Hague on Channel 4 Privatisation

William Hague tells Times Radio that Channel 4 privatisation could be a good thing…

“It partly depends what you do with the money. If this raises a billion pounds, and it’s meant to go to support Creative Industries, as part of our levelling up agenda. Well, if that’s spent effectively, that will be a good thing. It’s meant to remain a public service broadcaster, which means that there will be obligations continued to be placed on it, and it will be able to raise more capital as a private company, which does help it to compete in the future. So those are the arguments in favour of doing it. There are good arguments the other way, but on the whole I favour private ownership when possible.”

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Museum of Brexit Shortlists Sites Outside London

Guido hears it’s full steam ahead for the Museum of Brexit. Having gained charitable status in April, the museum has been busy collecting donations and amassing display items ready for the expected opening in roughly 18 months’ time. Whilst a final location is yet to be decided, the long list of over 30 potential sites has now been narrowed to 3 (all of which are outside London), and museum organisers are now waiting on key financial backers to visit the areas and give final approval. Once the decision has been made, it’s expected that building renovations will take at least a year.

Guido’s told the museum will be emulate the style of a US presidential library: a mixture of exhibitions, documents, and archival data. There’ll be a full-time curator to manage and preserve the inventory, which will be presented in a ‘balanced‘ way for posterity. Among the items will be hundreds of political cartoons and paintings from the Brexit Wars, original copies of Farage’s handwritten speech notes, and even a “William Hague Victory!” mug from 2001. A rare artefact indeed…

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Hague: Once the Over-50s Vaccinated, Restrictions No Longer Justified

William Hague tells Sophy Ridge…

“I’m hoping to hear that before too long the great majority of restrictions on people can be lifted… I think if we are going to reach the point, perhaps in April, where everybody over the age of 50 has had the opportunity to be vaccinated and the number of cases of Covid is down to a very low level, the sort of level we last saw in the middle of the summer last year – if both of those things have happened by some time in April, then there wouldn’t be much justification for keeping most of the restrictions on people.”

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Hague: “You Can Smell It, Things Have Improved”
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Who Pooed in the Shower?

Employees at high-end consultancy Teneo Blue Rubicon were surprised to receive an email from CEO Gordon Tempest-Hay kicking up a stink about recent office antics. The boss puts staff on notice to clean up their behaviour after a series of recent drunken incidents. Culminating in someone – “I can’t put this any less bluntly” – doing a poo in the office shower:

Subject: Office etiquette

I’m well aware that what follows only applies to a small percentage of us but as I don’t know exactly who that small % is and, as things are getting out of hand, it’s time for a word. Over the few weeks, we have had:

  • Someone get drunk and throw up over the carpet (they’ve apologised, but still)
  • Someone – I can’t put this any less bluntly – poo in the shower
  • Someone mess their underwear and leave it for the cleaner
  • A Friday bar getting completely out of hand akin to a drinking competition for a bunch of clubbing teens

Not only are these things inappropriate for a workplace but it is totally unacceptable to expect our lovely cleaning lady to clear up the resultant mess.

Please treat this place properly or we’ll have to withdraw the showers and stop the bar.


Guido thought he would do some of the dirty work and assist them in identifying some possible culprits. Could it be:

  • Sir Craig Oliver, former Direct of Communications to David Cameron, now a Principal at Teneo. Did have a big week celebrating his 50th birthday…
  • Lord Hague of Richmond, former Tory leader and Foreign Secretary, now a Senior Advisor to Teneo. Soiled his Eurosceptic credentials in the referendum…
  • Sir Martin Donnelly, former Permanent Secretary at BIS and the Department for International Trade, also now a Senior Advisor to Teneo. Has dropped a few stinkers recently…

Hopefully that will help them get to the bottom of the matter as quickly as possible…

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Political Prospects for Pot

William Hague coming out for legalising cannabis is a welcome new development, though he isn’t the first former Tory leader to do so. Back in his groovy WebCameron days David Cameron told Guido “If it can be proved that there are real benefits, medicinal benefits and scientific evidence for it, I would be relaxed about that… my decision would be to licence it if it could be proved to have benefits.” Home Secretary Sajid Javid was convinced by the scientific arguments to grant an exception for Billy Caldwell. What are the prospects for the exception becoming the rule?

The international context is important. With many US states decriminalising medical cannabis it is becoming more acceptable at government level. In Europe the experience of more liberal regimes can be shown to have improved rather than worsened matters. Countries are granting licences for medical cannabis more readily – Malta is introducing legislation to enable it to become the EU’s leading medical cannabis exporter. The spirit of the age is for liberalisation.

The normalising of cannabis use beyond dope smoking teenagers is becoming more widespread. Many people now have the personal experience of an auntie or granny who uses weed to deal with their arthritis pains, never mind those with more serious conditions like MS and cancer. This social development has made the perception of cannabis use less negative.

Domestically we now have a generation of politicians who have used and are familiar with the reality of cannabis use and don’t see it in the demonic terms that non-user politicians of the past might have. With the departure of Paul Dacre from the public stage they also no longer fear a monstering from the Daily Mail if they do speak out in favour of a more liberal, rational policy. Think tanks are now pointing to the tax raising potential of legalised cannabis. The stars are aligning for decriminalisation, though judging by the reported rows in cabinet, one Tory leader stands in the way…

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