Zac Has 27 Point Lead With Standard/BMG


A BMG survey for the Evening Standard suggests Richmond Park isn’t as close as the bookies suggest…

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CONFIRMED: Zac Resigns

He is appointed to be Steward and Bailiff of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern. Statement from Zac within the hour… 

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Zac to Stand


Guido sources confirm that Zac intends to be a candidate in the by-election he is triggering in protest at the decision to build a new runway at Heathrow.

Richmond is traditional LibDem territory and may be receptive to a Remain/LibDem by-election putsch. CCHQ is worried that a post-Brexit LibDem revival would put Richmond and neighbouring constituencies back in the hand of the LibDems. Could we see the return of 73 year-old Vince Cable?

Will the Conservatives even put up a candidate against Zac and split the right-of-centre vote?

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Zac Tells Tories He’s Resigning


Zac Goldsmith appears to have told his Richmond Park association he is going to quit and call a by-election:

Heathrow Announcement:
A Note to Members

Dear Member,

You will no doubt have seen the announcement in the media this morning that the Government has given the green light for expansion at Heathrow.

Zac has contacted the Association to let us know that he intends to honour his pledge to resign and force a by election in Richmond Park.

The Chairman has called an Emergency Meeting of Executive Council for tomorrow evening to discuss this turn of events and will issue a full statement to members on the Associations position on Thursday.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of events as they unfold.

Mr DR Jones

Statement coming this afternoon…

H/T Martha Gill
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It’s Heathrow

The government have confirmed it has decided on a third runway at Heathrow. Boris says he will oppose it. Zac will be making a statement this evening:

“No ifs, no buts” – Zac said if the government gave Heathrow the green light he would call a by-election…

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Congratulations Sadiq Khan “Who Defeated Millionaire Jew”


Told you…

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