Zac Back?

Last week Guido asked Zac Goldsmith if he was tempted to try to unseat Sarah Olney in Richmond. Unusually he did not reply. Guido hears Zac is being considered “very seriously” as one of the three CCHQ-shortlisted candidates for the Tory nomination. Some local Tories are ready to forgive and remember the work Zac did for them in Richmond. Others are shall we say less keen. One to watch…

UPDATE: Zac tells the Sun “I don’t know if I’ll stand”. Seems a judgement will be made on the feeling among local Tories…

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Spotted: Zac Back in Members’ Cloakroom

Welcome to parliament Sarah Olney…

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LibDems Take Richmond

The LibDems have overturned Zac’s 23,000 majority to win the Richmond Park by-election. Labour lost their deposit.

Sarah Olney – Liberal Democrat – 20,510, 49.7%

Zac Goldsmith – Independent – 18,638, 45.2%

Christian Wolmar – Labour – 1,515, 3.7%

Whatever the LibDems and some excitable broadcasters tell you this morning, calm down, a by-election in Richmond changes not a thing about Article 50 or Brexit…

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Lib Dem Logic Says 40% of Own MPs Should Go


Over the weekend the LibDem by-election candidate Sarah Olney suggested Brexit-backing Zac Goldsmith shouldn’t be Richmond Park’s MP because he “represents a constituency that voted 73% remain in the referendum.” On that logic Nick Clegg should step down in Sheffield, which voted 51% Leave, and Tom Brake should quit in Carshalton (where the wider Sutton area voted 54% Leave). So too should Norman Lamb, whose North Norfolk constituency voted almost 60% for Leave. Will Sarah support removing 40% of LibDems from the Commons as well?

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Zac on Clegg

Zac Goldsmith responds to Nick Clegg accusing him of ‘flouncing out in an empty gesture’:

“Mr Clegg, this by-election is happening because I kept my word. Your Party might be in better shape if you’d done the same.”

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LibDems Make It About Zac’s Wealth


Unknown LibDem Richmond candidate Sarah Olney has used her first national newspaper interview to launch a clumsy attack on Zac Goldsmith’s wealth. Speaking to the MoS, Olney went after Zac over the money he inherited from his dad, claiming he won’t understand what it means if the price of Marmite goes up. A strange class war attack line – leafy Richmond is hardly full of people who’ll be pushed below the breadline. Zac responded by taking the Michelle Obama approach last night:

Doesn’t exactly fit the LibDem narrative that Zac is nasty and they’re the cuddly ones…

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