WATCH: Rishi Clashes with Bryant Over PMQs Attendance and Kangaroo Court

While it might not have matched the box office value of Boris’s appearance last year, Sir Chris Bryant did at least provide some light entertainment at today’s Liaison Committee hearing. The Civility in Politics winner grilled Rishi over his poor attendance at PMQs – he’s missing the next two appearances – and kicked up a fuss over the Kangaroo Court’s report. Apparently Zac Goldsmith needed to apologise for attacking the ‘roos because he was a minister; the other 7 MPs named in their report should make up their own mind. Rishi hasn’t actually read the full 30,000 word report, though Guido can hardly blame him. There was also some confusion over which report Bryant was actually talking about in the first place: the 30,000 word doorstop, or the 14 page whinge about the Court’s critics. Bryant thought the latter was only 3 pages, for some reason…

Earlier in the hearing, Rishi also claimed there is no such thing as the blob in Westminster:

Whitehall’s office occupancy stats might beg to differ… 

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NEW: Anti-Fracking Wragg to Vote with Government Tonight to Keep Whip and Maintain 1922 Letter Against Truss

Senior backbencher Will Wragg has just delivered a damning speech in the Commons in which he set out his unconventional reason for backing the government’s confidence vote on fracking this evening. Despite opposing fracking, he explained that were he to vote against the government, he would lose the party whip and therefore his letter of no confidence in Truss would be removed from Brady’s pile. Not the reason for support Wendy Morton would have been hoping for…

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William Wragg’s Simon Case Banter

John McDonnell asks Simon Case why he hasn’t initiated probe into claims Boris tried appointing Carrie to a Foreign Office job:

Simon Case: “Any investigation under the ministerial code can only be authorised by the PM”.
William Wragg: “Is he not keen?”

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Metropolitan Police Drops Government Investigation

Away from The Mirror’s attempts to get Boris out of Downing Street, prior to PMQs Chris Hope gave Downing Street some news to be happy about: the Metropolitan Police have decided not to investigate No. 10. No, Partygate’s still being probed, however allegations about bullying by party whips have been found to be without substance…  

Hope’s daily email details that a note from Scotland Yard to William Wragg, who publicly made the allegations a couple of weeks ago, reads:

“This has now been assessed by detectives within the Central Specialist Crime Command, who have concluded that, at the current time, there is no evidence of any criminal offence. As a result, no further action will be taken by the MPS”

Wragg tells Chopper he has no regrets, despite no doubt substantial police resources and costs going towards his allegations. Guido imagines the media and left-wingers who leapt on Wragg’s initial allegations will cover this latest development with as much zeal and with equal prominence… 

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Senior Tory MP Accuses No. 10 of Intimidating and Blackmailing Rebellious MPs

Wragg’s statement:

“In recent days a number of Members of Parliament have faced pressures and intimidation from members of the Government because of their declared or assumed desire for a vote of confidence in the party leadership of the Prime Minister. It is of course the duty of the whips’ office to secure the Government business in the house of commons.

However, it is not their function to breach the ministerial code in threatening to withdraw investments from Members of Parliaments’ constituencies which are funded from the public purse.

Additionally, reports to me and others of members of staff at Number 10 Downing Street, special advisers, Government ministers and others encouraging the publication of stories in the press seeking to embarrass those who suspect lack in confidence in the Prime Minister is similarly unacceptable.

The intimidation of a member of Parliament is a serious matter. Moreover, reports of which I’m aware would seem to constitute blackmail. As such it would be my general advice to colleagues to report such matters to the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. They’re also welcome to contact me at any time.”

The idea that briefing the press is unacceptable is laughable. Wragg needs to put his big boy pants on…

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Hoyle Warns MPs Parliament’s Covid Measures May Get Even Stricter

Lindsay Hoyle has defended the introduction of new Covid measures on the parliamentary estate, including mask-wearing and social distancing, after Guido first revealed the plans last night – ahead of the Commission’s announcement to Members. A story which angered Tory MPs Karl McCartney and William Wragg, with the latter pointing out his “surprise” at the news appearing in Guido before his own inbox…

Speaking this afternoon, Hoyle dodged the question of why Guido heard before MPs, though warned that failure to comply may soon result in further Covid restrictions in SW1:

“We’ve got to work together. We’ve come this far because the House has pulled together, ensuring that we’ve got through it…it is about us doing the right thing…we have had an increase in Covid-19 across the House, it’s been badly reflected recently in the rising numbers…

“If we can get through these two weeks, I believe we’re then through to next year…unusually, the transmission has been on the estate…so let’s not try and undermine the officials of the house…I will always put the health and safety of this House first. So please help me keep this House open by trying to get through a very crucial two weeks…I’ve got to say, the measures have not been stringent, they could have been even more stringent, and some might have to…”

MPs will no doubt be staying tuned into Guido to find out if and when they are…

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