorial output. Our Twenties Takeover is about hearing from younger voices. We’ve worked with HuffPost UK on this project, and we will be hearing a full range of viewpoints throughout the day. We are open to working with other platforms in the future.”

The BBC made the following points:

  • “The Takeover title refers to twentysomethings not HuffPost UK. They are doing their own coverage on the day – separate to 5 Live. They have no say over our coverage.”

Pictured above are Lucy Pasha-Robinson and Basia Cummings tweeted out from the 5 Live studio. They are respectively the HuffPost deputy blogs editor and the HuffPost news editor, broadcasting from the 5 Live studio. Basia, according to what Guido heard on 5 Live was in the BBC’s newsroom and was credited as producing “The Takeover”. George Bowden, a HuffPost reporter seems to think he’s also got a say in the BBC’s coverage:

  • “Working with an outside organisation allows us to have more impact. We wanted to work with a platform that has a young demographic in line with the BBC’s aim to reach younger audiences.”

The BBC has the biggest share of every demographic in Britain, including young people by virtue of BBC Radio 1.

  • “The involvement of HuffPost UK on air will be very limited. None of their reporters are co-presenting our programmes.”

In the 2 hours since 06:45 when we started monitoring HuffPost has been namechecked 14 times. Advertising you literally can’t buy on the BBC.

  • “There will be a range of twentysomething contributors on air – some from the BBC and some from other organisations including, we hope, Guido Fawkes.”

We tried for days to get our own twentysomething journalists involved and the BBC refused our offer of providing some balance to the left-wing HuffPost website.

  • “There are clear BBC guidelines around prominence and we will work within those. This project has been approved from an editorial perspective.”

BBC guidelines state that they must “maintain a clear distinction between advertising and editorial content. There must be no subliminal or surreptitious advertising on any BBC commercial service or in any programme made by a BBC commercial service.” The 14 name checks advertising HuffPost – so far – including on-air presenters directing listeners to the HuffPost website, are clearly in breach of the guidelines. Imagine if the BBC had made a deal with The Sun Online – a website with a young demographic –  to promote them all day. There would be an outcry…

DCMS Committee Member and Former Digital Minister Slam BBC Over Left Wing Takeover

The BBC has this afternoon come under fire by influential MPs, condemning the organisation for giving a one sided advertising boost to a U.S. owned left-wing news website for an entire day.

Former Digital Minister Ed Vaizy has thrown the BBC’s judgement into question:

“It seems very odd for the BBC to be partnering with any news organisation at all, given their role in providing impartial news.

[…] Read the rest


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