Cable Enjoys Summer Bash After Plugging Huawei

Vince Cable has long been a staunch advocate of greater Huawei involvement in the UK. From stepping down as Business Secretary in 2015 right up to this year he’s been busy penning op-eds talking them up and defending them in interviews. He even launched a public attack on Theresa May in 2016 over the fact that she demanded more stringent security vetting for Huawei when they were in Government together…

Luckily for Vince all that loyalty hasn’t gone unrewarded, he was happily enjoying Huawei’s hospitality at their Summer Reception in Banqueting House on Whitehall last night. Also on the guestlist were Shadow Business Minister Chi Onwurah and Labour MP Daniel Zeichner, the SNP’s Lisa Cameron and Tory peers Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Michael Bates and David Willetts who gave a speech opposing a blanket ban on Huawei 5G technology. Whether or not they’re allowed to help connect the UK’s 5G network, they’re certainly good at making connections in Parliament…

Is it too cynical of Guido to wonder if old twinkle toes is not thinking about his retirement and that perhaps a few non-executive directorships for the former Business Secretary would be in order. Given Vince’s SpAd at BEIS was Ashley Lumsden, who just so happens to now be head of Government Relations for Huawei, this is more likely than you might think. At least that way he’ll get paid for the service he is now giving Huawei for free…

Friday Caption Contest (Who’s The Boss Edition)

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

Vince Cable Handing Over Lib Dem Leadership on July 23rd

Another leadership departure timetable set out today, meaning the Lib Dem leadership race will be entirely overshadowed by the Tory one, much as the announcement today is. Cable’s successor could conceivably even be crowned on the same day as Theresa May’s. Lib Dems didn’t really think this one through…

Farage vs Cable: Brexit Debate Highlights

If you’d predicted three months ago that the UK would be having European Parliament elections and Farage and Cable would be the clear front-runners, no-one would have believed you. One day to go and here we are…

Cable Confronted By His Own Opposition to a Second Referendum

Cable: Change UK Need to “Grow Up”

“Rather than exchanging snide comments…”

Lib Dems Declare ‘Climate Emergency’, then Approve Massive New Coal Mine

Vince Cable stressed to the Lib Dem Spring Conference last week that “There is now a climate emergency.  But you wouldn’t think so from the complacent attitude of the government.” Quite the statement given that this year CO2 emissions have fallen to their lowest levels since 1888

He might want to tell that to his own councillors, who in Cumbria this week unanimously approved a new £165 million coal mine set to extract coal along the Copeland coastline. The Liberal Democrat chair of Cumbria County Council’s development committee, Geoff Cook, said:

“We felt that the need for coking coal, the number of jobs on offer and the chance to remove contamination outweighed concerns about climate change and local amenity.”

Some ‘climate emergency’…

Vince Cable Discussing New Third Party With Labour MPs

Vince Cable says he’s been in discussions for months with large groups of Labour MPs (and some Tories) about breaking away to form a new third party, although he’s vague about how it would actually work. Will he be happy playing second fiddle to Chuka?

Vince Cable: ‘I Am Not The Problem’

LibDem Cash Crisis: HQ Slashing 25% of Staff

Lib Dem HQ staff have been told that because of a £700,000 hole in their budget they will need to make 20 people redundant by the end of November (out of a staff of 80). Every party staff member has been given the option of voluntary redundancy, though they will have to move to compulsory ones if needed.

The £700,000 shortfall is from membership renewal income – they were told that it was because of an error in projections. Guido’s source is incredulous, “if it is an error then it’s an absolutely enormous one and I don’t believe it’s possible to be that wrong. Could very well be that members are just not renewing at anything like the rate they used to.” So much for membership surging on the back of anti-Brexit campaigning…

According to the same source “The cherry on the s**it-cake is that Vince has flown to Scotland today, business class, to campaign, with the party footing the bill…” If only the low-energy Cable spent some of his time fundraising he might not be sacking so many campaign staff…

UPDATE: Senior party insiders are hanging the blame on CEO Nick Harvey. The former MP they say is fine on political strategy, not so good on operational management. Party income is now projected to be down by 10% overall – which would not justify 25% staffing cuts – the problem is the shortfall was not expected, quite the contrary. Staff numbers had been expanded on the back of over-optimistic projections. The party centrally is at it’s debt limit and overdrawn to the tune of £1 million. Even Keynesians like Cable know you can’t keep on borrowing for ever…

UPDATE II: The Lib Dems have strenuously denied the suggestion that Cable flew business class to Scotland this week.

Twinkle-Toes Cable’s Brexit Threat to Strictly, “Project Fear With Tassles”

Struggling Lib Dem leader Vince Cable (75) stuck his two left feet in it last night when after a meeting with Michel Barnier he suggested that Brexit “could pose a risk to Strictly” because most of the professional dancers aren’t British. What twinkle-toes didn’t seem to realise is that a majority of the dancers are not from EU countries…

ERG Chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg hit back saying “It is hard to see that immigration rules are key to the success of Strictly or otherwise… There are already effective and efficient immigration provisions for artists such as opera singers and ballet dancers.” The idea that non-EU migrants will be adversely affected by Brexit is for the birds. As Andrew Bridgen put it to the Telegraph “This is more desperate Project Fear with tassels on it from Vince Cable  it is surely time that he waltzes off into retirement.”

Cable’s Exotic Spresm

Guido was surprised to learn that Vince would be using the phrase “erotic spasm” in his big speech today. Sadly under the pressure, Vince couldn’t quite perform.

Turns out he just wasn’t tough enuss…

Rich’s Monday Morning View

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Lib Dems Unplug Cable

The Lib Dems have run into technical difficulties in their streaming of Vince Cable’s big speech today, where he was set to announce the plan for his stepping down as leader of the party. This was to be the Lib Dems’ big democratic push at opening up and modernising the party, setting out plans to allow supporters to join for free and vote in future leadership elections. […] Read the rest


BBC Unplugs Cable

The Lib Dems weren’t too impressed today when the BBC‘s new Politics Live show unexpectedly cut away from PMQs just before Vince Cable took to his feet to ask a question about EU nationals. A Lib Dem spokesman labelled it “bad form from the Beeb” and added that they “never thought we’d lead the bring back Brillo campaign“.[…] Read the rest


LibDem’s New Slogan Ambiguous

From LibDemVoice Guido learns the party has a new slogan to be unveiled at the upcoming party conference. Is it just Guido who sees a problem with posters up and down the country with low-wattage leader Vince Cable on them next to the slogan “Demand Better”?[…] Read the rest


Vince Finally Lands Positive Interview… in Luxury Magazine For the Super-Rich

Well done to Vince Cable’s media team, who have finally managed to land him some positive coverage… in the Luxury London magazine for the super-rich. The LibDem leader sat down for an interview with the magazine which “connects premium brands with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals”.[…] Read the rest


Vince Loses Second Chief of Staff in 8 Months

Vince Cable has lost his second chief of staff in eight months after his most senior aide Fiona Cookson left last week. Cookson replaced Sarah Olney in the role at the end of last year – to be fair to Fiona, she lasted much longer than Lol-ney’s ill-fated six week tenure.[…] Read the rest


Farron and Cable Blame Carmichael For Clusterf*ck

What is the point of the LibDems? Last night Vince Cable and Tim Farron missed the vote on the key Brexit amendment. Cable was at a “confidential meeting” elsewhere and Farron was giving a talk in Dorset about evangelism. If they’d bothered to turn up the government’s majority would have been just one.[…] Read the rest


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