Ashworth Flounders Trying to Explain Guido Recording

Having just checked his phone before going on air to see Guido’s exclusive recording of him admitting Corbyn is a national security leak, and Labour are heading for a thrashing at the election, Ashworth was subjected to a toe-curling interview on Victoria Derbyshire. 

After confirming the recording is real, the Shadow Health Secretary tried passing off the conversation as “banter”. Not a great excuse given the lack of laughter from both parties during the chat…

Victoria Derbyshire C-Bombs Jeremy Hunt

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire has become the latest broadcaster to fall victim to the infamous curse of Hunt, before curiously blaming it on men as “it’s usually men who say that”. On the basis of past incidents both genders are more than capable of making the slip-up…

BBC Fail to Say Tory-Bashing Guest is Leading Labour NEC Member

Claudia Webbe is a leading member of Labour’s NEC, an Islington councillor and Council Cabinet member, sits on the executive of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, is a Regional Board Member for London Labour, served as a policy director and adviser to Ken Livingstone, and is currently the Labour Party’s Head of Disputes.

Mysteriously, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire mentioned none of this when Claudia was introduced to talk about gang crime this morning. Instead she was introduced only as a founder of Operation Trident, a group set up to tackle gun violence. Naturally, Webbe used her TV spot to blame “government-led austerity since 2010” for everything…

BBC-Guido Syndication Deal

As part of the BBC’s efforts to broaden its supplier base the BBC commissions stand-alone new media propositions. They are aimed at ensuring the BBC is able to meet its public service commitments while at the same time allowing independent suppliers to retain and exploit rights where appropriate. They are intended to apply to stand-alone new media commissions.

Guido parent company GGN and BBC News & Current Affairs have agreed a syndication framework which will see the Nevis based media corporation supply BBC content under the following terms:

Framework 1: GGN owns any new stand-alone content proposal they bring to the BBC; the BBC has an exclusive licence only.

Framework 2: GGN retains all rights in a stand-alone new media commission based on an existing BBC created format, associated with an in-house programme or based on a BBC developed idea.

Framework 3: GGN licences their existing third-party content or services to the BBC on a non-exclusive basis.

Framework 4: GGN licences their content to the BBC on a non-exclusive basis, but the BBC owns (or may take a non-exclusive licence in) the bespoke development which it specifies and pays for.

This morning on the Victoria Derbyshire show saw the first fruit of the collaboration as Heidi Allen MP was challenged using Guido produced video content. Guido editor in chief Paul Staines said:

“We’re happy to syndicate our content to other media organisations and for the BBC it will be a welcome diversification from their normal suppliers. The GGN deal represents value for money for licence fee payers.”

Flora Loip, the BBC’s Director of Commissioning said:

We are thrilled to licence Guido’s content to the BBC. The Guido Fawkes brand is a strong news brand and the BBC has been wanting for some time to synergise our content aligning our core competencies in this dynamic and exciting new partnership.

The syndication deal is not the first time a major media organisation has syndicated Guido-produced content. News UK had a three year syndication deal with Guido. The BBC deal is open-ended…

Newsnight’s McAlpine Editor to Victoria Derbyshire

Guido can reveal that Liz Gibbons is the new editor of Victoria Derbyshire:

I am delighted to announce that the new editor of the Victoria Derbyshire Programme will be Liz Gibbons.

In a field of very strong candidates, Liz stood out thanks to her excellent record of delivering television journalism and programming of the highest standards alongside genuine innovation in multiplatform storytelling. Her vision for the programme will build on the reputation it has rightly earned for seeking out and driving forward original stories, and ensure that the audience remains at the heart of its agenda.

Gibbons was famously the acting editor at Newsnight who oversaw their disastrous false story about Lord McAlpine. Read about her role in the story here. Look forward to her “excellent record of delivering television journalism and programming of the highest standards” on Victoria Derbyshire…

Corbynista Union Sock Puppet Who Compared May to Hitler Hijacks BBC Taylor Report Coverage

Corbynista trade union activists are still hijacking media coverage of the so-called gig economy months after Guido first highlighted the issue. Deliveroo rider Sergio Ramos appeared on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme yesterday to talk about the Taylor Report and was captioned as a ‘Deliveroo worker’. Ramos was part of the far-left Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) case against Deliveroo, which the union lost. The driver is a member of Corbynista fan groups and has compared Theresa May to Hitler on social media, as well as posting pics of her in a straight-jacket. 

He has also previously been given quotes to BuzzFeed and the Guardianneither of which mentioned his union links. The union approvingly tweeted out his appearance on the show. This isn’t the first time this has happened over the Beeb’s coverage of the Taylor Report…

UPDATE: Victoria Derbyshire gets in touch to point out that a reference was made on air to the individual being a “union member.”

Housing Minister Takes Pasting From Angry Grenfell Residents

Alok Sharma only got the housing brief the day before the Grenfell fire. Today he was on BBC2‘s Victoria Derbyshire programme to face questions from very angry residents, live on air. Brave decision to put him up…

Corbyn Avoids Snap Election Question SIX Times

Corbyn coy on whether he would welcome a snap election and on whether he would win it. “We will try our very best” eventually became “we believe we can win”. Doesn’t sound like it – he wouldn’t give a yes or no answer…

Owen Smith: There is No Chasm Between PLP and Membership

Owen Smith has them in stitches at the BBC hustings this morning:

“I don’t think there is a chasm between the PLP and the membership. Well, there’s laughter there but I think there has been a false narrative created that there has been a great big chasm”


Yvette Cooper Repeatedly Booed in Brexit Debate

Tough time for Yvette Cooper on the Victoria Derbyshire Brexit debate this morning. Booed twice at the mere mention of her name…

Rich’s Monday Morning View

victoria 540

Norman Smith’s Interpretive Labour Car Crash Dance


Don’t Panic“, Norman Smith told Victoria Derbyshire this morning before he launched into a remarkable accurate interpretive dance analysis of the Labour Party’s rift over the Welfare Bill vote.

Best thing on the show yet.

BBC Accidentally Reveal Hand in Lobbying Letter


The circle jerk continues. In another stunning success for the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Shower, invited guest Michael Palin coughed live on air that BBC director of Television Danny Cohen had personally called up the celebrities that signed the ‘independent’ letter to the Telegraph that argued against a single cut to the BBC. The BBC Press Office told the Times yesterday that Aunty did not have “anything to do” with the letter:

If they’re already spraying licence fee payer resources up the wall and ‘misspeaking’, before the Charter Review details have even be revealed, they’re going to be unbearable for the next 18 months…

BBC’s Head in Hands Over Victoria Derbyshire Show

Surely whoever chose this thumbnail for the iPlayer website isn’t having some fun at the Victoria Derbyshire Programme’s expense?

The BBC’s new poundshop Kilroy managed just 39,000 viewers last Thursday, rounded down to zero in the overnight ratings. It has averaged just 73,000 viewers so far.[…] Read the rest


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