Zhenya Dove on Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

Zhenya Dove’s speech to the Scottish Conservative conference in Aberdeen yesterday eclipsed the keynote from Boris. The Ukrainian-Scot praised the British public and the Government in the fight against the Russian invasion. Zhenya Dove said: “Our wonderful country stepped up and showed the whole world how it should be done. Long before anybody in the EU had time to finish their morning croissants. British anti-tank weapons were being used on the front line to the jolly singing of ‘God Save the Queen’.”

She continued in a powerfully emotional speech: “The tenacity, bravery and unity of the Ukrainian people is something to behold and admire. My countrymen are Spartans of the 21st century, they really are, they’re so amazing. The only thing I ask, I beg you, is please don’t let them die like their spiritual ancestors.”

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