Lord Mayor of London Election Postponed for First Time in 800 Years

Sadiq Khan isn’t the only Mayor of London who is seeing his term unexpectedly and unprecedentedly extended. Guido can reveal that the Lord Mayor of London, William Russell will see his term be extended by another year. Interrupting a process that has been going on since 4 May 2000 seems less seismic than interrupting one that has been in place for 831 years…

Every year since 1189 on Michaelmas Day (29 September except when it falls on the Sabbath), the Court of Aldermen of the City of London Corporation have elected a new Lord Mayor,* with no consecutive second term for a Mayor taking place since 1388. The Lord Mayor and Sheriffs have changed without interruption during the Black Death, the Great Fire, the Civil War, and both World Wars. The system has finally been stymied by Coronavirus.

*Except for in 1397 when Dick Whittington was appointed by Richard II after his predecessor died in office.
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