Starmer on Rosie Duffield Being Treated With Respect & Tolerance

Starmer responded to being asked about Rosie Duffield feeling like being in the Labour Party was like being in an abusive relationship…

“I’m very concerned that all of our discussions in the Labour party and in politics are discussions that we have with respect and with tolerance. And they’re the principles and the values that I want to see in our Labour party and that I insist on in our Labour party, whether it’s Rosie Duffield or anybody else. There will be differences of opinion, of course there will, but respect and tolerance are the values that we must have in all those debates.”

Starmer was later asked to respond specifically following reports of his aide Matthew Doyle’s comments about Rosie Duffield whether those principles he referred to stretched to his own aides. He said…

“Respect and tolerance are values of the entire Labour party. Of course I know there are strong and differing opinions on a number of issues. But respect and tolerance are there as my values, Labour party values, whatever we’re discussing.”

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