How will Boris get around the Benn Act?

Boris on Brexit Party Pact

Boris Apologises for Paula Sherriff Misunderstanding

One part of the whipped up hysteria this week about the PM’s language was over Boris’s use of the word ‘humbug’ in response to a question from Labour MP Paula Sherriff. Turns out it was all a misunderstanding…

David Gauke Still Wants to Return to Tory Folds

Former Justice Secretary and Tory MP, David Gauke, has told Sophie Ridge he still harbours ambitions of returning to the Tory fold.

Following the expulsion of the 21 rebels, all conversations were about when they would be allowed back in; however Gyimah’s defected to the Lib Dems, Rory’s setting up a new party and others like Hammond seem to have given up entirely. Gauke has become the rebels’ rebel…

Farage Confirms he will Stand at Election

Eighth time lucky…

Sherriff’s A-paula-ing Language

Paula Sherriff was the MP who kicked off the linguistic farce in the Commons last night, comparing the use of the phrase “Surrender Act” to the murder of Jo Cox. She then went on to cry that “we must moderate our language” … a cry she clearly did not hear herself as this morning she has taken to national TV to spit at “this wicked, grotesque government”…

Guido has already detailed some of the abusive language that has been emanating from the very people spuriously trying to attack Brexiteers.

Sherriff herself is no stranger to words she claimes are “offensive, dangerous, or inflammatory language”: In the last couple of years she herself…

It’s almost as if Sherriff is trying to turn abuse into a party political issue, and weaponising the appalling murder of Jo Cox in the process. 

UPDATE: Just recently Paula retweeted a call to “man the barricades” after she likened the Prime Minister to a dictator. Dialling it down…

Former Supreme Court Judge Says the 52% Can’t Have Brexit

Former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption told the BBC this morning that “52% of the electorate simply cannot have 100% of the spoils, they have to engage with the rest”. Rather letting the cat out of the bag.

The referendum was a binary choice, Leave or Remain. If the vote had been to Remain, Britain would not have semi-Brexited, it would have 100% remained in the EU. The British political system is adversarial, very adversarial currently, it usually results in clear outcomes. When a candidate wins a single vote more than their opponents they do get in fact 100% of the spoils. When Tony Blair won just 35% of the vote and 55% of the seats in parliament he still dominated British politics and remade centuries of constitutional order. Creating the Supreme Court for example…

McCluskey’s Car Crash Attempt To Bully Media at Labour Conference

Yesterday evening, the Unite General Secretary flat out denied a Jon Lansman quote put to him by Sky’s Beth Rigby.

“Jon Lansman never said that. Stop telling lies. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

But Jon Lansan did say exactly what Rigby quoted.

McCluskey’s actions look like a clear attempt to discredit and gaslight journalists asking legitimate questions. Sadly for Len, this tactic doesn’t work so well when what you say is so easily disprovable, no matter how many times you say it…

The furious heckling of Beth Rigby just doing her job adds to an overtly-anti-media Labour Party conference, with Corbyn yelling at the media and Dawn Buttler lying about the ‘MSM’ not covering certain stories (that they have). And Labour like to claim they’re any different to Donald Trump…

Raab: Government Will Abide by Supreme Court Ruling

Dawn Butler: Boris Johnson is Going to Win

Still Guido’s favourite quote of the conference…

Cameron Calls for Remainers to Accept Referendum Result

Last night’s The Cameron Years on BBC1 is well worth a watch. The hour long programme ends with a surprisingly impassioned rallying call from the former Prime Minister for Remainers to stop trying to cancel the result of the referendum…

“But of course in the end, the country voted to leave. You might not like that and I might not like that, and many people watching this programme may think that was the wrong choice. But we are a democracy.

We decided to hold a referendum, we voted in an election for a party that wanted a referendum, we voted nine out of ten MPs for a referendum, we held the referendum. That’s the choice that we made, and that is the future for Britain.

That is something that can be delivered, that should be delivered, and it can be made to work.”

Elsewhere in the documentary, Cameron was keen to slay the Remainer myth that he only called the referendum for ‘party management’ reasons. He emphasised that there was a clear problem with the UK’s relationship with the EU that needed to be solved, and that every major party at some point in the last fifteen years promised a referendum on Europe. The hypocrisy of people who voted for a referendum but now try to claim it should never have happened is far worse than any of Cameron’s failings…

New Video Emerges of Boris’ Hospital Visit

Guido has obtained footage from Boris’ now notorious hospital visit where one Oxford-educated, Labour activist shouted at him in a corridor. Once again he was shouted at. On this video you can hear a hospital worker clearly shout, “You are doing a great job Boris”, and another woman with a London accent echoes “Great job, Boris”The media narrative that Boris meets opposition everywhere he goes is not the full story…

Cameron on Corbyn, the Queen and No Deal Preparation

Rounding off his fortnight-long media round to sell his new memoirs, David Cameron has revealed to The Times‘ Matt Chorley that during the referendum campaign Jeremy Corbyn volunteered to go to Turkey and make a speech promoting freedom of movement. Thanks, Jeremy, that’ll really help” Cameron sarcastically replied…

Cameron has also managed to spark a row that has politicised the Queen during the Scottish Independence Referendum when he asked her to raise her eyebrow “even you know, a quarter of an inch” to dissuade the Scots from voting to separate.

Perhaps most unforgivably, however, Cameron finally admitted on the Today Programme this morning that he blocked civil service preparations for the eventuality that Britain voted to leave the EU, forcing his successor to “start from scratch”.

He did, however, helpfully remind everyone that he did explain what a No Deal Brexit would look like, counter to remainers’ claims of voter ignorance…

Nigel Farage Blasts ‘Pipsqueak’ Luxembourg PM

It’s Not Easy Being Woke

Following Sam Smith’s personal news of his new preferred they/them pronouns, the culture war has shifted back into gear, with Douglas Murray taking to the airwaves to reject Smith’s demands.

Debating with Murray on the Today Programme, Afua Hirsch tried defending Smith, only to discover wokeness is quite difficult to wrap your head around when she called them “him”… Doh!

Electoral Commission: Remainers Broke Electoral Law

The Electoral Commission has found that two Remain campaigns that were set up less than a month before the referendum campaign worked together, breaking electoral law.

“We found that the ‘5 seconds campaign’ was a joint campaign run by WUAV and DDB UK Limited. Spending on the campaign was ‘joint’ or ‘common plan’ spending.”

Wake Up And Vote (WUAV) and DDB were just two of five campaigns that were all set up less than a month before the referendum, sharing big donors, and in total funnelling more than a million pounds into the Remain cause. The others seem to have avoided proper scrutiny…

WUAV and DDB created unbranded videos that was conveniently shared by the official Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, as if it was their content. DDB has been fined just £1,800 for failing to declare joint spending with Wake Up And Vote. This follows a £1,000 fine handed to DDB in March 2018 for other inaccuracies in its spending return…

Last year Guido reported (above) how Remainers shared data, suppliers and campaign materials, coordinated spending, funnelled £1 million to new campaigns set up in the month before the vote, and potentially spent double the legal limit. Guido even produced a special report into the matter…

Louise Edwards, the Commission’s Director of Regulation tells Guido, “Both Wake Up and Vote and DDB UK Limited had an important legal duty to accurately declare joint spending in their referendum spending returns. Both failed to do so, meaning that voters, looking at the reported spending, had no way of knowing that WUAV and DDB UK Limited had worked together on a campaign, or of how much either campaigner spent in total.” In short, Remainers cynically broke the law…

It has taken well over a year for the Electoral Commsion to act on WUAV and DDB. In June 2018 Priti Patel handed the Commission a dossier full of evidence. Initially the Electoral Commission refused to investigate the clearly dodgy practices, leading to outrage from Leavers at the clear bias of the organisation. Despite the work being done for them, the evident law breaking was only fined today, more than three years after the referendum. This is only a partial victory for Guido, as Priti’s dossier shows, the Electoral Commission scratched the surface…

Lib Dems: Tony Blair Can F*ck Off & Die

Lib Dems took part in their annual conference sing-a-long last night, and despite the referendum, their new recruits, and support from Alastair Campbell, Mrs Blair, and probably the Former Prime Minister too, they launched into the Lib Dem classic: “Tony Blair can f*ck off and die

The song, originally written in 1995 about rejecting the idea about coalition with the Labour Party, became a Lib Dem Glee Club favourite in the post-Iraq era. Guido brings you the lyrics so you can sing along at home:

So bye, bye to the great Lib-Lab lie
That it’s made in heaven
‘cos that’s pie in the sky
Us Lib Dems will take courage and cry
“Tony Blair can f*ck off and die”
“Tony Blair can f*ck off and die

Guido wonders how Chuka feels about that..?

Hat-tip: George Parker

The Press and the Mob

The front page picture tells one story, the sound of the mob tells you another:

What was Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel playing at refusing to shift to an indoor press conference?

Do You Want to Appear in a Music Video?

Guido’s favourite troubador, Dominic Frisby, who had a top ten hit with his Brexit ballad “17 Million Fuck Offs”, is doing a full-on music video for his latest piece of genius, the National Anthem of Libertaria” – for which he will need a cast of close to a hundred. He of course needs to raise some money to do it and Guido is helping with the crowdfunding. We can do this fellow libertarians…

Frisby doesn’t have the benefit of the BBC television licence fee’s cash, coerced from unwilling non-viewers. Frisby needs £5,000 for the location, the cast and the equipment hire. If you would like to appear in any of these videos as an actor, an extra, or even a zombie, please let him know. It will be fun!

Find out how you can get involved and donate here: Crowdfund the National Anthem of Libertopia

Ed Davey Lies about Lib Dem’s Historic Manifesto Support for EU Referendum

Appearing on Politics Live, Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Ed Davey, squirmed whilst trying to defend his party’s u-turn from wanting an in-out referendum to wanting to revoke Article 50 in the space of just 10 years. The Lib Dems are not having a great media round this morning…

Davey tried claiming the Lib Dems had not supported an EU referendum in their 2010 or 2015 manifesto, unfortunately however this is incorrect.[…] Read the rest


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Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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