Cameron Wows Junior Doctors

Chad Does Doughty Street

C4 News on Political Bloggers

Miliblinking Gordon Gaffe

Web 2.0 in 5 Minutes

Sith Exposé Part I

Courtesy of B-BBC

U.S. Military Surveillance in Iraq

Celebrity Big Politician Eviction Vote Night

Brillo Dis-Inflates Balls

He Likes a Pie or Three….

Hell, Here He Comes

Backstage at Labour Conference During Blair’s Speech

Drop the Dictator : Saddam Swings

Cheeky Christmas

Hoodies : Reid v Cameron

Maggie’s Freedom to Party

Welsh Politician Gives Speaker the Finger

Mick Bates AM (Lib Dem), and David Davies MP/AM (Conservative) interesting hand-gestures towards the Presiding Officer in the Welsh Assembly chamber.

Back to the Future

Howard Dean Is Coming!

The news that Howard Dean has been drafted in to advise Labour for the May elections probably means we will get to hear the scream in Westminster.

Is this Why Bernard Jenkin was Sacked?


Seen Elsewhere

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Quote of the Day

Nick Boles is cheery

“The way the political class has mishandled Brexit will finish off the current generation of leaders for good. Voters will want fresh faces untainted by association with the referendum or the Brexit negotiations.”


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