Calais President: We’re Ready, Are You?

The President of the Hauts-de-France Region, Xavier Bertrand, has given a pointed interview to Sky News confirming that Calais, Bolougne and Dunkirk are ready for Brexit whatever happens, but questioning whether the UK is prepared too. Remainers are doing their best to ensure that the UK isn’t…

It follows his article in yesterday’s Telegraph confirming that his administration has done the work to ensure that the French ports and Eurotunnel will have “100 per cent fluidity on day one in the event of a no-deal Brexit”, while Eurotunnel themselves confirmed last week that they are ready “with or without a deal”Completely contradicting Remainers who are still determined to talk up the possibility of disruption…

Nick Ferrari Wallops MPs on Question Time

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari slammed MPs who earn “£77,000 a year, minimum” for manifestly failing to carry out the will of the British public.

“I speak, regrettably, as a divorced man and when I got divorced I instructed a lawyer to go and sort my case. She did not come back two and a half years later and say ‘actually we think it would be a good idea if you go and move in with your bloody ex-wife’. She sorted out the divorce! That’s what you should be doing.”

Spot on…

EU Cornered as Backstop Sham Starts to Unravel

The EU’s long-running duplicity over the Irish border has finally come to a head this week with the Commission wrapping itself up in knots trying to maintain its spurious position on the backstop after Commission Spokesman Margaritas Schinas caused a major fuss on Tuesday by saying that the EU would force Ireland to erect a hard border in the event of no deal. Not going to happen.

Michel Barnier then let the cat out of the bag yesterday while trying to reverse the diplomatic damage, admitting that in the event of no deal “we will have to find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting back in place a border”, going on to say that “my team have worked hard to study how controls can be made paperless or decentralised, which will be useful in all circumstances.” Thus blowing apart the entire fiction that the backstop is necessary to avoid a hard border…

The Telegraph’s James Crisp grilled Schinas on this very point today, who ended up so flustered by the question that he eventually snapped back: “write what you like”. The sham of needing the backstop to avoid a hard border is finally starting to unravel in Brussels. Time the sycophantic British media and political establishment woke up too…

Brexit-Bottling MPs Skewered on Politics Live

Education Secretary Damian Hinds and Labour MP Emma Reynolds and were skewered this afternoon on Politics Live by CityAM’s Christian May over their support (tacit or otherwise) for Yvette Cooper’s anti-no deal amendment. They admitted that they both stood on manifestos pledging to take the United Kingdom out of the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union, and both voted to trigger Article 50, thereby starting the clock and setting no deal as the legal default. It is logically impossible for MPs take no deal off the table now unless they are prepared to cancel Brexit altogether.

It’s not good enough for MPs who voted to hold the referendum, agreed to implement the result, voted for Article 50, and then stood on manifestos pledging again to implement the result in full, to now start engaging in Parliamentary shenanigans with the effect of blocking Brexit indefinitely because they haven’t thought through the consequences of their actions. It’s increasingly apparent as time goes on that it wasn’t Leave voters but in fact smug Remainer politicians who didn’t understand what they were voting for…

People’s Vote Bottle People’s Vote

The People’s Vote campaign’s shambolic week has culminated in this hilarious impromptu press conference outside Parliament with the usual Remoaner cast lining up SNP-style to sorrowfully explain why they won’t be tabling an amendment calling for a second referendum next week. “Great British Hero” Philip Lee’s face is a picture…

Predictably they are trying to lay the blame at the feet of Corbyn for refusing to back a second referendum, rather than their own incompetence, or the fact that there isn’t a majority for a second referendum in Parliament or in the country. Have they ever stopped to consider why Corbyn isn’t falling over himself to join up with a campaign run by Blair, Campbell and Mandelson which is teeing itself up to become a new third party….

Your Remainer Overlords Live From Davos

Change Britain have compiled a helpful rundown of the eternal wisdom our betters have been dispensing from the snowy slopes of Davos. No doubt this will trigger a mass change of heart among the British people. Are Blair, Osborne and Rudd secret agents of the Leave campaign?

Osborne Claims Tory MPs Will Force Election To Avoid No Deal

George Osborne has popped up on Bloomberg TV to say that he feels the likelihood of an imminent election is “underappreciated” and that a number of Conservative MPs would back Corbyn in a vote of no confidence because “they would rather have a general election than see our country leave the EU without a deal.”

The Sun revealed last night that secret CCHQ projections project in such an election Jeremy Corbyn would win enough seats to command a majority in Parliament. Guido isn’t sure that even FBPE Tories are mad enough to enable a Corbyn government…

OECD Chief Says WTO Brexit Will Be Seamless & Low Cost

OECD chief Jose Angel Gurría is so chillaxed about a no-deal Brexit. Telling Sky’s Ed Conway in Davos, “What’s the worst scenario? A no deal, WTO rules…the whole world is running by WTO rules these days!”

Labour Splits Latest

David Blunkett was driven to place his head in his hands over Chris Williamson’s GDP growth claims this afternoon on Politics Live. How’s that Labour unity working out for you..?

Despairing Martin Lewis Throws Papers On Politics Live

An exasperated Martin Lewis was so frustrated by Universities Minister Chris Skidmore refusing to say five times whether he would support an extension to Article 50 beyond 29th March 2019. This is why people don’t like politicians…

Every Day

Every morning when Today comes on the radio, Guido feels exactly like this…

Starmer: Any Deal Requires A Backstop

Liam Fox: Parliament Trying To Hijack Brexit

Keir Starmer: Labour Brexit Policy in ‘New Phase’

Nicky Morgan: Article 50 Must Be Extended

Nicky Morgan: This Is Not A Coup

Raab: We Can Immediately Take Back Control By Leaving on WTO Terms

Raab: We Can’t Let the EU Bully Us

Boris: We Need to Escape the Backstop Trap

Boris was at the JCB factory in Staffordshire this morning to deliver a big set-piece speech on Brexit. His fundamental message was for British politicians to “stop fighting each other” and turn around to “face the real obstacle” – the trap of the backstop:

“We need to escape the trap of the Irish backstop and it’s frankly more than disappointing that in the five weeks since the deal was whisked off the table before Parliament could vote it down, we haven’t even tried to get rid of it. We haven’t even asked!”

This sums up many Brexiteers’ frustrations about Theresa May’s apparent refusal to even ask the EU to make significant changes to what is manifestly the single greatest obstacle to a deal being done. The perception of Downing Street is that they are scared to even suggest serious alterations for fear of offending the EU, on the advice of their so-called EU “sherpas”. The only place the “sherpas” have led the UK is to this pitiful deal…

Meanwhile Guido hears that one senior Remainer has even been receiving calls from his EU buddies in a panic about the backstop derailing the deal altogether. If May wants to get her own MPs and the DUP back on board, her best chance is by finally showing some backbone on the backstop…

Massive Cheer For No Deal From Question Time Audience

BBC Question Time’s representative audience gave a massive cheer to the prospect of the Government walking away from their talks with the EU without a deal. Second referendum campaigners might need to reassess their cockiness, the Question Time audience is selected to be representative of the country.[…] Read the rest “Massive Cheer For No Deal From Question Time Audience”


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