Gove on Remainers

Gove on the last Remainers:

“For those determined to undo a result they did not anticipate, and still don’t understand, that means using the exercise of “parliamentary scrutiny” to delay or dilute the impact of the referendum verdict. It means continually seeking to delegitimise the people’s decision by attributing any manifestation of prejudice to the “xenophobia” allegedly unleashed by the campaign. It requires them to interpret any piece of adverse economic news as a Brexit-inspired blow to growth. And above all it means defining principled adherence to the mandate secured on June 23 as wild pursuit of a “Hard Brexit” which, like learning hard lessons, facing a hard landing or doing hard labour, is clearly only attractive to a deluded masochist.

My, humbly offered and sincerely meant, piece of helpful advice to those, from Tim Farron to Ed Miliband, Nicola Sturgeon to Owen Jones, intent on going down this path is, for your own sake, and the credibility of any other cause you hold dear, please don’t. Because you are repeating all the mistakes you made in the referendum campaign. Without the excuse that you couldn’t know better.”

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