IDS: I Hope Tory TIGgers Will Come Back

Brandon: No Tory MP is Going Through A Deselection Process

Coveney: A Backstop With a Time Limit Isn’t A Backstop

Chuka on Labour’s “Rule By Fear”

Chris Leslie’s Bitter Labour Bust Up on Question Time

TIG’s Chris Leslie did not hold back in his criticism of the Labour Party on Question Time last night. Andy McDonald didn’t like him bringing up Shami Chakrabarti’s curiously timed peerage…

Soubry Accuses May of Having “Personal” Problem With Immigration

Anna Soubry has not held back with her personal criticisms of Theresa May since quitting the Tories and launched into another attack against May on Newsnight last night, accusing her of having a “problem with immigration”. Soubry insisted that it went beyond policy and was “personal”, and even claimed it was the only reason May hadn’t backed the UK staying in the single market. “She just has a thing about immigration”…

While it’s true that May has generally been holding out within Government against more flexible immigration policies favoured by many of her ministers, particularly on students, it’s a bit glib for Soubry to say “I don’t know where the hell it’s come from”. Has she already forgotten about the referendum three years ago?

Soubry’s old comrade-in-arms Dominic Grieve was also on Newsnight, confirming that he would “have to leave” the Tories if they were heading for a no-deal Brexit, although he is clearly not as enthusiastic about the prospect as the three defectors. Between Soubry’s personal attacks on May and Heidi Allen’s comments that there hopefully “won’t be a Tory Party to go back to”, wavering Tories will already be getting cold feet about whether they really want to throw their lot in with them…

Hapless Labour Mayoral Candidate Can’t Explain His Brexit Position At All

Today Labour selected Momentum-backed Jamie Driscoll as their candidate for the new devolution deal post of North of Tyne MayorITV’s Joe Pike has struggled to ascertain whether he wants Brexit to happen or not, or whether he wants a second referendum or not. Comedy gold…

Timid Tiggers Hop Away From Interviews

Kay Burley revealed that both Heidi Allen and Anna Soubry have pulled out of interviews on Sky News this afternoon. Why are the Tory TIGgers so scared of Kay..?

UPDATE: They refused to put anyone forward for Politics Live today too…

Galloway’s Extraordinary Goebbels Rant

George Galloway’s Sky News interview this morning took an unexpected turn. He was invited on to talk about his application to re-join the Labour Party, but ended up shouting “The Goebbels is you!” at Sky News’ Niall Paterson. Seemingly not content with Ken Livingstone’s Hitler obsession, the former Respect MP brought a new Nazi into the field…

Angela Smith’s ‘Funny Tinge’ Excuse: “I Was Tired”

Day two of The Independent Group isn’t going entirely swimmingly, as spokesperson Angela Smith told Sky News she “misspoke” on Politics Live yesterday because she was “tired”.

“No, err, and I know, err, I obviously, look, aha, I never meant to say that… erm, a, I… I misspoke really badly – I was very very tired at that point. I had had six hours of press… erm… engagement and I was very tired, and erm, you know, it’s… I was, I was very tired. I misspoke really really badly and that’s not who I am.”

Guido wonders how Smith would have found six hours of media engagement between the 10am launch of The Independent Group, and the 12:15 broadcast of Politics Live…

Boris Licked on Camera

Boris Johnson has had an interesting weekend, spending part of it getting licked on camera by a large cheetah. A friendlier reception than he is getting from some of his fellow Tory MPs at the moment…

Angela Smith Posts Grovelling “Funny Tinge” Apology Video

The Independent Group’s largely smooth launch has quickly become overshadowed by a race row after Angela Smith had to stop herself from completing a sentence describing BAME people as having a “funny tinge”. Now Smith has posted a grovelling video apologising for “any offence caused” and saying she is “very upset” that she “misspoke so badly”. Not a good look when you’ve supposedly just left the Labour Party over its institutional racism…

Mike Gapes “Sickened” That Labour Has Become “Racist, Anti-Semitic Party”

Mike Gapes with one of the most damning condemnations of what the Labour Party has become under Jeremy Corbyn at the launch of The Independent Group…

Jeremy Wright Bottles Backstop Commitments

Jeremy Wright doing nothing to help the growing sense that the Government is not serious about negotiating concrete legal changes to the backstop.

Wright refuses to commit to reopening the text of the Withdrawal Agreement – as May promised the Commons – saying “I don’t think it’s the mechanism that matters, it’s the objective.” You might have expected the man who was Attorney General a matter of months ago to be a little bit more concerned about the legal details…

Jeremy Wright Threatens Social Media Companies

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright makes it clear that the Government will be pressing ahead with heavy-handed knee-jerk regulation of social media companies, bolshily insisting “I’m not asking their permission”. Has Gavin Williamson been coaching him on rhetoric?

There is an important debate to be had about the role of social media in society. Whipping up fears about public “safety” and ramming through poorly thought-out regulations is not the way to do it.

McDonnell: Labour Not Ruthless Enough On Anti-Semitism

You don’t say

Brexit Minister Forced to Deny Negotiations Are a “Complete Waste of Time”

You know your negotiations are going well when your Brexit minister has to insist they’re not a “complete waste of time”…

Former Army Chief Accuses Gavin Williamson of Careerism

Fair to say that former head of the army General Lord Dannatt isn’t entirely sold on Gavin Williamson’s posturing as Defence Secretary…

Beckett: Labour Split Would Be “Big Mistake”

Arch-Blairite Margaret Beckett comes out strongly against the possibility of Labour MPs breaking away to form a new party. Labour split over Labour split…

Burnham: Second Referendum “Fraught With Problems”

Andy Burnham squirms around trying to justify his own conflicting positions on a second referendum, coming out broadly against one.[…] Read the rest “Burnham: Second Referendum “Fraught With Problems””


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