Top MEP Proposes Billion Euro Propaganda Splurge

Bodil Valero, the MEP in charge of setting out the European Parliament’s position on EU support for NGOs has this afternoon laid out plans for a billion Euro spending splurge on NGOs which support “European values” in order to combat rising anti-EU sentiment. Funding sock puppets to shift their propaganda…

The European Parliamentary report states that “The promotion of a greater sense of belonging to the Union and of Union values is particularly important.” It also emphasises the importance of creating “a sense of belonging and a European identity.” The EU is so confident in itself that it’s using our own money to advertise itself to us.

New Daily Mirror Pol Ed

Guardian Deputy Pol Ed and former Evening Standard and Independent hack Pippa Crerar has announced that she is off to the Daily Mirror to become the paper’s new Political Editor. Crerar is no Corbynite – the biggest selling left-wing paper in the UK looks set to continue its Corbyn-sceptic tone. Congratulations…

Ken Clarke Calls Colleagues “Right Wing Nationalists”

Tory Remoaner-in-Chief Ken Clarke took the opportunity of PMQs to call vast swathes of his parliamentary colleagues “right wing nationalists.” Guido isn’t sure this is the best way to win the hearts and minds of said colleagues…

PMQs: Watch Live

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PMQs: Who’s Asking the Questions?

Oral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1 Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West) (SNP) If she will list her official engagements for Wednesday 10 October.
Q2 Caroline Flint (Don Valley) (Labour)
Q3 Mr Alistair Carmichael (Orkney and Shetland) (Lib Dem)
Q4 Jim McMahon (Oldham West and Royton) (Labour)
Q5 Mrs Pauline Latham (Mid Derbyshire) (Conservative)
Q6 Stephen Hammond (Wimbledon) (Conservative)
Q7 Peter Grant (Glenrothes) (SNP)
Q8 Mr Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley) (Labour)
Q9 Anna McMorrin (Cardiff North) (Labour)
Q10 Kevin Hollinrake (Thirsk and Malton) (Conservative)
Q11 Peter Aldous (Waveney) (Conservative)
Q12 Henry Smith (Crawley) (Conservative)
Q13 Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North) (Independent)
Q14 Ms Karen Buck (Westminster North) (Labour)
Q15 Emma Dent Coad (Kensington) (Labour)

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MPs Favourite Restaurants Revealed

Westminster’s second-favourite curry house, Kennington Tandoori, has launched a controversial new menu which is the subject of much controversy. Late night curry and beer aficionados are “concerned” to say the least…

The controversy about the Kennington Tandoori reminded Guido that ComRes earlier this year polled MPs about their favourite restaurants. The top ten in order were:

  1. Roux – Roux at Parliament Square to give it its proper name is not situated on Parliament Square, it is right nearby Great George Street. Despite this deception, the food is French but good. Full of expense account lobbyists, ministers with or without SpAds.
  2. Cinnamon Club – priciest curry house. The privatised former Westminster library is a favourite with Labour leaning hacks and MPs whatever the survey says, has a more reasonable lunch menu which is less rupees.
  3. Shepperds – relaunched by Lionel Zetter, had a difficult start involving Azerbaijani chefs throwing things about the kitchen, seems busier. Guido loved the old school menu it is now modernised and lighter. Probably healthier too.
  4. Quirinale – good quality food popular with the BBC lot in Millbank, similar crowd to Roux.
  5. Saporis – It’s hard to beat Sapori for a quick good value meal and perfect breakfast. Favoured by cabbies and Oliver Letwin.
  6. Rules – This swanky restaurant makes the claim that it is the oldest in London. Cosy too. Mistress territory.
  7. Greggs – New to Westminster tube station, already a hit among Labour MPs (and Guido). A nationalisation target for young Corbynistas. More Tories should give it a go…
  8. Kennington Tandoori – More popular than its tired old menu deserved, perhaps the new menu will after all attract even more MPs.
  9. Troia – Despite being on the wrong side of the river, Troia’s website proudly proclaims that “Troia is one of the best premier restaurant among London restaurants.” None of us at Guido have ever been, so a good place for a secret rendezvous.
  10. Firecracker – Famous for messy Karaoke nights, Firecracker is a favourite of SpAds, if not MPs. Handy for when you fall out of the Marquis of Granby…

Some of Guido’s favourite mid-market and up-market restaurants in SW1 didn’t make the ComRes list. Which is good news for when he wants to avoid MPs…

Cui Bono? Not Fido

Imagine if dogs wrote the next Conservative manifesto. What would be their priorities? To be allowed off the lead in the countryside. To not be shot by farmers. To avoid being put down. And to not have their nether regions chopped off. Yet all these things will be consequences if Defra bans the e-collars used to protect dogs from harming other animals or themselves.

Three hundred thousand dogs are currently able to roam safely off-lead because of e-collars. These dogs can bound around the countryside without the owner worrying that it might spot a field of sheep and be gone over the horizon beyond human ability to catch it up.

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New Suicide Prevention Minister Joked About Jumping Off Beachy Head

Today is World Mental Health Day and the government is taking the opportunity to announce that is appointing Jackie Doyle-Price as the newly created “Suicide Prevention Minister”. Coincidentally she previously made an unfortunate political joke about suicide. In 2014 there was some controversy in her local paper after she quipped that she would “rather jump off Beachy Head” than defect to UKIP. Beachy Head is a notorious suicide spot which has seen over 20 deaths-a-year in some years. Political suicide is no longer a laughing matter for Jackie…

Gwynne’s Corbynite Chess

Andrew Gwynne made a rook-ie error while attempting to play chess on a visit to a primary school in his constituency last week, with the Shadow Communities Secretary concluding: “all I can say is it’s rock hard and I’ve been beaten by a 7 year-old called Alfred!”

Guido is not surprised Gwynne was left looking a little board – on closer inspection it turns out that both players were playing without kings. Gwynne might want to Check the rules. Or perhaps it’s just a preview of the coming Corbynite utopia where the monarchy has been removed…

No Deal Would be “Massive Crisis” for EU Warns German Industry

German economists have warned that no deal could cause German exports to the UK to plummet by as much as 57%. The highly respected IW Economic Institute based in Cologne called for policymakers to take “constructive action” to avoid what they called the “horror scenario” of no deal.

The boss of the BDI – Germany’s equivalent of the CBI – has also warned that a “disorderly Brexit” would be a “massive crisis” for the EU, demanding that political leaders achieve a “breakthrough in the talks” at the next EU summit. As Brexiteers have been saying all along, German industry is desperate for a deal. So why is the UK the only side making serious concessions?

Liz Truss Backs Canada-Plus

Liz Truss has become the latest member of the Cabinet to cast doubt on Chequers following Penny Mordaunt’s refusal to explicitly back it this morning. Multiple sources told Guido that freedom-fighting Truss told an off-the-record dinner that the final Brexit outcome would be “between Norway and Canada” and reacted approvingly to the suggestion that it could be Canada-plus. Truss has not denied this, her office giving only a bland “no comment”Is Liz joining Penny in showing a bit of Brexit leg to the party faithful ahead of an inevitable leadership election?

UPDATE: A Government spokesman responds: “Liz continues to fully support the Prime Minister’s Brexit proposal agreed at Chequers”. In public at least…

Brexit Britain to Smash Tourism Target Two Years Early

The surge in the number of tourists visiting Britain since the referendum has put the UK on course to beat VisitBritain’s target of 40 million annual inbound visits a whole two years early. Tourism is now worth a whopping £127 billion per year to the British economy as tourists continue to flock to the UK in record numbers thanks to the double “Brexit effect” of a lower pound and greater global interest in the UK. Even the constant stream of apocalyptic Remainer doom-mongering isn’t putting the crowds off…

Chris Williamson Facing Deselection Battle

Fresh from his ‘democracy roadshow’, which as far as Guido can make out consists solely of Williamson travelling to the constituencies of colleagues he dislikes and agitating for their deselection, our favourite nutty purer-than-pure Corbynista is now facing a deselection threat of his own. HuffPo’s Paul Waugh has heard that Williamson will “definitely be challenged” by the Unions, who see his mandatory re-selection campaign as one to undermine the power of the unions. Getting a taste of his own medicine…

Stacey Dooley Blames Free Market For Soviet Crimes

The BBC have put out a viral video claiming that the ‘fast fashion’ industry – presumably the likes of ASOS, Primark, and Zara – is responsible for the draining of the Aral Sea. The clip explains that the river feeding the sea was diverted grow cotton, which is used by much of the fashion industry. What the BBC doesn’t tell you is that the rivers feeding it were diverted by the Soviet government in the 1950s and 1960s to feed their cotton and other irrigation projects, as the country was closed off to global markets. To imply that the rivers were diverted by capitalists to feed global markets is literally the opposite of the truth…

In fact, since the fall of the Soviet Union, the sea has started growing again. The BBC could not have been more wrong.

Irish Allow Remote Customs Checks

As Guido was travelling through Dublin Airport last night, he noticed the remote customs checks the Americans have, 3,000 miles away from the US border. The Republic of Ireland are perfectly happy with the principle of remote customs clearance, except for when it’s politically convenient not to be…

Labour Party Whistle-Blower Reveals Party’s ‘Precariat’ Employees

A brave Labour Party staffer has blown the whistle on the hypocritical employment practices within the Labour Party, revealing how some Labour Party staff are forced to turn to payday lenders and even food banks because of their insecure employment. Labour has been campaigning on the in-work poverty of theprecariat

Writing anonymously for LabourList, the whistle-blower lifted the lid on how some Labour Party staffers are “employed as on as little as 12 hours a week and don’t know how many hours they will work next week.” Others have “contracts lasting as little as two months.” For a party which is flush with cash and endlessly bangs on about the ‘gig economy’ working conditions, this hypocrisy is quite something. Do as we say not as we do…

NHS Ranked 35th in the World for Health Care Efficiency

The NHS has plunged down the rankings in Bloomberg’s Health Care Efficiency Index this year, falling 14 positions from 21st to 35th. The UK now ranks below Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica and China in the efficiency of its healthcare provision. The Top 10 is dominated by Asia-Pacific countries including Hong Kong, Korea and Australia. None of those countries have a single monolithic provider of socialised healthcare.

‘Healthcare reform’ does not mean adopting the US system wholesale as critics like to claim or pouring billions into an unreformed system – 16 other European countries manage to come in ahead of the UK, while the US languishes almost 20 places below. Politicians from all parties never tire of claiming that “Our NHS”TM is the envy of the world, this is simply not true…

Defra’s Dog’s Breakfast

How many Cruella de Vils are there in the UK? Well 300,000 dogs have owners using “barbaric torture” devices on them. These people are “electrocuting” their pets with “shock” collars. So Defra righteously wants to protect England’s animals from such evil.

At least that was the line Defra officials swallowed in March, when in their most knee-jerk proposal since the Dangerous Dogs Act, they decided to criminalise the multitudes who had previously been under the misapprehension that they loved their pets.
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May’s “Hell Week” Hots Up

After a relatively quiet start, Theresa May’s “hell week” on Brexit is starting to hot up. ERG Vice-Chair Steve Baker has thrown down the gauntlet to the Government on Chequers, telling Today that “at least 40 MPs” would be prepared to vote against Chequers – after taking into account a major whipping operation from the Government. Baker is known for not exaggerating support, these numbers tally with Guido’s rolling spreadsheet of where MPs stand…

May’s Brexit position has come under further pressure following the intervention from former Chief Whip Mark Harper this morning. Harper, who backed Remain, dismisses the idea that the Government will be able to get Chequers through with Labour support and calls on May to pivot towards a Canada-style deal which he says she can “unite the party around”. Harper is the first Remain-supporting MP with Cabinet-level experience to back the ERG’s Brexit stance, Downing Street should be worried…

Meanwhile, DUP sources have rubbished suggestions that their position on a sea border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain has softened. Baker also turned his fire on May’s rumoured climbdown on the Irish backstop, which could see the UK agree to remain in the single market and customs union indefinitely until the EU decided that alternative arrangements were acceptable:

“If the backstop leaves the whole of the UK in the internal market of the EU together with the customs union indefinitely – because it seems like that the trigger to leave might be handed to the EU – if that were to be the backstop that would be so obviously unacceptable…”

Opposition is mounting from all sides and May hasn’t even made any further concessions yet. Where does she go from here?

When Gove Compared Prince Charles to Hitler

In his past life as a journalist, while he wasn’t busy going through David Attenborough’s bins, the now Environment Secretary made an interesting comparison between Prince Charles and… Adolf Hitler. According to Gove, both were fans of classical architecture, haters of metropolitan life and “keen supporters of population control”.[…] Read the rest


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