Wes Streeting Tears into Corbyn and Burgon

They’ve had everything they wanted in this election, they had the leader they wanted, the NEC they wanted, the manifesto they wanted, they even had the Brexit policy they wanted and they had the headquarters they wanted says Wes Streeting of Corbyn, Burgon and the outriders. Streeting says the Labour Party has to relearn the painful lesson that “hard-left politics” does not survive contact with the voters. Wes Streeting says the party needs to return to the mainstream. Unfortunately for Wes, the mainstream of his party has gone far to the left.

A disgruntled Labour staffer emails:

Party staff were divided into two camps during this election. Those who had fought election campaigns before 2017, and repeatedly warned that the data pointed to massive losses, and those whose political education starts and ends with Corbyn, who believed blind faith and winning the Twitter war would see Jeremy propelled into Number 10. There was an unprecedented mis-allocation of party resources. Activists were being bussed to no-hoper seats and concentrated in London until a fortnight ago. Staffers with no organisational experience, but the requisite ideological purity, were handed senior paid campaign roles. There was a total lack of control as Momentum directed their volunteers to seats where Momentum activists were standing.

There is very little of silver linings here, except that the lions share of antisemites and their defenders will not be sat on the green benches in Westminster. Of course, the likes of Jones, Sarkar, Bastani, Blakeley and Lansman will refuse to own the failure. Cognitive dissonance pays handsomely when the broadcast media are booking talking heads willing to shamelessly parrot the Corbyn line. A share of the loss is theirs, they helped construct the fantasy and enforce hardline adherence to the dogma, and they should now be honest with party members about the part they played. 
This election is a damning indictment that finally proves these despicable London-living politicos and pundits do not understand the working classes and never will, and what comes next is on them.
Sounds like Labour’s centrists are in the mood for a fight, they now have 5 years to get their party back…
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Pidcock Tries to Weasel Out of Latest Anti-Semitism Row

Laura Pidcock last night launched into a tirade against Twitter users, including some of her fellow Labour MPs, who were critical of the fact that her adviser was caught calling telling journalists that it was “really unfair” for them to be asking questions on Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis. How dare they ask a Labour shadow minister to comment on the biggest story surrounding her party?

Instead of addressing the issue, her explanation tries to sneakily move the goalposts, accusing Labour MPs of retweeting the footage to “suggest that I had avoided these questions”. That was never the issue, nobody claimed she refused to answer, the issue was the hostility towards the media over the issue…

Now Wes Streeting and Phil Wilson have both called Pidcock out for trying to weasel out of it like this, making clear that they weren’t accusing her of not answering the questions but that they disagreed with the way she answered them. Pidcock following the classic Corbyn playbook of deflect, distract and attack…

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Pete Willsman Facing Fresh Calls to Resign After ‘Israeli Embassy’ Outburst

Thoroughly disgraced Labour NEC member Pete Willsman is facing fresh calls to resign after LBC’s Theo Usherwood unveiled a recording of Willsman ranting about the “Israeli Embassy”. Willsman claimed the Israeli embassy had been deliberately whipping up anti-Semitism claims to attack Labour and had “organised” 68 rabbis to complain about “severe” anti-Semitism within Labour. Yet another incident for the EHRC to investigate…

Wes Streeting has called on Willsman to resign and face disciplinary action immediately, warning that “his views have been known and tolerated by those at the top of the Party for too long.” His call has been reinforced by Welsh AM and former Labour NEC member Alun Davies who says he “witnessed it at first hand on the NEC. It is appalling”. Which Blairite will Labour purge next to try to push it off the news cycle?

UPDATE: Several more Labour MPs have joined the calls for Willsman to go, including Owen Smith, Stella Creasy, Margaret Hodge, Kevin Barron and Jess Phillips

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Labour MPs Call for Corbyn to Explain Himself Over Anti-Semitic Book Endorsement

Labour’s response to Corbyn’s endorsement of a book rife with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories so far has been to release a statement defending the book as a “classic study of imperialism” and sending Rebecca Long-Bailey out on a broadcast round to laugh about the issue. Labour candidates have been suspended for sharing Rothschild conspiracy theories online, this is their woeful response to Corbyn endorsing an entire book of them:

“Jeremy praised the Liberal Hobson’s century-old classic study of imperialism in Africa and Asia. Similarly to other books of its era, Hobson’s work contains outdated and offensive references and observations, and Jeremy completely rejects the antisemitic elements of his analysis.”

Labour MPs have called on Corbyn to explain himself directly, instead of sending out other MPs to defend him and hiding behind statements. Wes Streeting says that “if he wants to defend the indefensible he should go on the airwaves and defend himself”:

Stephen Kinnock is “deeply concerned” and calls on Corbyn to “make a public statement or do an interview about the issue”, Ruth Smeeth retweeted the Jewish Labour Movement’s statement calling for Corbyn to “consider his position”. Other moderate Labour big beasts like Tom Watson have ignored the issue altogether so far. Will they stand up and call out something they know is wrong or just turn a blind eye?

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Sadiq’s New Crime Crony’s Suspect Selection Process

Sadiq Khan has already come under fire for choosing one of his cronies, Labour Councillor Lib Peck, to be his new London crime tsar on a whopping £116,000 salary, despite gun crime almost doubling in her own patch of Lambeth where she has been leader of the Council for six years. Now Guido can shed some light on the murky process which led to her appointment…

The Violence Reduction Unit is a new Khan creation, a ‘Partnership Reference Group’ was set up last year specifically to oversee its creation, chaired by Khan himself and his Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden. Who else was a ‘Partner’ in the Group and has attended every meeting? A certain Lib Peck…

Indeed, Labour’s Wes Streeting was keen to draw attention to this fact after her appointment was first criticised:

In fact, according to the Group’s official Terms of Reference, not only did the Partnership Reference Group design the VRU but it specifically designed the role of Director and the recruitment process for it:

A panel of eight carried out the longlist and shortlist for candidates for the role of Director, while a heavily overlapping panel of eight (six people sat on both) then carried out the final assessments where Lib Peck was selected. On both selection panels, six of the eight members had already worked alongside Peck designing her role on the Partnership Reference Group…

One member of both selection panels, John O’Brien, knows Peck particularly well – O’Brien has been the Chief Executive of London Councils since 2007. Who is the Deputy Chair of and has been a member of London Councils’ Executive committee since 2014? You’ve guessed it. Lib Peck…

And delving even more deeply into the Group’s Terms of Reference reveals exactly who nominated Peck to be on the Partnership Reference Group in the first place. London Councils…

Appointing a Labour politician rather than a policing professional – and one with a poor track record at that – to a highly overpaid quango job is a questionable decision in itself. When that person was involved in designing the selection process for the role themselves and had prior relationships with 6 of 8 people on both selection panels it starts to look a whole lot more questionable than that…

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Friday Caption Contest (Conviction Politicians Edition)

Entries in the comments…

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