Loaded Union Baron’s Fake Comradeship

TUC leader Francis O’Grady has been playing the ‘in touch with the people’ act at the TUC today.

“Economic shocks always hit our people first and hardest.”

Funnily enough, the Remain backing union baron hasn’t been boasting of her whopping £167,604 salary. More than the Prime Minister…

Check out the Taxpayers’ Alliance Public Sector Union Rich List in full here

Varadkar: “If the UK is Leaving it Should Leave on 31st October”

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar voiced what Brexiteers in the UK have been saying for a while. If the UK doesn’t leave the EU on 31st October, it’s unlikely to leave at all.

“If it comes to a request for an extension, I think the vast majority of countries around the table would prefer that there not be an extension. We would like to see this dealt with. If the UK is leaving it should leave on 31st October.”

Varadkar confirming that extension is extinction. It’s 31st October do or die for Brexit…

Jon Craig’s Sweary Sarcasm

In response to Len McCluskey’s statement of the blindingly obvious that the next general election will be about who the country trusts, Sky News‘ Jon Craig was caught demonstrating some top-tier sarcasm in response. Even on a Sunday evening, you can’t get anything past MediaGuido…

Sajid Fails to Rule Out Brexit Party Election Pact

Sajid: Rudd is Wrong, Boris is Negotiating

McDonnell: Our Second Referendum Won’t Include No Deal

Labour has finally come full-circle on their ever-shifting Brexit policy; from respecting the result of the referendum to saying their second referendum will be a choice between no Brexit and Brexit in name only. The next election will be a very stark choice…

Greening: People Need a Vote on No Deal, But I’ll Vote Against an Election

Rudd: I Made the Right Choices for my Career

Raab: We Will Find a Loophole in the Surrender Bill

Raab Defends Expulsion of 21 Rebels

Thornberry: I’ll Negotiate a New Deal Then Campaign Against It

No wonder Labour keeps voting against having a general election…

Boris Cracks Chlorinated Chicken Gag to Mike Pence

Boris re-used his PMQs gag during US Vice President Pence’s visit to Number 10.

“We’re not too keen on that chlorinated chicken. We have a gigantic chlorinated chicken of our own here on the opposition front bench.”

Looked a bit confused but he got it in the end…

Boris: Corbyn is a Chlorinated Chicken

Very fun stuff…

Jess Phillips (£80,000-a-Year) Implies She Can’t Afford A Printer

Jess Phillips stood up in the House of Commons yesterday to declare she doesn’t own a printer and has to visit her mother-in-law every time she wants to print something. Right…

Philips charged the taxpayer £24,000 for her office costs last year. Is she seriously saying she couldn’t find a spare £20 for a printer? Perhaps she could have found it within her annual £80,000 MP salary, book royalties, or the up to £160,000 she paid her husband in staff expenses.

Last year Philips claimed £4,090.97 in travel expenses. Guido wonders if that includes the mileage of driving to her mother in law’s every time she wants to print something…

Peter Kyle: Labour are Standing Up to Jeremy Corbyn

In an awkward slip-up, Hove MP Peter Kyle accidentally said “the Labour is what is standing up to Jeremy Corbyn” before correcting himself. Or perhaps he let slip his own plans…

Institute For Government ‘Hope’ Rebel Bill Passes

A freudian slip from the Institute For Government’s Maddy Thimont Jack on BBC Breakfast this morning pointed to the less than impartial views of the organisation. It usually gets away with being presented as an “impartial” body…

“So what we’re hoping is, what we’re expecting in fact is that MPs will pass the motion today.”

It’s worth remembering that they are entirely funded by the fanatical billionaire Remainer Lord Sainsbury. Guido can’t track a single employee who voted to Leave. Director Bronwen Maddox is the former editor of Blairite mag Prospect. When listening to the IFG it’s worth remembering where they’re coming from…

Piers Morgan Does Konnie Huq

‘Brexit sends everybody nuts’ observes Piers Morgan doing his best impression of Konnie Huq’s insane Brexit rant. He captured the essential essence of Konnie…

Konnie Huq’s Insane Brexit Meltdown

Debating Brexit on the Jeremy Vine Show this morning, former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq went blue-in-the-face trying to comprehend why Brexiteers want the result of the 2016 referendum respecting; by choosing the hysterical example of beheadings… Throughout Brexit there’s been talk of Henry VIII powers; Konnie’s taking it to a whole new level.

Government May Not Abide By House of Commons Anti-No Deal Legislation

Depending on what the legislation says, Michael Gove today revealed that the UK Government may find a way to work around it. Next week will be the greatest showdown…

Labour Could Block a General Election

Keir Starmer dropped strong hints on Marr this morning that after three years of asking for a General Election, Labour would refuse to allow one until legislation to block No Deal is in place. They’d rather keep this unstable Parliament in place than face the electorate.[…] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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