Extinction Rebellion Spokesperson Quits to Campaign for Nuclear Power

Since her infamous grilling on the Andrew Neil Show last year, Zion Lights – a former Extinction Rebellion activist and spokesperson – has had an ideological Damascene conversion, since quitting the Marxist campaign group to campaign for nuclear power. She’s seen the Lights…

Today, Zion writes in City A.M., calling on her former XR members to also embrace the clean energy solution:

the UK must find ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels… we need a reliable low-carbon energy source that we can invest in now.

And we have one. Hinkley Point C… which will provide seven per cent of the UK’s electricity needs and save an estimated nine million tonnes of carbon emissions for every year of its operation.”

It’s quite a departure from the views she wrote up in 2014, when she argued there is “no clear answer” to the question of whether nuclear power is safe, and that “nuclear energy is not sustainable in itself” while conceding it was more sustainable than coal.

Zion Lights (astonishingly her real birth name) also uses the op-ed to admonish her former comrades, admitting that being “surrounded by anti-nuclear activists” she had “allowed fear of radiation, nuclear waste and weapons of mass destruction to creep into my subconscious.” One unscientific nutjob down, a few thousand more to go...

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