Nazi Slur Vivienne Westwood in Tank Attack on Dave’s Family Home

vivienne tank

Millionaire anti-capitalist Vivienne Westwood is weighing into the fracking debate again this morning by driving a tank to Cameron’s Chipping Norton family home and calling for “regime change in Britain“. Tank protests are so March 2015

In a statement bonkers even by Westwood‘s increasingly unhinged standards, she likened the issuing of fracking licenses to Assad raining sarin rockets down on civilians:

“Cameron accuses foreign leaders such as President Gaddafi and President Assad of supposedly using chemicals on their own people as a justification for regime change. But he is doing precisely that here in Britain by forcing toxic, life threatening Fracking chemicals on his own people…It’s time for regime change in Britain.”

As if the Gaddafi and Assad comparisons weren’t enough, Vivienne also slurred Richard Edelman, the Jewish CEO of of the PR firm who represent the independent Task Force on Shale Gas:

 “Edelman is Goebbels” 

Take your meds, Vivienne…

Harry Styles in Vile Fracked Baby Stunt

harry styles fracking

One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles has lent some much needed dignity to the anti-facking lobby by posing for a picture with Vivienne Westwood’s “fracked baby“, a “limbless, radiation-scabbed” doll that supposedly represents mankind’s Mad Max future if fracking isn’t stopped. Classy…

Vivienne Westwood Driven to Madness By Tax Affairs


Vivienne Westwood has admitted that Gaia Fawkes’ revelations about her tax affairs led to her holding imaginary conversations in the night as she tried to convince herself that she wasn’t a massive hypocrite. Writing in her online diary, Westwood claimed that Gaia’s revelations didn’t worry her because she is “comfortable” with the tax she pays, before confessing that she is “re-structuring” her tax practices.

First I went through everything with my accountants, asking questions. I wished to make a simple statement but I kept thinking I needed to supply some detail, but every time I tried the detail led to more detail and I found myself at every spare moment and in the middle of the night holding imaginary conversations with the world at large explaining why I had not morally avoided paying tax.

Whatever helps you sleep at night Viv…

Vivienne Westwood in Sick Cameron Son Slur

Vivienne Westwood, the Green Party’s biggest donor, brought the Prime Minister’s late son into the election debate this morning, in a rant that was unhinged even by her standards:

“David Cameron, he lost a child. Does his heart not work for anybody else? They’re all agents, criminal agents of the banks.”

Do the cuddly, harmless Greens stand by these comments?

H/T LondonLive

UPDATE: A Green Party spokesman tells Guido:

“I’m not going to comment but I would distance us from any sort of sentiment like that.”

Vivienne Westwood in Vile “Limbless Baby” Stunt

vivienne westwood

Millionaire anti-capitalist Vivienne Westwood lent some much needed gravitas to the fracking debate this morning, by appearing for a photo-op cradling what her press release describes as a “limbless, radiation-scabbed Fracked Baby of the Future“. Tax efficient Westwood is did “The Fracked Baby” photo call on behalf of Talk Fracking – an organisation which just happens to be headed up by her son Joe Corré.

In the bonkers press release that announced the stunt, Corré claimed that Britain is heading towards a “Mad Max scenario” and that the government’s Chief Scientist thinks fracking is as dangerous as Thalidomide and Asbestos (he doesn’t). Stay classy eco-loons…

Vivienne Westwood Dumped by Greens


Vivienne Westwood has been unceremoniously dumped from a Green Party recruiting tour of university campuses following revelations about her £2 million a year payments to an offshore company. The millionairess fashionista, turned anti-capitalist eco-warrior had been booked as the star speaker on the Young Greens “We are the Revolution” tour , but she has been suspended over concerns that she has “non-UK companies in her operation“.

The Telegraph excitedly reported the news of Westwood’s exclusion with claims that the revelations her company was avoiding UK  allegations were “first disclosed in The Telegraph.A bold claim considering that they lifted their story straight from Gaia

Green Party take Cash from Tax Efficient Westwood


The Green Party are backing the Tax Dodging Bill campaign, which calls for the introduction of legislation to stop companies dodging UK taxes. The bill singles out British companies who channel money through Luxembourg, pledging to ban the practice of companies reducing their taxable profits “by having their subsidiaries pay large fees to related companies in tax havens for the use of intellectual property such as brands and software.”

Odd then that the Green’s have accepted a £100,000 donation from Vivienne Westwood, to put “bit of oil on their wheels“. The anti-capitalist fashion designer’s latest accounts show that in 2013 Vivienne Westwood Ltd paid £2,073,194 in licence fees to Latimo SA, the Luxumbourg based holding company that she sold her trademarks to back in 2002. Vivienne Westwood Limited also paid £4,170,180 to Vivieenne Westwood S.r.l, a subsidiary of Latimo SA for commission and  designer, PR, and advertising agreements.

How curious…

Vivienne Westwood Travels by Limo


It’s not easy being green. Millionairess anti-capitalist and eco-warrior Vivienne Westwood is on the record saying that she is trying to make her business “more efficient and self-sustaining.” Odd then that she has an account with the luxury chauffeur company iChauffeur, who waft her around London between meetings, as well as running her to the airport. It also seems Ms Westwood is very specific about the carbon belching mode of transport she travels in, specifying that she is always picked in a 3.0-litre V6 Mercedes S class.

Gaia travels by Prius…

Vivienne Westwood’s New Shoes Made From Fossil Fuels


Multi-millionairess anti-capitalist Vivienne Westwood has been a prominent voice in the anti-fracking movement, claiming that the human race faces mass extinction unless drilling is stopped. These are her latest must have item, a pair of sharp-looking £185 loafers made from PVC. PVC is a thermoplastic made up of 57% chlorine and 43% carbon, derived from either oil or, more frequently, natural gas such as that derived from fracking. Appropriately, they don’t come in green..

UPDATE: A fashionable co-conspirator points out that Vivienne Westwood’s PVC mens’ moccasins  have an ornament on them described as “created in rhodium and detailed with coloured enamel.” So that would be rhodium, one of the rarest metals in the world, likely mined and imported from South Africa where some mines have faced human rights concerns. And enamel likely derived from acrylic acid which in turn is a by-product of the production of ethlyene for petroleum… 

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