Nigel Farage Blasts ‘Pipsqueak’ Luxembourg PM
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The Press and the Mob

The front page picture tells one story, the sound of the mob tells you another:

What was Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel playing at refusing to shift to an indoor press conference?

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Luxembourg Rejected Request for an Indoor Press Conference

Guido understands that the PM’s team requested an indoor press conference, where Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay had his press conference when he visited, as they wanted both Boris and Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel to be heard over the Remainer protesters. The Luxembourgians rejected Number 10’s offer and insisted on holding it outside alone with two podiums to a baying Remainer audience. The opposite of diplomacy…

Boris instead did media at the Embassy, where it could actually be heard. Strange “press conference” with a cheering and whooping crowd…



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Thursday Night Fabulous

Guido missed his usual Thursday night trip to “Porn Idol” at Heaven last night and stayed in. Fortunately political telly was fabulous fashion-wise, though Portillo was perhaps putting too much pink onto the gammon. Xavier Bettel on the other hand got it just right with his fitted purple velvet jacket. He’s the PM who puts the lux into Luxembourg…

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