Frank Underwood Backs Brexit

House of Cards’ Frank Underwood backs Brexit:

“So where will Europe be in ten years time? Without borders, without a coherent currency, without leadership? With the driving sense of purpose of a pilchard?

If I were a Brit I wonder if I’d be more afraid to stay in the EU than to leave. It’s always easy to whip up a feeling of fear about change, but it infects mostly those who sit in comfort and dine on fois gras. Me, I’ve always been a spare ribs man. I need something to chew on. And spit out.

Brussels is a bit of a used bus ticket. Anyway I don’t ride buses. There was a time when Europeans rode chariots and sailed ships, had ambition, ideas, built great empires.

They had two thousand years as the centre of the world but ask yourself. When did Europe last peel any potatoes? Their leaders have sat so long on their marble thrones that not only have their balls turned to concrete but their minds, too.”

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