Rishi Sets About Dismantling Liz’s No. 10 Reforms

Almost all of Liz Truss’s radical restructuring of No. 10 has been undone by Rishi, Guido understands. From Liz’s first days in office she made it clear her Downing Street operation would be run very differently to recent iterations and set about moving swathes of SpAds out of No. 10 as well as de-prioritising the press office.
How did that work out?

One of her main campaign promises – directed to MPs – was that the press office had become too important in Downing Street’s day-to-day operations, and would be moved out of No. 12 after having been based there since Alastair Campbell’s days. Instead, Liz promised, the whips office would move back in to improve party management. Again, it didn’t go to plan…

In the last two weeks, Rishi has reversed both of these changes. Liz also moved dozens of SpAds out of Downing Street and into the Cabinet Office, under the control of Cabinet Office Economic & Domestic Secretariat – run by Rachel Reeves‘ husband.

Under Liz, the data science unit, legislative affairs unit, delivery unit and much of the Boris-era policy unit moved out of No. 10.
While data science and delivery are staying put under Rishi, legislative affairs and the policy unit have moved wholesale back into No. 10.

Among these structural changes, Guido’s list continues to grow. The policy unit is getting filled rapidly, with Eleanor Shawcross in as head of policy, James Nation as her deputy and Douglas McNeill as the PM’s economic advisor. Jean Andre Prager is back as DWP & DCMS advisor – Rishi is his fourth PM, making him the spiritual deputy to Sheridan Westlake…

Following his scoop last week that Will Tanner is moving back to No. 10 as Rishi’s deputy chief of staff, Guido can add that Will is one of two deputy chiefs of staff, with long-time aide Rupert Yorke taking the political deputyship and Tanner the policy deputyship.

Lisa Lovering is in as head of operations, and former Boris and Zac Goldsmith advisor Nathan Johnson Paul is in the political team.
Guido’s pleased to say he now has at least one SpAd nailed down for each department. As ever, get in touch with any updates…
Read the list in full here and below:

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Will Tanner is Rishi’s Pick for Deputy Chief of Staff

Guido hears that centrist think tank Onward’s Will Tanner is returning to No. 10 as Rishi’s deputy chief of staff. Hopefully Theresa May’s policies and strategy won’t be following him in through the famous black door…

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Mayite Think Tank’s Startling Statist U-Turn

While Theresa May’s gloom-ridden premiership may have come to an end last month, the statist ideas that lost her the 2017 General Election are still permeating around the corridors of Whitehall. Today the Mayite think tank Onward published a report on social attitudes in Britain, which concluded that Boris must “move on from freedom“. Because May’s unprovoked attack on the ‘Libertarian right’ ended so well…

The new report – entitled ‘The Politics of Belonging’ – found a number of worrying results; when it asked leading questions it got results suggesting 26% of young people believe democracy is a bad way to run the country (compared to just 3% of over-75s) and an alarming 36% of young people comfortable with a military dictatorship. Onward Director and former May adviser Will Tanner used the push-polling to call on Boris to abandon “individualism, a small state and lower taxes” to ensure a general election victory. Last time a Tory PM followed that advice they ended up squandering a 20% lead in the polls, Tanner himself didn’t bother to stick around to clear up the mess…

It’s a remarkable change in Onward’s outlook, only five months ago the think tank published another high-profile report that found that every generation in fact favours right-wing economics. They even published a “Ten-Point Plan to rejuvenate the centre-right” which included keeping taxes low, balancing the public finances and defending freedom of expression – the polar opposite of abandoning freedom which they seem so keen on today. U-turn if you want to, Onward is for turning…

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Onward to PX2

Invitations are going out this week for the launch party of Onward, the new Tory think tank promising to come up with ‘retail’ policies to win back under-45 voters. Onward was the brainchild of Tory MP and former Osborne SpAd and Policy Exchange director Neil O’Brien, with Nick Faith, the former PX comms chief who now runs WPI Strategy with Sean Worth. So is it just Policy Exchange Mark II?

Onward’s main aim seems to be to bring the Cameroon and May brands of Tory party politics together. Last summer O’Brien and Faith organised a dinner at the home of Tory donor David Meller (don’t mention the President’s Club), who hosted Nick Timothy and JoJo Penn from May’s inner circle, top Cameroon Nick Boles (a former PX director) and a number of younger ambitious MPs. Onward’s director will be former May adviser Will Tanner, its chair is Osborne confidant Danny Finkelstein (former PX chairman), and its board members include former Cameron advisers Kate Rock and Kate Fall, ex-Osborne aide Eleanor Wolfson, and Craig Elder, who co-ran Cameron’s digital campaigns in 2015 and the referendum. Their main financial backer is Martyn Rose, who ran Cameron’s National Citizens Service.

The plan is to create a party-oriented think tank for MPs rather than wonks, which combines Timothy’s statist agenda with the more liberal politics of the Cameroons, and has both Remainers and Brexiters on board. They have signed up MPs from the left and centre-right of the party, from Ruth Davidson and Tom Tugendhat to Michael Gove and Kemi Badenoch. It will have some external authors but most of the reports will be written by MPs.

The danger for Onward is it goes down the road of expensive, interventionist, big-state policies which mean higher taxes, more spending and more borrowing – social democracy with a blue-wash. A May-Osborne fusion could mean more cumbersome policies like the energy price cap, HS2 and ever-creeping vice taxes. Guido also fears the instinctively more liberal, small-state, low tax MPs may fail to resist the temptation to drift leftwards as they seek wider support ahead of the next leadership contest. Number 10’s hopeless lack of a domestic agenda means the Tories are crying out for post-Brexit polices, or, perish the thought, policies that could actually be implemented while Brexit is taking place. They won’t beat Corbyn with lite versions of his policies…

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Smith Campaign Hires Another Big Pharma Lobbyist


What is it about Owen Smith and Big Pharma lobbyists? Fresh from hiring Pfizer PR guru Jon Lehal as his chief of operations, Smith has taken on a former AstraZeneca lobbyist as his director of communications. Will Tanner was until recently the head of Finsbury PR’s UK public affairs team, where he proudly boasted of his work for top pharmaceutical companies. Tanner has for the last decade been right hand man to mega-rich super-lobbyist Roland Rudd, the Remain campaign’s éminence grise. Which explains why Smith is so keen on his democracy-defying plan for a second referendum. Oily Smith is a former Big Pharma lobbyist, whose campaign is being run by a former Big Pharma lobbyist, and whose spinner is another former Big Pharma lobbyist…

UPDATE: A pro-Corbyn source gets in touch:

“What would Nye say? Pretending to be the heir to Nye Bevan and having one big pharma lobbyist running your campaign is sloppy, but having two is either suspicious or incompetent or both. It’s clear now that Owen Smith doesn’t give a Pfizer about our NHS.”

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