Minister Calls on MPs to Start Working Weekends

Home Office Minister and Minister for Women, Victoria Atkins, today called on MPs to pull their fingers out and start working on Saturdays and Sundays to get Brexit done. Presumably when Brexit’s done, Victoria would allow MPs to slim down their work hours again – an Atkins diet of sort…

Marr Falsely Attacks Patel for Laughing at Industry Warning

Interviewing Priti Patel this morning, Andrew Marr began reading out a letter sent from major industry players to the Government on a potential no-deal Brexit. Whilst reading the letter out, Marr looked up and accused Patel of ‘laughing’ – even though she clearly was not. 

Immediately Twitter jumped on the clip, attacking the Home Secretary for something she didn’t do. Bad form from Marr…

Patel: Northern Ireland Being Treated Differently Would be an Unacceptable Deal

Blackford: Corbyn Has to Respect Democracy (On Scottish Independence – not Brexit)

Mogg: UK can Leave the EU ‘Empire’ With a Deal, Without an Extension

Swinson: Anything Less than a Lib Dem Majority will be a Disappointing Result

Bear this in mind when the Lib Dems begin their spinning operation on election night…

Corbyn Refuses to Commit to Standing Down after Election Defeat

A clear split between Corbyn and McDonnell… 

Corbyn Admits His Temporary Government Would do More than Just Extend Article 50

The Lady Nugee Is For Turning

Emily Thornberry took to the airwaves yesterday in the run-up to Corbyn’s speech, where she declared that she’d rather have a second referendum than a general election because an election would just “be all about in or out, what kind of deal, and so to a certain extent I can see the sense in trying to have a referendum first”…

Which is directly contradictory to her argument at the end of May where she spoke of the dangers of a new Prime Minister who is willing to leave with No Deal, saying “if you get a Tory leader who wants to do all that they should have the guts to take it back to the people, and if they’re so confident that that’s what the people want then they should ask them, that’s why we should have a general election.” What could have possibly changed her mind?

Rory: Livingstone was a Better Mayor than Boris

Guido’s not sure Rory’s walking tour will be warmly welcomed in Finchley and Barnet…

Justin Says Sorry

Is Guido being cynical asking if this was contrived? Not sure it will help him. The liberals are neck-and-neck with the conservatives…

Boris on Extinction Rebellion

At the launch of Charles Moore’s third and final Thatcher biography last night hosted by Policy Exchange, Boris Johnson took the opportunity to comment on the surrounding “uncooperative crusties and protesters of all kinds littering the road”

“When we are waylaid in the streets, as I am sure we will be, by importunate nose-ringed dreadlocked climate change protesters”

“[Margaret Thatcher] took it seriously long before Greta Thunberg.”

“The best thing possible for the education of the denizens of those heaving, hemp smelling, bivouacs that now litter Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park and the rest of them. The best thing for them would be to stop blocking the traffic and buy a copy of Charles’ magnificent book.

Safe to say he’s not a particular fan…

Jennifer Arcuri Interview

Barclay: The Backstop is a Unicorn

Labour Looking for Election “This Side of Christmas”

Latvian PM Demands UK Makes More Compromises

Extinction Rebellion Admit They Will Cause Disruption to St Thomas’ Hospital

Nandy: Leaving With May’s Deal is Only Way to Prevent No Deal

Nandy: We’ve Further Away From a Deal Now

Robert Jenrick Does Not Rule Out Asking Another Country To Veto Brexit Extension

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Cameron on that shameful Guardian leader…

“There is no privilege in holding your eldest-born child in your arms as their life drains away. Death knows no privilege.”


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