British Support for Ukraine Remains Strong “Even if It Makes Life Harder”

New polling from More in Common shows the UK’s support for Ukraine remains strong, despite the length of the war and developments in the Middle East. Zelensky warned Israel/Gaza was “distracting” from Ukraine, though Brits are resolute…

73% of Brits polled at the beginning of the month think it’s important Ukraine defeats the Russian invasion. 55% agree it “is right that the UK supports Ukraine, even if it makes life harder for us here in the UK“, which is over double the number who disagree. Only 9% think it’s not important Ukraine defeats Russia. Stalwart allies 22 months since the war began…

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WATCH: Biden Calls Zelenskyy “Vladimir”

Of all the names to mix up…

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Wallace: Ukraine Should Show “Gratitude” for War Support

A prickly Ben Wallace has told Ukraine to show “gratitude” to its Western allies for their continued support in the war effort, after President Zelenskyy expressed disappointment at NATO’s reluctance to fast-track Ukraine’s membership to the alliance this week. Speaking to reporters in Vilnius today, the Defence Secretary vented his frustration, insisting Britain is “not Amazon” despite its backing against Russian aggression:

“Sometimes you have to persuade lawmakers on the Hill in America, you have to persuade doubting politicians in other countries that, you know, that is worth it, that it is worthwhile and that they are getting something for it. And whether you like it or not, that’s the reality of it… Sometimes you would hear grumbles not from the administration in the American system, but you would hear them from lawmakers on the Hill … We’ve given $83 billion worth or whatever, we are not Amazon… I told them that last year, when I drove 11 hours to be given a list…  There’s a slight word of caution here which is, whether you like it or not people want to see gratitude…”

An unusually testy statement, especially from the Defence Secretary of a country that often touts its “unwavering support”…

UPDATE: Rishi says Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people have shown gratitude after all:

“I know him and his people are incredibly grateful for the support the UK has shown, the welcome we’ve provided to many Ukrainian families, and the leadership we’ve shown throughout this conflict…”

He didn’t have much to say about Wallace’s “Amazon” jibe…

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Boris and Rishi Attack European Broadcasting Union for Barring Zelenskyy from Eurovision

Sunak has waded into the debacle of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) turning a cold shoulder to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, with Boris in tow. While the President of war-torn Ukraine had hoped to feature in a surprise virtual address at the ceremony, the EBU stressed that the “non-political nature of the event” would render any appearance “against the rules.” Europe and their superfluous self-contradictory laws…

The PM’s spokesperson said Sunak believed it would be “fitting for President Zelenskyy to address the event” and emphasised that he was “disappointed by the decision from the European Broadcasting Union.” Boris joined in the chorus to proclaim that it “would have been right to hear” from Zelenskyy, and remind the EBU that “there is only one reason the contest is not in Ukraine and that is because of Putin’s illegal war.”

The EBU, which represents over 100 broadcasters including the BBC, noted Zelenskyy’s “laudable intentions” as they closed the door in his face “regrettably”. Eurovision and the EBU seem to have forgotten about their non-political stance when they rightly barred Russia indefinitely from the competition last year. 

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Hostilities Suspended For Arrival of War Leader

The Wednesday morning congregation in Parliament Square usually puts out satirical pop on its loudspeakers – Money, Money, Money or You Don’t Get Me I’m Part of the Union or Yes, We Have no Bananas. Today it was choral music, a sacred choir, singing of some aspect of heaven, redemption, godliness.

It was apparent that something was afoot.

Having come down the back way from PMQs and landed in Speaker’s Court, your correspondent found himself at the ring side of a small ceremony of welcome for the arrival of President Zelenskyy.

The Speakers of the Commons and Lords, the Serjeant, Black Rod were there – all fabulous in their gold ornaments, white ruffs and wrist-ruffles. Black Rod gives off a particularly commanding air, like a friendly general. They presented themselves with sort of formality that – rather than alienating ordinary people – dignifies an occasion and gives honour to the guests.

Are these people often honoured? The big men with shaven heads. Men in battle fatigues? Who knows what incomprehensible horrors they’ve come from.

Mr Speaker crossed his court to talk to a man in a wheelchair who’d been terribly knocked about. Veterans minister Johnny Mercer was looking after him. A couple in pale combat fatigues were filming the Palace facades on their mobile phones. They come from a different reality. For us, it is beyond imagination that these buildings of ours would ever be occupied, overrun, shelled by psychotic foreigners.

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Zelenskyy Calls for English Planes

Boris told Rishi not to prevaricate on sending F-35 planes to Ukraine, as it was inevitable we’d send them in the end. Rishi prevaricated, claiming Ukrainian soldiers would struggle to learn how to use them.

At the end of his Westminster Hall speech, he as-good-as call for England to give our planes to Ukraine. Let’s just get on and do it…

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