Nicola Sturgeon on Boris Johnson’s Non-Essential Scottish Visit

Nicola Sturgeon reminds Boris….

“We are living in a global pandemic and every day I stand and look down the camera and say ‘don’t travel unless it is essential, work from home if you possibly can’ – that has to apply to all of us.  People like me and Boris Johnson have to be in work for reasons people understand, but we don’t have to travel across the UK. We have a duty to lead by example.  If I’m standing here every day saying to all of you watching, don’t leave your house unless it is essential, I have a duty to subject myself to that same discipline and decision making. I would say me travelling from Edinburgh to Aberdeen to visit a vaccine centre is not essential – Boris Johnson travelling from London to wherever in Scotland to do the same is not essential. If we’re asking other people to abide by that then I’m sorry, I think it’s incumbent on us to do likewise.”

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