Extinction Rebellion Win Court Challenge Against Met’s London-Wide Protest Ban

Some of the police’s arrests may now be deemed unlawful. Big win for the climate communists. Developing…

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Calls for 1,800 Protesters to Go to Prison

Extinction Rebellion co-founder, Roger Hallam, has launched a new campaign to get 1800 protest participators arrested. For once, Guido’s ears perked up…

In his first Facebook post since leaving the comfort of Her Majesty’s pleasure at Wormwood Scrubs – where he has resided for six weeks following Extinction Rebellion’s Westminster ‘shutdown’ – Hallam writes “going to prison is not the end of the world“. Although he does qualify that “Obviously going to prison is not for everyone”…

Roger explains that:

“… going to prison is a massive headache materially and politically for the authorities and once hundreds and then thousands of people do it in an organised and coordinated way, then in my scholarly opinion real policy changes are going to happen. It is the single biggest act of radical political and nonviolent effectiveness any social movement can decide upon.

I think on the last count something like 1800 people in Extinction Rebellion are up for it. So I will be spending a lot of my time helping to get actions organised which enable these people to walk their talk.

If you are reading this, then I am sure you know it’s all systems go, the time is now, and all the rest of it on the Ecological Catastrophe. So get in touch with XR, book some time off, and make up your book list.”

The call to arms sparked pretty negative reactions on his Facebook page – even from Extinction Rebellion supporters, who have finally decided – after taking a week off work to arrest broccoli and perform their A-level drama dance pieces at Trafalgar square – that there is such a thing as too much “privilege“. Alice wrote, “Obviously spoken from place of privilege and/or mindless ignorance.”

Mat ranted, “Making out like it was some lovely holiday u utter wanker Rodger.. people are locked up every day lives ruined familys torn apart an ur doing it for a giggle…. funny u were banged up the whole time “your minions” were out stoping trains aye”

Namm reminded Roger, “Please remember your race and gender privilege” and Jay put it most bluntly, “A post from a f*ckwit & a privileged white boy”

Hallam responded by asking the comments section to remain respectful. It’s always been clear Extinction Rebellion have criminal in-tent…

Sadiq’s Clean Air Hypocrisy

As any Londoner with a television knows, Sadiq Khan loves putting the environment at the forefront of his work in office and is today convening political and business leaders at the International Clean Air Summit to call for more powers to tackle air pollution. Perhaps he’d be better off organising a hot air summit…

As ever with Labour, the words fail to match the actions; as since taking charge of City Hall Sadiq has done surprisingly little to clean up the 1,034 vehicles in his GLA fleet – just 7% of which are zero-emission. 93% of Sadiq’s fleet fails to meet the lofty standards he aims to force on Londoners…

This could have been expected, however, given the mayor is not on track to meet any of his lofty green promises. In 2016 he promised Londoners he would plant over two million trees during his first term in office. Based on current projections, the Mayor would need to plant over 200 trees an hour from now until election day to make good on his promise. Unluckily for Londoners’ lungs, Guido has more dirt on their mayor than their mayor has under his fingernails…

Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Westminster Shutdown’ Cost Police £21 Million

The Met Police Commissioner has revealed that the cost of policing Extinction Rebellion‘s two-week ‘Westminster Shutdown’ cost the taxpayer at least £21 million – a figure that’s expected to rise when other costs are consolidated…

Added together with the £16 million cost of their April protests, and we’ve forked out at least £37 million this year for their arts grad student tantrums. Guido reminds policymakers that football clubs have to contribute towards the policing of their stadiums…

Virtue Signalling Green Number Plates

The idea for green number plates from Grant Shapps is straight out of nudge theory:

This is at the sensible end of green policymaking: it doesn’t cost much, encourages rather than coerces, and will allow people to virtue signal over paying top money for a car that can’t get them to the shops and back… yet.

The Guardian’s political correspondent Peter Walker, however, reckons “giving electric vehicle drivers free parking just perpetuates yet another problem, inequality.” It does seem paradoxically iniquitous to give the richer owners of the most expensive cars lower taxes and driving costs…

UPDATE: It turns out this is a re-announcement of the scheme Chris Grayling unveiled in September of last year. Unlike Michael Green Grant Shapps to simply rename and relaunch something like this…

Reminds Guido of Shapps’ suspiciously similar speech to Chris Grayling over airline collapse. Is this a DfT that is a little too keen on recycling?..

ASI Give Extinction Rebellion Protesters a Taste of their own Medicine

Extinction Rebellion are – as their name would suggest – rebelling against the Mets’ Section 14 Order ban on their Westminster protests. Today they’re outside the DfE asking teachers to indoctrinate kids with their anti-scientific conspiracy theories…

Unfortunately for wonks at the ASI, their office directly overlooks the protest. To get their own back for having their work disrupted, the ASI team took to blasting music out at the protesters- starting off with ‘People Will Always Need Coal’ by Public Service Broadcasting, before moving on to ‘Rule Britannia’.

It wasn’t long before Extinction Rebellion asked the ASI to stop disrupting their protest…

The ASI promptly responded by ignoring their complaints and continuing to blast their tunes, including ‘Money’ by That Poppy and The Beatles’ ‘Taxman’. They’re still blaring music, so get your requests in now…

Sadiq’s Extinction Rebellion Protest U-Turn

Sadiq’s posturing over Extinction Rebellion’s disruption of Londoners’ lives has gone into reverse gear since Tuesday; u-turning from questioning the police’s ban of the climate communists’ protests, to finally calling time on their illegal demonstrations. Maybe he’s realised furious commuters will be responsible for voting him back in next year…

In a statement this morning following the Canning Town Station focus group on Extinction Rebellion’s tube protests, Khan wrote:

“This illegal action is extremely dangerous, counterproductive and is causing unacceptable disruption to Londoners”

If any readers can explain why he wasn’t saying this about their Westminster protests last week, please do get in touch…

Commuter Calls Out Extinction Rebellion for Electric Train Protest

More great footage from Extinction Rebellions backfired tube protests this morning; with exasperated commuters pointing out the climate communists had glued themselves to an electric train. Clearly when not protesting, Extinction Rebellion are sniffing the stuff…

Commuters Take Direct Action Against Extinction Rebellion

Watch as Londoners finally voice their frustration with Extinction Rebellion and take matters into their own hands. By dragging the protestors from the top of their tube carriage…

Guido also spots super posh climate nutter Robin Boardman-Pattinson lurking around, although he let his inferiors do the dirty work and stop the tube. For a ‘peaceful movement’, it’s interesting to see Extinction Rebellion resorting to kicking commuters in the head – let’s see if this new tactic wins the public over…

Extinction Rebellion’s Confused Last Stand

After being cleared out of their last outpost at Trafalgar Square and having a Section 14 order banning them from London, Extinction Rebellion have just one protest venue remaining – outside Millbank tower. In the last few minutes, the police have begun clearing the site…

The question arises, however; why Millbank? When asked, a policemen told a co-conspirator that they had chosen the site believing it to still be the location of CCHQ. Guido didn’t have the heart to tell the protestors…

Some protestors also claimed they were there to protest MI5 (which is down the road) and MI6 (which is across the river). According to two protestors, MI5 – as a data collection agency – is suppressing information reaching the news, and Extinction Rebellion want more coverage of the climate on mainstream news programmes. Effectively Extinction Rebellion’s last stand is calling for longer weather reports in an evening, with a dollop of conspiracy theory to back it up…

The police’s main obstacle to clearing the protest was a caravan in the middle of the road, with a woman in a sleeping bag atop it. As Guido visited the site, the sleepy socialist was finally removed with a JCB lift, allowing the caravan to be moved away. Unfortunately, Guido’s preference for a Top Gear-esque blowing up of the motorhome wasn’t considered by the Met…

Extinction Rebellion Encampments Declared Illegal By Police

The Metropolitan Police last night declared that all Extinction Rebellion protests must cease as they brought in new restrictions under Section 14 of the Public Order Act. The order came in as the number of protesters arrested for obstructing highways and other crimes neared 1,500. The last main central London site in Trafalgar Square was comprehensively cleared last night, leaving quite a mess…

Extinction Rebellion in response released a statement saying it would “let Trafalgar Square go” but added that the “International Rebellion continues”.

This hasn’t stopped some activists continuing their vandalism this morning, with a small group attempting to break in to the Department for Transport, one hitting at the glass front of the building repeatedly with a hammer. The group still maintain a large encampment south of the river on Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, now surrounded by police. Only a matter of time now…

Eco-Terrorist Attacking Department for Transport

Police are observing an eco-terrorist smashing the window above the entrance to the Department for Transport. Seems like this would be a good moment to engage the eco-terrorist with a taser. Rather than standing around watching him cost taxpayers thousands of pounds of damage. Weak.

UPDATE: A police negotiator is/was trying to negotiate him/her, to come down. The irony of them trying (and failing) to stop Department for Transport civil servants entering the Ministry is that they’re launching a plan to decarbonise transport today.

UPDATE II: We have identified the woman trying to smash the window as Dr. Gail Bradbrook – a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion who in 2016 took an 11,000-mile flight to Costa Rica for her luxury holiday. Now she’s campaigning to end airport expansion…

Fracking XR

A reader writes from Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens:

“I live overlooking the XR camp. They are using Calor gas and ironically our block is so energy efficient we never have the heating on but it is powered by renewables. I am spitting feathers with rage but police actually admitted they don’t know what’s going on…”

That wouldn’t be fracked gas being used to warm up their lentil soup… would it?

Extinction Rebellion Confronted By Actual Scientist

Newsnight had the excellent idea of pitting a nutty Extinction Rebellion protester (and former Green Party councillor) up against an actual scientist and author of the IPCC report on Climate Change last night, and although the IPCC;s Myles Allen tried to be polite to XR’s Sarah Lunnon, he calmly shot down her increasingly erratic predictions of “six and a half billion people dying” and calls to overthrow capitalism to reach net zero emissions in a little over five years.[…] Read the rest


Protestors Storm Wrong Office

Animal Rebellion just tweeted that “Animal Rebellion have just stormed Cargill’s Head Office in London, named the worst company in the world for environmental destruction”. The office in the video it that of Carval, a subsidary which was sold by Cargill in a management buy-out last month.[…] Read the rest


Department for Transport Graffitied by Climate Extremists

Extinction Rebellion have today turned their attention to attacking air travel as part of their ongoing campaign for a mythical luddite utopia. Throughout the day, protests have been taking place at London City Airport, during which a Paralympian managed to get on top of a plane and another began protesting his own flight just before takeoff.[…] Read the rest


Symbiotic Eco-Extremism

The leading anti-badger cull group – which has over 100,000 likes on Facebook – is taking full advantage of the stretched police resources thanks to their friends at the extremist Extinction Rebellion protests this week. The group, which features a burning tractor and masked saboteur in its cover photo, has told its followers:

“Tory police cuts combined with XR protests, may well now mean a significant drop in policing levels across the badger cull zones.

[…] Read the rest


Extinction Rebellion Finally Subjected to Media Scrutiny

Last night, Andrew Neil took Extinction Rebellion spokesman Zion Lights to task over her organisation’s alarmist claims and anti-scientific arguments. Lights was taken to task over the Extinction Rebellion claim that “billions of people will die over the next few decades”, eventually admitting that what they were saying did not fall within the scientific mainstream and disclosing that “unfortunately alarmist language works.”

Extraordinarily for people who use soundbites like “listen to the scientists”, Lights ended up arguing against the scientific mainstream IPCC report, attacking it as presenting “very conservative numbers… using pre-industrial levels of data.” That’s undermining 6,000 scientific references, 91 authors, representing a global consensus with review editors from 40 countries.[…] Read the rest


Which MPs Haven’t Collected their Extinction Rebellion Tree?

Well down the list of Extinction Rebellion’s Christmas list manifesto is to encourage the planting of more trees. As part of their Westminster protests, the climate communists have set up stall opposite Parliament with the offer of one free tree for each MP to take back to their constituency and plant.[…] Read the rest


Boris on Extinction Rebellion

At the launch of Charles Moore’s third and final Thatcher biography last night hosted by Policy Exchange, Boris Johnson took the opportunity to comment on the surrounding “uncooperative crusties and protesters of all kinds littering the road”

“When we are waylaid in the streets, as I am sure we will be, by importunate nose-ringed dreadlocked climate change protesters”

“[Margaret Thatcher] took it seriously long before Greta Thunberg.”

“The best thing possible for the education of the denizens of those heaving, hemp smelling, bivouacs that now litter Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park and the rest of them.

[…] Read the rest


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