Jeremy Clarkson’s Primary Significance

Bruce Charlton writes

“Every couple of months there is a major concerted attempt by the media to get Clarkson sacked by seizing on some trivial or manufactured ‘gaffe’. Clarkson (and his co-presenters) have triumphantly survived all of these so far; appearing utterly un-fazed by the hate campaigns; emerging not only unscathed but apparently cheerful, carefree – and as cheeky as ever. Because the primary significance of Jeremy Clarkson in British life is that he is the last remaining public figure who is openly and aggressively anti-PC; who never apologizes, who keeps on-and-on doing what he does, in the face of the unanimous scorn and condemnations of the opinion formers of Leftism. Jeremy Clarkson’s positive socio-political agenda is merely secular hedonism and ‘common sense’ – in the tradition of comic anti-heroes such as Rabalais, the Good Soldier Svejk or Han Solo…”

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