Charles Moore on the Breaking of Boris…

Charles Moore in The Telegraph on the breaking of Boris…

“Mr Johnson’s complaint also deserves sympathy. The process by which he was ejected from office and is being pursued afterwards is not fair. It constantly uses process – police, official inquiries, now the House of Commons Privileges Committee – but its motive is political (though not always party political: Boris-haters are more powerful in the Tory party than in Labour). It is not a means of justice but of revenge, chiefly for Brexit.

There are widespread complaints that the Boris saga degrades public life. This is true. But the blame, in the media, tends to be laid on Mr Johnson alone. The sadder truth is that it should be shared by both sides. If Boris is unruly and selfish, his enemies are devious and hypocritical. He is out, having been legitimately – though not necessarily wisely – ejected by his parliamentary colleagues. It would have been much better to leave it at that, rather than seeking to break him.”

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