Labour MPs’ Damning Responses to Panorama

Is this the moment when Labour MPs finally stand up and do something about it? Or do they just go back to campaigning to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister anyway?

Cooper in 2017: Not Respecting Referendum Result Would Be Trumpian

Yvette Cooper, who has been conspiring for weeks to create the conditions whereby the result could be reversed, had a very different attitude before the snap General Election.

Speaking to the Mile End Institute, Cooper told the audience that “Nobody said ‘well you know what, I’m just not going to respect the result afterwards’ – that’s the kind of thing that Donald Trump says.” Now it’s exactly what she is doing…

She also made clear that she was more concerned about politicians rejecting the referendum result than concerns regarding “any possible scenario”. By definition including the WTO terms she has tried so hard to prevent…

Francois Fumes as Cooper Coup Scrapes Through by One Vote

Rampant Remainers succeeded in ramming an entire Bill through the House of Commons in under 6 hours yesterday – predictably the process was an utter shambles, MPs had no idea which amendments were which, report stage and a third reading debate were entirely skipped and the Bill was so poorly drafted in the first place that Jolyon almost had a meltdown. Mark Francois has been responsible for some fairly fruity outbursts recently but his biblical admonishment last night was on the money:

After the hours of chaos, Yvette Cooper only succeeded in getting her Bill through by a single vote, 313-312. Any number of MPs have been singled out as the guilty party, 20 Tories including 17 former ministers either rebelled or abstained. Literally guilty Fiona Onasanya trapsed through the Aye lobby complete with electronic ankle tag…

Ultimately it changes little, May was always going to seek a longer extension at next week’s European Council in the circumstances anyway. Conspiracy theories that May’s Corbyn pitch is a trap or trick to run down the clock are operating in a parallel universe. Make no mistake, Number 10 is in total chaos and acting purely out of desperation now. May’s long-term strategy was always to trigger an 11th hour crisis in the hope of bouncing MPs – she never for a minute anticipated that it would be so utterly out of her own control…

Bercow: Female MPs ‘Moaning On About Sexism’ as ‘Defence Mechanism Against Their Own Inadequacy’

The Telegraph’s Asa Bennett has dug up some highly revealing interviews with John Bercow from the paper’s archives, from one in 1986 where he said you should “mug your opponents” to another in 1998 when the newly elected MP boasted about his “licence to interfere” in the Commons. Nothing has changed…

In the same interview Bercow also attacked “whinging” Labour women, saying that those who complained about sexism were simply using it as “a defence mechanism against their own inadequacy”, before adding that “you don’t find the competent, attractive ones like Yvette Cooper moaning on about sexism”. Those same Labour MPs are today cynically turning a blind eye to his chronic bullying and abuses of power simply because he is helping them stop Brexit…

Caroline Spelman’s Brexit Delay Hypocrisy

Just two weeks ago Dame Caroline Spelman was busy insisting that she had absolutely no desire to delay Brexit, despite People’s Vote being so enthusiastic about her amendment they were running sponsored Twitter ads encouraging MPs to vote for it. Spelman even emailed a concerned local resident to “[make] it clear that I want to see no further delay to the country leaving the EU”:

Her constituents will therefore be surprised to see her name appearing as one of the leading sponsors of Yvette Cooper’s retabled Brexit-blocking Bill which explicitly forces the Prime Minister to extend Article 50. A strange way of trying to ensure that there is “no further delay” to Brexit…

Cooper Amendment Defeated 321 to 298

Yvette Cooper’s amendment trying to seize control of Parliament has been defeated by 321 to 298. A surprisingly comfortable majority of 23…

17 Tories rebelled, defying their manifesto commitments to Brexit voting in favour of giving a Labour MP control rather than their own party’s government – Heidi Allen, Guto Bebb, Nick Boles, Ken Clarke, Jonathan Djanogly, George Freeman, Justine Greening, Dominic Grieve, Sam Gyimah, Phillip Lee, Oliver Letwin, Antoinette Sandbach, Nicholas Soames, Anna Soubry, John Stevenson, Ed Vaizey, Sarah Wollaston.

However there were 14 Labour MPs who also rebelled to vote against the Cooper amendment – Ian Austin, Kevin Barron, Ronnie Campbell, Rosie Cooper, Jim Fitzpatrick, Caroline Flint, Roger Godsiff, Stephen Hepburn, Kate Hoey, John Mann, Dennis Skinner, Laura Smith, Gareth Snell, Graham Stringer – as well as now independent Frank Field and Kelvin Hopkins.

11 further Labour MPs abstained on the motion – Tracy Brabin, Judith Cummins, Gloria De Piero, Yvonne Fovargue, Mike Kane, Emma Lewell-Buck, Jim McMahon, Melanie Onn, Ruth Smeeth, John Spellar and Stephen Twigg.

The 226 Labour MPs who defied their constituents and manifesto promise were:

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Bercow Selects Graham Brady’s Amendment

After much speculation as to whether he would choose to deliberately ignore it, John Bercow has decided to call Graham Brady’s amendment on modifying the Irish backstop, as well as all the other major amendments that were expected including Yvette Cooper’s Brexit blocker. Even Bercow didn’t have the temerity not to call such a pivotal amendment – and one with Government support…

This is the order the amendments will be voted on, starting at 7pm:

  • (a) Jeremy Corbyn – calls on the PM to rule out no deal while, predictably, keeping all options on the table
  • (o) Ian Blackford – notes that the SNP don’t like Brexit, calls for no deal to be ruled out and Article 50 extended
  • (g) Dominic Grieve – suspends normal Parliamentary procedure on six dates in February and March allowing MPs to hijack Brexit
  • (b) Yvette Cooper – suspends normal Parliamentary procedure on 5th February to allow MPs to bring a Brexit-blocking Bill in
  • (j) Rachel Reeves – calls on the PM to seek an extension to Article 50
  • (i) Caroline Spelman – notes that Parliament rejects leaving without a deal
  • (n) Graham Brady – calls for the Northern Ireland backstop to be replaced with alternative arrangements to avoid a hard border

Labour have so far indicated that they will back Grieve, Reeves and Spelman as well as Cooper. All of which are aimed at delaying and frustrating Brexit, the People’s Vote are even running sponsored ads on Twitter promoting them…

However, of all the amendments, only Grieve and Cooper have any legal effect as they would actively change the Standing Orders of the House, upending centuries of precedent. All the others, including Brady, are only statements of the Commons’ preferences. Brexiteers are not committing to back May’s deal by voting for Brady, but they will be bolstering the country’s negotiating position…

Corbyn Backs Brexit-Blocking Cooper Amendment

The BBC’s Laura K has confirmed that Labour will be officially backing the Yvette Cooper amendment which would tear up the rules of Parliament and allow backbench MPs to bring in a Bill to block Brexit from happening in March. Hardline Remainers trying to reverse Brexit will be delighted. How will Labour’s Brexit-supporting voters feel about it?

Cooper “Hopes” Corbyn Will Support Her Power Grab

Yvette Cooper has said that she “hopes” Corbyn will come out and back her power-grab amendment on Tuesday – obviously without Labour frontbench support it’s not going through. Four years after he defeated her in Labour’s leadership election Corbyn might be about to hand her the power she never managed to win herself…

How MPs are Plotting to Stop Brexit

Despite the second ‘meaningful vote’ not being for another week, scheming MPs have been getting their anti-Brexit amendments in early. The following amendments are all already tabled, although they may change between now and next week:

  • Corbyn: “all options on the table” amendment. Corbyn continues his vague policy towards Brexit with an amendment calling for the Government to give time for Parliament to vote on options aimed at preventing no deal, including a Labour-style “strong single market” deal or “legislating to hold a public vote on a deal or a proposition that has commanded the support of the majority of the House of Commons”. Heavily-qualified support for a second referendum that likely wouldn’t be binding on the Government in any case…
  • Cooper, Boles, Morgan, Grieve: “coup” amendment. Seeks to give an entirely arbitrary grouping of backbench MPs the power to take over the Parliamentary timetable and bring in a Bill that would force the Government to extend Article 50 if a deal is not agreed by the end of February. Literally a coup…
  • Benn: “indicative votes” amendment. Commits the Government to holding a series of so-called “indicative votes” – MPs would hold non-binding votes on a range of different Brexit scenarios. Likely generating more heat than light…
  • Grieve: “endless debates” amendment. Somewhat similar but more tedious, this attempts to create a slot for weekly six-and-a-half hour debates for MPs to debate a meaningless motion while adding their own amendments to it. The most pernicious aspects allowing a minority of 300 MPs to take over Parliamentary business have been removed. Grieve claims the debates won’t be used to try to force primary legislation through…
  • Reeves, Benn, Grieve: “two-year extension” amendment. Attempts to force the Government to seek a two-year extension to Article 50 if no deal is agreed by 26th February. Not going to happen, not least because the EU won’t agree…
  • Creasy, Nandy: “citizens’ assembly” amendment. Extends Article 50 and creates a “citizens’ assembly” of 250 people along with an “expert committee” appointed by Sarah Wollaston’s Liaison Committee to advise the Government how to proceed. Very Green Party…

The one amendment which hasn’t yet been tabled but could also be highly significant is some variation of Andrew Murrison’s from last week which Bercow refused to call. This is looking like the most likely route for the Government to try to get its own MPs and the DUP back onside by voting through the Withdrawal Agreement but only on the condition that the backstop is time limited. Would give the EU some tough choices to make…

Yvette Cooper’s Heartfelt Tribute to Sir Jeremy Heywood

The tragic news broke this morning that former Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood has passed away from cancer overnight aged just 56. Yvette Cooper was live on air as the news broke and delivered a heartfelt tribute to the man she knew well. Guido’s thoughts are with Sir Jeremy’s friends and family.

Nokes Gets Narky With Cooper

It’s fair to say that Immigration Minister Caroline Noakes was less than impressed with her Home Affairs Select Committee appearance overrunning by 45 minutes, leading to a tetchy exchange with chair Yvette Cooper. Stephen Doughty chipping in with “tough luck, Minister” probably didn’t help the mood either…

Labour Was Responsible for Half of Windrush Removals

A letter sent from Home Secretary Sajid Javid to the Home Affairs Select Committee Chair, Yvette Cooper, outlining the mistakes of the Home Office over Windrush has mysteriously leaked to the Guardian’s Amelia Gentleman, who has selectively quoted from it in an article published last night.

The coverage glossed over one of the most striking parts of Sajid’s letter – the revelation that half of the 164 Windrush removals and detentions began under Labour between 2002 and 2010 – when David Blunkett, Charles Clarke, John Reid, Jacqui Smith, and Alan Johnson were Home Secretaries. Amelia Gentlemen, who often writes Guardian stories which are flattering to Yvette Cooper, neglects to report this part of the story. Will Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott be personally apologising on behalf of the Labour Party for their historic policy towards the Windrush generation?

Friday Caption Contest (Glasto Edition)

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#Yvette2017 Underway: “We Can’t Believe A Single Word May Says”

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Corbyn Hits Back at Christmas Party Row Claims

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Yvette’s Refugee Pledge Unfulfilled One Year On


It’s been a year since Yvette Cooper, then a contender in the Labour leadership election, nobly pledged to open her home to Syrian refugees. At the time she told Sky News:

“If that’s what it took and that’s what was needed, then of course.”

A year on, with the refugee crisis as grave as ever, Yvette still hasn’t put up any children in need.[…] Read the rest


Yvette Cooper Repeatedly Booed in Brexit Debate

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Yvette’s Refugee Car Crash: Pledge to Foster Syrian Unfulfilled

Remember back during the Labour leadership contest when virtue-signalling Yvette Cooper said she would be prepared to take in a refugee? Nick Ferrari has reminded her of the unfulfilled pledge on LBC. Yvette’s Vicky Pollard-esque replies are painful.

Yvette Cooper: We’ve all got to do our bit to offer sanctuary…

Nick Ferrari: Have you offered sanctuary?

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Burnham Blew £338,000 on Failed Leadership Bid

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