Labour HQ Under Corbyn

Corbyn campaigner Max Shanly on Labour HQ under Comrade Corbyn…

“I think Jeremy will face problems not just inside the Parliamentary Labour Party, which I think is likely to split if he wins with the Blairites buggering off to form a new SDP, but also from the Labour Party bureaucracy. New Labourism is still a hegemonic force at Brewers Green (Labour Party HQ) and despite having resigned as leader eight years ago, Blair is still the piper who plays the tune many party staff listen to.

The Labour left will have to act swiftly and I am afraid brutally in many cases. The PLP will have to be brought into line, some members of party staff will need to be pointed towards the exit, and the entire party structures would, in my opinion, need to undergo a comprehensive and thorough review. On the latter point, essentially we need the sweeping away of the current party form, not just to overcome the neo-liberalisation of the party internally, but also to construct the type of party that can build people‚Äôs capacities, engage effectively with social movements, and eventually enter the state on a transformative programme. We have to become far more of an extra-parliamentary party, a campaigning organisation led by the grassroots and not by parliamentarians.”

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