Minister of State at the Department of Health says Keep Calm, Look at Data, Avoid Restrictions

Edward Argar, the Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care, tells Times Radio

“We need cool, calm heads. We need to look at the data and we need to do everything possible to avoid any restrictions. Restrictions or curbs must be the absolute last resort. I’m seeing nothing at the moment in the data in front of me, in the immediate situation, that suggests a need for further restrictions. But that data changes day by day. I, the Prime Minister, the Secretary State, are looking at that data every single day. And we keep a close eye on it. What we’ve seen with this Prime Minister before Christmas, and over the Christmas period is he’s looked at the data. He’s judged it very carefully. And he, I think, shares that same view, which is we’ve got to learn to live with this virus.”

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