Tom Watson On Why Sunak Should Call Off the Vote on Monday

Tom Watson says Sunak should call off the vote on Monday over Bernard Jenkin…

Clearly, Jenkin’s views were significant in deciding the parameters of the inquiry. As I pen this, I grapple with an urge to disregard this contentious issue, to leave it to others, but the more I contemplate it, the more I’m convinced of the necessity for a temporary reprieve for Boris Johnson. Unlike in a court of law, Johnson doesn’t have the right to appeal the decision, which was made on a balance of probabilities.

In Rishi Sunak’s position, I would ascertain the facts before allowing Parliament to consign Boris Johnson to political oblivion come Monday. Their personal animosity should not cloud due process. Only Sunak can delay parliamentary proceedings to establish the facts and discuss potential alternatives if it transpires that Jenkin should have recused himself. And only Sunak can ensure an appeal process, should the facts dictate it. He should act today.

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